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Over the last few years aesthetic tuning has become an important part of the whole aftermarket world. One company I have always made sure to drop by and see at the Tokyo Auto Salon is Charge Speed, creators of some of the most eye-catching body parts for JDM parts.

If there is one thing I appreciate in any and every area of car customization it is quality. If you are as picky and as anal as I am you will know what I am talking about. When it comes to body parts quality is probably the most important aspect there is, from the way a part fits to the way it is finished and most importantly how well it lasts. The Evo X you see here is Charge Speed’s latest evolution taking over from the Bottom Line kit they made last year, featuring a complete front bumper as well as some very nice carbon parts.

The idea was to give a tad more road presence to the Evo X, something always easily accomplished by heavy use of carbon.

Up front the vented carbon hood replaces the stock aluminum item, helping shed a little bit of weight as well as expelling hot air from the engine bay. Fit and finish is one of the best I have seen, especially along the panel gaps. Charge Speed has chosen not to paint the hood to show off the precious composite fibers. It is a demo car after all!

The carbon mirrors are far better proportioned than the stock items.

I really like the look of the front bumper as it takes the already in-your-face stock design and makes it even more extreme. The big gaping center grille remains, but has been made to protrude a little more, helping scoop up air for the intercooler and radiator. The wet-carbon detailing on the side intakes is a nice touch. The chunky side skirts are very angular in design, helping bring the body closer to the ground.

Ever since the Lancer Evolution 8 MR vortex generators have been gaining popularity on Evos and WRXs. The Charge Speed version is, of course, made in carbon fiber.

The rear wing has been left stock, but to help shed more weight at the rear the trunk lid is now carbon.

The car sits on lowered suspension and rolls on Boyz Zero-1 Hyper CST01, 9Jx18″ all round wrapped in Dunlop Direzza DZ101 rubber.

Charge Speed buckets replace the stock Recaro seats offering far more support when driving hard. Charge Speed has yet to modify the engine on this SST dual-clutch transmission equipped Evo X. As you can see from the hood release handle we were not even allowed to look at the engine. Maybe there was a T88 under there somewhere!

Rolling around the little test track at the NATS Automobile College in Chiba the Evo X was fun to drive but most importantly looked good doing it!

For those looking for a clean modified look Charge Speed offer some great products, including their new wide-body kit for the GRB Impreza WRX STi, which won them the “Sporty-Car” award at this year’s TAS. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Charge Speed

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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ehhhh....Evo X's just aren't as aesthetically pleasing as their older brothers. BUT, great picture quality!


no engine shots?


Thats definatly not my favourite kit for the evo x :s. The carbon wing mirrors look real nice though!


That's a sweet Evo X! I don't like the flashy decals though.


the rear is sexy as all hell. The front I am slightly iffy about but still like ot. Overall, cool looking car. "Gharge Speed" FTW.


I LOVE the look of the car. It just looks awesome without being all-out crazy.

But that front bumper... Audi grill?!?! WTF?! HELL NO!


The front bumper makes it look like a Volvo.


Chargespeed : WTF, get all of those stupid decals off the car so we can focus on what the car LOOKS LIKE with your parts on.


Dino! U put GHARGE SPEED not Chargespeed as the title..=)



Sorry guys, been a bit overworked lately. Title is fixed!


The graphics are like a tacky tatoo on hot chick, it just doesn't work.


The "deevolution" of the EVO lol........Ugly, Heavy, gimme simplicity anyday........sup with the decals?...EVO 4 is my favorite!


Why coudln't you look under the hood? They'll just have the same turbo/intercooled setup that every other Evo uses....woah, big secret. lol


episode win?

lion bar


I actually like the front bumper... not a fan of the rear though,


soooo is it just me or does the front end look a tiny bit like a scion TC?


Ok... now ... when an AUDI with Evo X front grille / bumper?


I don't like the big grill on this one for some reason. It just looks unfinished to me, taking away from the polished look of the rest of the car.

And the back of the car still looks like any sedan with a wing.

All in all, it gets a resounding 'meh'.


Has a Audi RS4 look to it, but non the less its still pimp


All of these comments show that you just can't please everyone. when it comes to aesthetics. Some will like, some won't. Such is life.Everything looks pretty nice without looking extravagant or wild


DESKTOPS of the 2nd and 3rd pictures!!! PLZ!!!


i love the european flare it has! i think the evo's always suffered from ugly body kits. this kit makes me want to get the car!


I think the Evo 10 suffers a lot from slab sidedness. Perhaps the graphics are an attempt to detract from that, altough there are probably some more subtle methods...


I like the design of that car. That body kit is hot!


i havnt been a fan of evo 10, looks like a legnum front with an alfa rear end... but this is the best evo 10 i have seen so far

its funny how the went from the e39a galant which was about 1380kg, to the cd9a evo which was 1240kg and now all the late model evo's are back up to 1400kg


That bumper looks like its trying to look like an Audi. The car has an RB motor inside with a T51R turbo. Haha, kiddin!


this is actualy the first evo body kit ive seen that i like. great job on the car. i hate the X but if this can come out of it, i will be paying more attetion to these.


feature the varis evo x =D


Dino, you are on fire.... amazing posts all the time, so many, kick ass.


How much does this Body kit cost? send to please thank you