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Following on from my post on the Mine’s R35, I thought it would be worth going back in history a little and featuring a slightly older GT-R. The BNR32 is what put Nissan on the supercar map back in 1989, and pretty much fueled the tuning boom in Japan during the 90’s. Garage Saurus have been around since the beginning, building some of the most extreme cars the streets of Japan have ever seen.

Garage Saurus has proven to be one of the strongest contenders in the drag scene, but at the same time has shown the time attack crowd that they know a thing or two about circuit racing. Back in 2005 their orange R32 Skyline GT-R won the Tsukuba Super Battle, a car that originally was set up for 1/4 mile runs!

But it’s the car you see here that we are interested in, probably the most extreme street BNR32 Hayashi-san, the president of Garage Saurus, has ever built for a customer. I first saw this GT-R at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, on display at the Option Magazine stand. It was the stance that impressed me to start off with, sitting so well on those massive 19-inch BBS wheels…

…but I quickly realized that there was something very special going on with the bodywork. Joining the Garage Saurus carbon front lips spoiler and hood, the owner of this GT-R had a set of custom carbon front fenders created, along with carbon doors…

…and even carbon rear fenders! The lower rear arch finisher you see here is also made of carbon, and not the cheap variety, but top quality dry-carbon.

The owner had these parts painted to reveal the underlying fibers, creating a pretty cool carbon strip running along the whole side of the car. For a rawer look the Garage Saurus dry-carbon hood has been left unpainted, doing away with any sort of protecting glossy clear coat.

There is even more carbon at the rear with the Garage Suarus trunk lid and spoiler, both made from the expensive composite material. To help lower the center of gravity of the Skyline the owner had the steel roof cut out and replaced with a carbon roof! This, which is reinforced with a honeycomb aluminum structure, is boned in place and again left unpainted for that extreme look. To finish things off Garage Saurus fitted their own carbon rear diffuser, which helps keep the rear end of the car planted at high speed.

Lift up the paper-light hood and this is what you are confronted with.

The N1 racing block has been fitted with an HKS Step-3 2.8L kit made up of a fully counter-balanced crankshaft, H-section connecting rods and forged pistons. The head has been ported and polished and fitted with HKS 290º duration camshafts. Joining this set up is the massive HKS T51 BB SPL turbine which force feeds the engine with 2.4 bar of boost, allowing it to develop 985 PS at all four wheels. To deal with all that power Hayashi-san fitted a triple plate clutch and a 6-speed sequential transmission, both from OS Giken. To beef up the driveline a GReddy carbon fiber propeller shaft replaces the weaker stock item while the Cusco drag front & rear LSDs try to juggle all that power between the wheels.

The fuel system on a car like this needs to be serious and as you can see it pretty much takes over all of the trunk space. There are a total of three fuel pumps, starting with the Nismo one inside the ATL racing fuel tank, and the bigger twin external Bosch pumps. The braided fuel lines make their way from the Garage Saurus 3L surge tank towards the front of the car…

…and feed the six 1000 cc/min Sard injectors.

Check out the gear position indicator for the OS Giken transmission as well as the Neko Corporation AF-700 wide-band lambda meter display. How about the 80’s Nissan log on the horn button? Extra points for that is you ask me!

Garage Saurus cars always sport some of the cleanest interiors out there. Before the build the car was stripped down to the bare chassis, spot and seam welded and fitted with a custom roll cage. It was then fully sprayed in the same silver used on the body panels.

The Recaro buckets are joined by Simpson racing harnesses.

GReddy gauges help keep an eye on the water temperature, oil pressure as well as the fuel pressure. The HKS F-Con V Pro ECU is fitted in the center console for easy access.

For me this is one of the most impressive BNR32 I have ever shot, perfect in every way down to the finest details. With this being AWD month I think it would be a pity not to take a look at their orange R32 GT-R demo car. What do you guys think?

Garage Saurus

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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The best looking R32 in the world, period.


I've been wanting to see more of this car since if first showed up here on speedhunters.

It's even better than i thought! DAMN, that's a beautiful piece of auto-art.


You should always include info about the rims and tires, width for example.


I am slowly working to own my own BNR32. With a little luck and cash of course, I hope it will be able to compete with the likes of this someday! Fabulous photos and coverage.



The most amazing R32 GT-R, love.

Great article!


