After much anticipation – it’s finally here. Ken Block has pulled out all the stops (and props) to one-up himself and his original gymkhana video, and it looks like he’s come damn close. I’m not going to spoil anything here, so just take a look.

What do you think, do we have another classic on our hands?

-Mike Garrett

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Very cool!

At the start of the vid I somehow knew Rob Dyrdek would be in it.


GYMKHANA - Hollywood style :D


wow as bad ass if not even more stupidly insane than the first one.


Rob's cameo was nice but the Timmy cameo was dope! Drama was probably crapping his pants thinking of what might happen to Timmy. BTW - You can also watch the video at StreetFire. v


Ok this one right here is just sick!!! Maybe there was a little something missing from the first vid, but G-DAMN!!! Stuppid-Crazy skillz!!!

Now, would somebody please, oh please kidnap Ken Block and throw him into D1, FD or some some majour drift comp? I think he might very well rule the world of drifting with his mad skillz:))) Just check out those crazy-ass drift angles!!! And the accuracy. This dude was born to do this!!! He must've been drifting his trycicle or some':))

But seriously, would someone pay him a visit and make him go into drifting? Obviously the guy's on another level!

Sick SICK! I would like to keep on talking but in the end I find myself speachless.

Sick! All of it the driving, the effects and ideeas all of it!!


Oil is running out! :)))

Wonderfull, perfect and so on...


Somebody stop me, cause I'm shock-impressed:)))))


Ken Block should stick to selling his DC shoes.

Rally, and other type of motorsports are for people that don't seek for Hollywood-rockstart-like coverage.

I would be impressed if he replicated the same driving skill between trees at 100+ mph in the tundra in Sweden......not smashing water baloon and halogen lights.


There are some nice camera angels, the driving is amazing, but there is WAAY to much D&G advert in there, I do get that's the point, but I like things a bit more subtle. The initial video is still the best in my eyes...

It would be nice to see some drift competitions with such backdrops, without safety barriers and such.


Very nice angel...


Don't get me wrong Ken Block is really good but would he live up to the hype if he entered D1 or Formula D? Certainly he could compete with the pros no questions but as far as him being some legendary figure of drift lore I think it is mostly hype. I mean look at how many tire marks are on the routes he took; I am willing to bet a pretty handful of D1 and Formula D guys could do the same routine with that amount of practice time. Also when you are filming rather than being judged live, the audience only sees the best run you put out all day. So like I said do not get me wrong here Ken Block is amazing and his level is that of a pro drifter not to mention his videos awe, but the hype generated here and on other sites about his god like drifting status is just hype, I don't think he is any better than the other top drifters of today.


oh damn!


i mean angle... lol


awesome drifting+fancy cinematography+ product placement= me wasting money on a new pair of shoes. :D


makes me want to buy a subie and take it to crawford performance!


The reason he has insane angle like that is because he doesn't have to worry about spinning out as much. the front wheels driving will pull it out of a spin. nevertheless, i think it's a pretty cool video.


Ken Block is well aware of drifting and he can be seen here doing it:

Sweet video!


is it 4wd?


Call me crazy, but I think the driving stunts were more impressive in the first video.


dont get the lights and water balloons


honestly not as great as the original


That was easily the coolest video I have ever seen.

That was better than the original.

That was better than ANYTHING.


Great video! Pretty slick scenes, especially the light rods and the way the Subie looks coming from the flames under the truck was amazing! Yeah AWD drifts are "easier" to save, hence the 120-ish degree drift in the beginning, and yeah the video wasn't a single, solid run (paint ball marks mysteriously disappeared in the last few scenes), but he's still a pretty impressive driver. Now if only we could get him to battle it out with Kumakubo.... :D


I dug it! The first and second both rule. 245/40's in the second. Come on!? Half the reason why the first was soo cool is he was rockin' 285's man! :) Anyway, loved it. Who cares how it compares, it rocked!


Dude's got talent. TONS! Def. the sickest video I've seen since the original, but now its getting out of hand with adding the balloons and light bulbs. Don't get me wrong, its cool, but I think the first was better. It was more to the point of just gymkhana drifting. but def. a SIK vid


It would be really insane if Block did enter that car in any drift event. The Monster Energy livery just looks SICK! Makes me want to take a swig on a can right now. Great job from Ken and Crawford on a crazy Sti!


wow hands down dopest projext ever created! yeah damn straight he sold me on DC products...haha


hmm, I think the first one was better just because it was more serious about the driving. This one was about showing off---more stunt-like driving, the water ballons, lightbulbs, and such (I thought those were cool, except for the Dyrdek paintball gun part...whatever). The HD and slow-mo was nice, and overall it was a solid production...I was just hoping for a bit more driving. I didn't even watch the ending section after the driving at all, just flipped through it and wasn't interested.

