Car Feature>> Flush Audi Tt2s

Unfortunately all my AWD features got used up during VAG month, so I’m going to show a couple FF cars in the coming weeks, just to break things up a bit. This TT isn’t AWD as Rod originally thought, but it’s still worth a look, as it sports a unique one-off body kit. The body kit is made in full carbonfiber and is original from Audi. Wesley, 23 year old owner of this car, is the first and only person in the world with this OEM certificated kit.

The carbon kit was painted in white and like you can see, it gives a great high contrast look. The fit is 100% perfect. While doing the shoot I couldn’t find any cracks or gaps.

One of the main features of the TT’s face are the OEM RS6 LED lights… There’s a lot of fake one’s on the market, but considering how much they cost, you can be sure these are the real deal!

Wesley wanted an exclusive wheel, he found these items from ‘Wheels and More’ in Germany. The three piece rims in 18″ fitted with stretched Toyo tires fit the concept perfectly.

Wesley told us that he wanted to change these wheels for some Porsche wheels for next season.

You just can’t stop looking at that rear, can’t ya? The Miltek exthaust line and mufflers in combination with the carbon is just pure porn. The perfect offset of those wheels complete the images!

Perfect finishing on the paint job!

To bring the car closer to mother earth, a KW variante 3 suspension setup came to the rescue. Great choice!

The Turbo engine K04T delivers 380BHP. It’s software remapped with a Miltek exthaust line, Miltek race cat and a RS intercooler completing the package.

Great car if you ask me, the sound of it is awesome and the looks are unbeatable!

A CF steering wheel rounds out an already luxurious interior.

Ok, I’ve got some more European stories coming soon including the Dutch, Men in Volkswagen meeting.

More soon…

– Kevin Raekelboom



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Wow, that's horrible. What's up with the redneck pickup truck wheels?


The car is completely and totally awesome.

....except for the circa 1993 tri-blade wheels. I mean, really, why put all that money and work into a badass machine like this and then piss it all down your leg with wheels that belong on a Geo Tracker?


hahaha... I thought the wheels might cause some controversy, but please remember guys, in Europe these wheel designs don't have the same history or associations they do in North America.


Nice pics man. Horrible wheel damn.


I'd like to point out that this car has separate wheels for each side, which is great. That attention to detail means a lot. More often than not people just throw all the same directional wheels onto their rides and it just doesn't look right.

And also, aren't the wheels poking? How is that flush?


Yeah, he better change to that Porsche wheel soon or all the haters will come after him lol.


Those wheels are what make the car stand out. If it weren't for them, it'd just look like any ol' regular TT with a kit.


That would look awesome if the owner hadnt wasted their money on those RS6 LEDs and spent that money on better wheels. I see a fair few of these wheels around at the moment (In the UK) but ONLY on battered drift only cars where the wheels are only there to hold the tyres on tht are being shredded!

Nice car ruined...


Wow, that's awesome haha.

Guy wanted to stand out with something exclusive and he did. Don't hate, not everyone has the same taste.


hahahk he said geo tracker, and he was right.

rest of car = very nice


Don´t like those carbon sticks on the rear.

And I think I´ve seen those wheels better fit on a matchbox car.


wow my sister had those same rims on her GEO Tracker hmmm centerlines XD hahaha sorry the rims kill the whole car -1


Not my first nor my 50th wheel choice but they look clean enough on this car, you can tell they are not cheapos so no big deal there. Call me crazy but this guy has a nice look going on, props for being different.


one of my fav. TT so far, (even if i hate audis) i think the wheels could work in harmony with the car's design, i think i even like them. Its about time people start making different wheel selections apart from the traditional standars when it comes to a modern car. Looks damn cool. stop hating so much people


Um, body kit is not OEM Audi and certainly not the only one in the world.


yup just like most people

not a big fan of the wheels

in my opinion the wheels are kind of cool looking

but they are just not the right ones for this car

but the car is beautiful

specially the front end


Well the purists will riot. I like the wheels as they are actual 3-peice. This first thing that popped into my head on this car was "Euro styling" much like the smoothie wheels found on newer nad older gulf GTI's and the offset to euro specs is just about perfect. Euro tunning really stays true to its roots much more then most styles and applying it to newer cars with much sleeker lines makes this car just that much more original and a pleasure to look at. And originality being the whole reason Speedhunters chooses to interview these rides.


When I first looked at the wheels I said eww....

But they are actually kinda growing on me now.


1989 called, It wants it's wheels back. Other than that its a clean car.


The wheels look like truck wheela...


Dont like the wheels or the front arches but i suppose its different...


Some nice BBS RS rims would definitely save this car.


Ugly wheels even by european standards. Rest of car is ok but nothing special to be honest. Come on AWD month, more Evo's, Sti's, GTR's please :)


???!The car is stomach-able, the wheels need to go. This isn't Appalachia.


splitting hairs here, but this is poke not flush ;)


I really don`t know if i like it or I hate it...interior and back end are nice ....but the front end with those LEDs(event though they are from a RS6) mixed with the wheels give it an "european-ricer" look ...

can`t really decide ...the purist in me says "no ,no" but on the other hand is kinda original...


I'm not normally one to hate, but I gotta agree with the gallery that those wheels are hideous.


The wheels are flush but are perhaps the worst possible choice for this vehicle,.


I'm european and i say those rims SUCK!!! Fugly things...

Can't really say i like the front bumper either...

The rear and interior however are pretty awesome, though.


Whatever, those rims are so out of style they are back in! I would like to high five this dude for running these.


How does the expense of the wheel make up for how it looks?


This car is living proof that:

1. Your ride can still be a poser-mobile even with 380bhp.

2. Even if Audi certified the body kit, doesn't mean the front bumper looks anywhere near decent as far as design goes.

3. Chromed "slammed-truck" wheels will not stop your TT to look any less of a hair-dresser's car! On the contrary, it will give it a "metrosexual redneck" feel that will not go good with the gear-heads .

4. There's a fine line between original and just plain wrong. This car hasn't decided on which side of the line to stay on yet!


Wha's so special about this car? Wheels and few carbon accent? wow.....


Just about any Porsche or Audi stock wheel from the last decade would look better than those. I just can't understand any of the arguments towards these wheels making sense. Advan 3 Spokes are the only 3 spokes I've ever agreed with after the Viper 3-spoke became dated, this is a shame. Nice looking kit, embarrassing wheels.


Those wheels are HORRIBLE. Just bad taste.


really i cant see anything wrong with the wheels, everyone has thier different tastes.

Why hate on the man who takes the road less traveld by?

But it is a really nice car, just a shame it aint a quattro


That car is so sexy.

But with those wheels it turns from sexy to barf.


estalar no conputardor


I would opt for craptastic offset and nice wheels over this setup.


I like the wheels but hate the front bumper


the whole car all around is dope.

the wheels add that extra flare to it.


Very nice car. i love the color. And the detailing on the body is also stunning

But I always wonder how such a young guy comes up with the money to make this beast. Damn I would love to own this ride


Possibly the most horrendous car I've ever seen. TTs don't need anything more than a little cleaning and a decent drop & rims.

Adding all that crap is criminal. I'm surprised it's made it onto this site.


Wheels are poo.... why not start with the 4WD if you want that power.