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After reading Mike’s post about the Team Orange cars and their converted EVO’s and Impreza’s, I started thinking about a well known Z33 which was converted the other way around, from rwd to awd: this JUN-built Hyper Lemon 350Z R. The rumor is, it was built for someone who lives in Hong Kong and wanted to use it as a Time Attack car, but nothing has been seen of this Z33 since it was finished and delivered. So I’m not sure what happened to it in the end, but I hope to see it again tearing up the Tsukuba circuit.

The pictures you see here were taken from a test day during the build of the 350Z R; at its debut it featured a different exhaust system and stickers. In the opening shot you can see they needed to modify the fender to accommodate the exhaust system… and when I say modify, they just cut it in half. The side skirt also needed some work – in the final version they used a different skirt and placed the silencer further back.

In the front we see a part of the complete Ings+ N Spec bodykit. The front bumper is a special long nose edition, aided by two carbon canards.

Check out the exhaust pipe setup! It’s going straight out of the fender… the airjacks are also a great addition to this already extreme build. The wheels are one of my favorites, the Advan RGII in 18″; behind them you can see the upgraded Endless braking system.

Here’s a better view of the brakes, revealing the rear 4 pot calipers and 332mm rotors. In the front, Jun used 6 pot calipers and 380mm rotors. This picture also reveals the ZEAL suspension system.

Could this be the most extreme VQ engine in the world? The standard VQ3.5 liter engine has been treated with a full JUN upgrade including a 3.8 liter stroker kit, I beam connecting rods, crankshaft, JUN camshafts and Cosworth pistons. The intercooler setup is also quite interesting – it features a twin setup on both sides of the car below the headlights.

This custom made Intake manifold is a one off made by JUN themselves. Right next to it are the Trust TD05H turbos. You can see the heat wrapped exhaust pipe that runs down to the side. You can also spot the signature green and yellow paint on the engine block made famous by JUN.

The hood has been reworked to allow for as much air as needed to pass through it.

Inside the car, it’s all business with the 16 point roll cage and fully spot welded interior. The driver sits in a Bride seat and he can monitor all the vitals on the Lapcom data logger right in front of him.

But probably the biggest achievement on this car is the AWD conversion made possible by a complete R32 Skyline drivetrain connected to a M35 Stagea front differential case. One the most expensive parts on this car must be the Hollinger six speed sequential GT-R transmission. Don’t ask me how JUN and their ex-builder Koyama-san made all these parts work together! It’s quite the feat of engineering and is one of the most ambitious builds to come out of Japan in the past couple years.

-Jeroen Willemsen

More pictures of the JUN AWD Z33

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Talk about having too much money, hahaha.


That is soooooo nice!



all i can say is that this car is


specially that engine



all i can say is that this car is


specially that engine



all i can say is that this car is


specially that engine


Not to be fucked with


looks disgusting... would have preferred to keep the r32 and z33 separate...


dont see many cars with vq turbo done up, would like to see a gloria,cima,cedric post


Ex-builder? Wait, Koyama left JUN? Dang, gotta catch up on these things.


i remember this on the cover of super street a couple of years ago


Awesome find Jeroen! These photos were taken at Ebisu Circuit's East Course, and in the first photo, you can see the stairs leading to the East Course restaurant where you can eat lunch overlooking the inner section of the track.

In the second photo, the guy dressed all in orange is Hide, the D1GP official starter (he signals the cars to run the course) and one of Kumakubo's best friends since middle school. Hide taught Kumakubo how to drift. Pretty crazy.


it was wrecked in the USA testing in a desert.


Crazy Build


i love the placement of the intake filters!


love this car! ANY speedhunters know anything about the AWD 350z that hit pikes peak??? i believe it was a top secret venture?


@tim: Wrong Z. That one was built 2-3 years before this one. That was driven by Daijiro Inada when it crashed in I think 2003. This one's a whole 'nother build.



Koyama san is dead....

yes it looks disgusting.. disgustingly fast that is. :P


so badass, JUN builds some sick cars, remember the Super Lemon RIII(3), i think it resides in the UK much power does this beast produce?


Wow, thats all I can say. This thing is beautiful


i remember when this car was featured in super street.

amazing piece of engineering.


@AEkyuni: aaaaaand, I feel like an ass. Gee.... I could have stood to at least known that much. Still, each one of these cars are a testament to his build skill and quality. Sorry about that.


I wonder how much did it cost. It's not everyday a company like JUN builds such a car for a private client.