I hope Ken Block stays out of drifting, he would just be wasting his time. Rally is a different beast, and arguably requires more skill/car control/balls to drive at the limit...

On another note, I don't feel compelled to buy anything after watching that video. Maybe a WRX, but that's it.


"That was easily the coolest video I have ever seen.

That was better than the original.

That was better than ANYTHING."

Agreed x10.


I see more and more people use Red's:D


i dunno, maybe i liked the first one beacuse it was abit more raw, then this one being a DC rolling advert? some of of the shots are really good, but its abit too much?

Yes would be good to see him enter a drift compD1/FD, but would he really be that good, you can do those crazy angles in a 4WD but not a RWD-drift car

I bet any of the top drifters in the world could replicate this, if the money and camera crew wheren in place

Not feeling the new subaru either, the first one was badass

End yes a really bad ass video


Amazing video, didnt think it would be much better than the excellent 1st video but blew me away, what a driver!!! :D:D:D:D:D


I wasn't impressed, way too much of a product advert mixed with a hollywood stunt show. The first one showed off the skill of a rally driver, this one looks like it was done by some stunt driver. The car was cool, but everything else was on the somewhat lame side.

Back to the airbase Ken


this video was good, but not great. It didn't have that intensity of the first gymkhana project or the "raw feel" of the first video. In a way, it was like a hollywood-butchered sequel with too much concentration on visual eye candy instead of the driving skill and feel. As a movie-goer, it was fun to watch; as a car enthusiast, it was decent.


21st century GROUP B?????? as close as it gets in this car! LOL@ everyone trying to be cool calling him out that hes not a legend and that the video was done in mutilple takes......while good editing to put it all together, he made it obvious it was multiple takes. the paintball gone was partly for that purpose. and just for the hell of it, id like to see this car do a battle with any rwd drift car...speculate all you want, f*** knows what will happen till it happens. toro airbase was great but this one was alot more risky! lotta hard stuff to hit. but in the end, i also like the first one better.....


You guys kind of sound like a bunch of p*ssies, Thank you Ken block for entertaining me on my otherwise boring Monday.


Flourescent tubes are full of mercury. Dont expect another gymkhana video from Ken Block. lol


good infomercial. like big moives the first will mostly always be better, but can see why ppl like this one more. dont know why ppl seem to be hating on block. good driver not the best but good. hes not doing this to prove anything. i bet he has lots of fun while doing it. if dc came to me and said hey lets do part two i dont care if i have to run over catholic school girls and jump through fire i would be like hell yeah lets drive!


awful compared to the first video...I feel like I just went to LA for the day, what was with the paintball scene does that really make a video about a car better??


Awful video compared to the first and what the hell is with the paintballs?


Whats not to like ? Simply awsome


ken is a sicc driver he's simply just mixing his action sports background with motorsports to me his videos are no different than watching skate videos


I hope Hollywood takes notes, that car stunts can be done with out CGI. Thats what this, stunt driving. Cool but still stunt driving. I've seen him Rally many times and there is no doubt that he is good, but a God; far from it.


Lilyoung and grobo put it very well.

This video was average. Admit it. There was too much corporate garbage from DC ( half the video for God's sake...) and nowhere near enough nutcase Blockage. Maybe if you are a younger guy in his early teens you might think this was heaps sick-crazy-mad-hella-hectik action but come on. There was more cheese in this video than in the whole of Italy. The 360 spin over the water balloons? Lame...even lamer considering they put it in slow mo. The blowing open of the trailer doors...*yaaawn* in slow motion, no less... pointless.

Speaking of slow mo - it was there when it was annoying and not there when needed which annoyed even more.

The scene with that guy with the sad pencil moustache that looked drawn on, laughingly trying to look tough while holding a...paintball gun (?!) almost killed the video for me. It was bad enough he was in it, for reasons I cannot fathom, considering this was about ken Block and not some bling wearing DC dude - even worse when he did that totally sad, "shoot pee shooter pellets in to air in gesture of victory pose" nonsense... Bring back the segway dude!

Honestly, DC shoes should stick to what they do best - making skating shoes. Since when were DC shoes ever a part of motorsport and it's history anyway? Puma, Alpine Stars and Sparco I know well - F1 drivers swear by them...but DC shoes?

I thought only Tony Hawk wannabes wore that stuff?


I liked this video. I thought the first one felt more natural (even if it was set up or shot multiple times). There may have been a little too much slo-mo in this one but still an entertaining video to watch. The guy holding the balloon at the very end was SICK.


Jason Ellis thought it was lame they used Timmy the dummy for that shot. So he told Ken to drift into his hand while holding a water balloon. Red Dragons.