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For me this car is the perfect all rounder. You can drive it sensibly
on a daily basis, but you can also trash it around at a circuit at the
weekend. Mitsubishi Evo heritage goes a long way, but I always had a
soft spot for the ‘older' models likes this EVO II RS. They aren't as
flashy as their younger brothers and don't tend to have a 'look at me' attitude.
However, despite their understated exterior looks, the EvoII packs
quite a punch under the hood, especially this example.

Let's start at the exterior: you experts may have noticed I called it a EVO II RS and not a GSR, but the car does feature the GSR frontbumper and rearbumper. The massive intercooler that you can see through the frontbumper is already an indication of it's capabilities.

I really like these 17" Enkei NT-03 wheels, they suit the car perfectly athought I wonder how they'd look in black. The braking duties are being handled by the stock rotors and calipers but with EBC yellow pads.

Thanks to the Tein adjustable coil overs and shocks the car sits lower to the ground for extra cornering stability.

This is what is all about, the 4G63 2.0 liter engine. The spec list consists of JE forged pistons, Eagle H-Beam rods, ARP rod bolts, balance shaft removed, balanced bottom end, JUN-spec 272-degree cams, HKS adjustable cam gears, Stage 2 ported head, titanium valve retainers, 3-angle valve cut, ARP head studs, K&N air filter, Garrett GT35/40 turbo, Spec2 exhaust manifold, 44mm Tial V-band external wastegate, 3-inch exhaust system, Blitz blow-off valve, Spec2 intercooler piping, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, 880cc injectors, Taylor 12mm leads, Link engine management system.

In the end the car puts out just over 400bhp, more than enough to hold its own on the track. The car even managed a 11.02 pass on the quarter mile with a recorded speed of 203km/h. That's really impressive. The time was achieved with 15"wheels and sticky Dunlop semi slicks.

Just a clean and functional interior with Recaro front seats and the necessary gauges to keep a close eye on the engine vitals.

A nice profile shot of the EVO II, It's just cool to think that you can take your entire family for a fun day out and take it to the race track the other day.

Thanks to the guys at NZ Performance Car for the pictures.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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man i wish i could find one of those here in texas!


Im in love with the older EVO's as well.

Great find!



Couldn't agree more, those old Evos are low key, even medium level diesel cars look more sporty than this nowadays!

Gotta love Evos.


I am just waiting for the inevitable Evo vs STi flame war that is undoubtedly going to occur in the comments section sometime this month lol.


such an awesome car!

And your totally right about the older models vs the newer models. I actually love the looks of the older models more though ;)


nice evo, plenty of these in nz


Great car, I can't argue with that. But these are also the very cars that are used to STREET RACE ILLEGALY in NZ so personaly do not like them because of what they are used for in the country, and because of the types of people that use them there (narrow minded types of people that know nothing but FAST & FURIOUS bull****).

On the positive note, great car! great rally racing heritage! and 400hp is not to mess with, no doubt.


Beautiful! It looks just so well composed, without any unnecessary bits. And it's fast


Awesome cars! Too bad EVO and WRX didn't hit the USA 10 years earlier! :) I dig the simple body lines and performance. 11.0! wow!


love it , always liked older generation evo's

also like the #plate .


any chance of some pics of the old c53,c63,c73,c83 mirage/lancers?


ECR33 what??

You dont like a car because a couple may have been used in street racing? Shit nearly every model of japanese performance car has been used for illegal street racing. Let alone euro's and American cars. And this is worldwide... not just New Zealand.

What a stupid comment to make.

Check out It might enlighten you....


Love it.


Jeroen, If you just posted the link to the original article you wouldn't have wasted time rewriting an already elaborate essay, don't you think?


There's probably nearly as many early evo's toting GT3540's in nz as there are those still with the original td05's.

note: RS's have same bumpers as GSR's, on this example the factory lower lip has been painted and it also has evo3 side skirts and rear pods.


86-2rbo the link is at the end of the article... perhaps you missed it


Simply awesome. I love all the older Evo models with the Evo V still taking the top spot in my heart.


ha i have the same steering wheel! :p


im finishing my evo II project :) cant wait....

got so inspired by this ...

woot woot!


That car looks a _lot_ like a Gemini AWD Turbo. Any chance of a story about one of those?


Great car with personality! Had a test drive of a mates Evolution I once here in Australia. Had all sorts of work done to it such as Motec ECU's and a TD06-20G. Standard brakes weren't the best with just monoblock calipers so an upgrade is a must. Has awesome pull on the straight aways and great track potential. Personaly always preferred the pre-EVO 7 look as it seemed more subtle and purpose built.


Early evos are awesome!