Remove spoilers and make sleeper from that z33 xDDD Engine is awsome O.o And inside it looks as good as outside ( with stickers). Too bad there is no photo with stickers on. I really love yellow-green colors by JUN <3


Am I the only one pissed off at Jeroen for always posting other people's pics??? All the other Speedhunters contributers post their own stuff, and good stuff might I add. Any monkey with an internet connection could do Jeroen's job, I just hope he doesn't get payed for it!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else is with me on this?


That is high quality stuff there, amazing...just needs a proper "JUN" livery ;)


Ultrafloss: I'm pretty sure that this has been explained numerous times by Rod and himself. He is employed specifically to find cool stuff on the internet and post it here. This is what a million other blogs do, or are you worried that you aren't getting your money's worth? Oh wait.... this site is FREE, so stop moaning.


all those wanting to see pics of it finished in JUN livery and know the power figures should follow the link at the bottom of the post, why did Jeroen (AKA copypasta) miss out these two importhat things?

apparently the numbers are:

Boost 1.3K (OFF) 740ps/6400rpm 86kg.m/5900rpm

Boost 1.5K (set-44) 828PS/6400rpm 96kg.m/5900rpm

Boost 1.7K Probably 900ps over (not yet tested)


Ultrafloss we are normally very happy to receive critique and take people's feedback very seriously. But only if it's fair, reasonable and measured.

Speedhunters has always been about a combination of original automotive photography/film-making and webmining. Jeroen's main role on the team falls into the later category, but both myself, Andy Blackmore and Mike Garrett also regularly post materials that we find on the internet. While we do have people on the team from many different continents, we just can't be everywhere at once, so don't see it as a problem to post cool stuff we find on the internet for you to check out.... look at us as a filtering service...




Ultrafloss: I have no problem with sites/bloggers exposing old cars. The pictures were released by the owner of the car, are freely downloadable, and not even watermarked. It's not like they were stolen from another blog where it was fresh content last week. The car is over a year old already, and I wasn't aware of its existence (but I am now!). I can't imagine why this bothers you so much. I, for one, don't have the time or money to buy every magazine known to man and also browse 400 forums daily. So now people like me get exposed to this car. What's the harm in that?


This car proves just our little import/tuning technology has amazing


This car proves just our little import/tuning technology has amazing

Remember when this car had a full feature in superstreet?I do,because it was the first issue I ever bought.memories.


I have heard about this car never seen it when i first heard of this AWD 350Z i was thinking it was going to be like the first one I think it was made by Top Secret which featured a RB26 I thought this would be the same but no a VQ wow and just throughing this out there the exhaust reminds me of the Saltun RS from GTA IV haha


tim, that was one nasty crash huh? all the ones that hated the looks of it, check out tim´s link


DESKTOP of the first pic please. Please please please.


Awesome, but then NISSANS are the best cars ever built!!


all they need is to put side skirts covering most of the exhaust parts then this car would look perfect


That engine bay is an absolute piece of art. Amazing.







nah its ok.. i didnt mean to sound mean or anything so sorry about that.. and i have to agree that they pretty much build lots of bad ass cars.. one of my favorite projects they made was the bug-eye hyper lemon. forgot the project name. that was pretty nice as well. ^_^


Jeroen, didnt this car run in the Tsukuba Time attack in 2007? im pretty sure it did.... i did a 57 second lap time.


speedhunters is an awesome FREE website that has exposed us to many amazing builds, and awesome coverage that we would otherwise have to wait months to surface via paper press. if ultrafloss is that "offended" by the repeat coverage he might want to remind himself of the many other less updated car blogs etc, and visit them instead.

gentlemen, thank you for great website full of amazing cars, great photography and exciting event coverage.


@balang_479 - it did indeed made a 57 seconds pass at Tsukuba


@kyuni: nah, I just felt bad that I didn't know that he was gone. I really wish that someone would run a Bug-Eye car; specifically a JUN creation. But in any case, as with Amuse's Tanabe-san and TRD's Sakurai, the innovations aren't gonna be the same anymore.


is this the same car from gran turismo 4??? Jun option stream z??


Power output = ?


i really wanna know what the hell happened to this car? i've only seen it in one car mag then thats it


the car makes 838hp according to super street


@Sam: Sorry, again, it's not the GT4 car, though knowing Polyphony, they'd have this car in there. It's a completely seperate build, as this car is more grip oriented, while the OPTION STREAM 350Z is geared towards top speed runs.


twin turbo??

this is crazy man

how much this thing cost?