Thats one tidy engine bay, right down to those green billet green screws in the 6th shot from the end,


Although the BBS are amazing, I think I preferred this car with it's previous set of Panasport G7's. Much more inline with the period of the car, and matched it's Group A Touring car masters.


How much does this GTR weigh?


:| more dream car


This is indeed a farking hot R32.

Still reckon the R32 is the best looking GTR.


It's brilliant, I especially like that combination of carbon fibre and silver on the bodywork. And 985PS


At some parts It does not cool But Its just an awesome Car,

The bodywork, Rims Just makes Me crazy


The R32 is my favorite GT-R, and this has to be the finest example I have ever seen. Thank you.


form and function, beautiful. i love it.


wow :-O

stunning bodywork, superb wheels and that super-clean interior. best r32 ever, if you asked me...

btw, it's bosCh, not bosh ;-)


Ah, my favorite skyline.

Another awesome find, what a spectacular car.

Great read, this cleanliness of this build is something

to gawk at, and the Carbon sets it off for sure.

Love Love Love!



Greatest R32 EVER...Everyone knows it.. wallpaper stat!


Wow... Just WOW!!

I would love to hear this car go, 290 Degree CAMS!!!!!


I see a stagea in the last picture behind the r32.


The R32 GTR is in the top 5 of my ultimate 10 car garage. I love that they haven't just used carbon doors and fenders and that they're incorporated the carbon into the paint scheme.



You missed the info on the brakes, Dino. Project Mu calipers front and rear right? What was the setup like?


That is definitely one of the coolest cars I've seen on this site.







I could stare at that car all day long. That is beautiful! Stunning. Great pictures Dino!

(Desktops NOW :p)


Amazing car all around, definitely one of the best GT-R's out there. And perhaps for AWD month you guys could dig up something on the old Top Secret R34?


That car is sick. I have looked at that car so much. I even have the Super Street magazine that featured the R32. Amazing!!!


And I think u should feature the orange R32 also!!


i want desktops size pics for all of these pics!!


pleas also feature the BNR33


Absolute porn! I just want to hear the engine, that`s it. Is it too much?


can we get audio or video of this thing running, driving? it is absolutely amazing.


i remember i saw a feature of this car in modified magazine a couple of months ago.......

one of the most clean r32s ever


Would love a few wallpapers of the most awsome BNR32 ever!


Damn those custom cf fenders and chameleon engine bay is dowwn!! Clean ass r32


Nothing better than a R32 dressed in carbon fiber...this Skyline is awesome!


Best looking tuned skyline ever. Awesome car.


What do I think? Really? Just show me more dopeness- you don't have to ask from now on ;)


first picture deserves for desktop!







sickkkkkkkk r32. perfect swap, sick brakes, everything sick


Can we get a wallpaper of either the first or last images?

Best R32 GTR EVER!


The Best R32 on the World. Plss some wallpaper.


Great looking car, tough i think its the carbon print is a bit 'overdone'


Yo what's up with the fourth pedal? Is this a double clutch tranny?


super clean ! wish i can see this in person


The speedo goes to 320km/h(around 200mph), but the car could probably go faster!


Those recaro's are CLEAN


this is the best R32 GTR i have ever seen


Damn... Recaro Japan RS-G ASM limited seats, $1750 each in the US.

I want them... cheaper.


Definitely go shoot the orange demo car.


Thanks for the Desktops DIno!!!

The best R32 ever for sure!!!!


I saw this in Modified mag here in the U.S. I can't believe the owner messed with the boost controller and blew the engine. YOU HAVE THAT MUCH HP at all 4 wheels!! What the crap dude!? You need more?!?


the front lip and rear diffuser is Ab-Flug not their own brand.


Re: Drivinggod said:

Yo what's up with the fourth pedal? Is this a double clutch tranny?

It's just a kick plate, or a dead pedal....just a piece of metal where you leave your foot when you're not clutching......and I've never heard of a double clutch tranny...... ^_^o


Words cannot describe the awesomeness...


And now for the final category of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards, Speed Demon of the Year. As the name


I was in vintage car heaven today checking out some of the best Japan has to offer at the Nostalgic 2


I hope you guys aren't tired of awesome vintage cars quite yet as there is still a lot more to get


A bit overdone, but impressive nonetheless! One thing that always killed me, living in Japan before, was the crappy hose they used for automotive spent God-knows how much building this thing, then use garden hose for your oil catch can? Haha!