Video>> Formula D 09: The Story So Far

When we launched just over a year ago we had two types of videos in production: Slo-Mo Moments and Car Tours. This worked well for a while, but soon it became time to switch things up.

We moved on to creating Montage Videos which set racing action against scored music beds. This again was a good thing as we ended up making some pretty cool videos last year especially our Ebisu Drift, MSC, Team Orange and the Spa FIA GT Videos.

This particular video started out as a Long Beach Formula D music montage film. In fact we almost ended up releasing it after Long Beach, but put the brakes on as the last moment.

I just didn’t find the video to be inspiring and exciting, it felt like more of the same if that makes sense… and it also didn’t compare well against the drift-music montage films being produced by Will Roegge and Josh Herron.

A new style was needed…. After several false starts, I think we’ve found something.

So I’d like to present to you what I’m going to term: the Speedhunters Mediascape. Sounds lofty, but I think it’s the best descriptive term for what you’re about to see.

This video chronicles The Story So Far from rounds 1-3 of Formula Drift 2009… We hope you like it!

BTW this video also shows a slightly deepened relationship with the Need for Speed SHIFT team in 2009. They’re helping us with a lot of the video production costs this year, hence the branding at the end of the video. Just a heads up in case you are wondering.

I need to sent a shout out to Tripp Rhame and company at Spitfire Studios who we’ve been working with on the production of our NFS films at FD Long Beach and Atlanta…

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This look like an hollywood film! Thanks for this amazing vid!!

I would to know what is your video maker?? Thw!


that's pretty f**king amazing

keep up the work guys


ooooooh! I haven't seen anything like this before! awesome stuff! Keep it up :D


I very much enjoyed the Speedhunters media'scape. great choice in score and sound design. Nice job Rod and Riley.


Yeah!!! Awesome Rod and Riley! NEVER STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!!


I read the title and seen it said A Story but for someone who can only watch US drifting from outside the country i did not find a story anywhere?

I really enjoyed your MSC Honjo video it had a nice vibe to it, i thought i was going to get a heap load more from this video after reading the title and your comments below each picture.


I think you definitely did find something!

This is awesome, hope to see some more in the future, considering how you guys at speedhunters never fail to disappoint, ill expect it!

Kick ass work guys!



Just watched it again, i do dig the ending of the video, really cool sounds and nice clips in there. Maybe i need to be living in the US to understand the full film or something.


kinda like cloverfield meets drifting =p i liked it.


The sound design is over the top! Really really awesome.

GREAT work!!!!


Very cool video

But one thing obvious huge talent between this, Will's videos and Josh's videos but im kind of getting bored of really arty films, none of these films tell a story like the riceboy tv footage last year that was really good, my two pence.Still great work and alot of money spent on staff /red cameras / just everyone seems to be outdoing each other on these adverts


:O Awesome 10*


Yeah!!! Awesome


Interesting point... perhaps the title is misleading :>


I liked the video but I feel it should have been longer in order to flesh out the narrative. Right now it is a bunch of nice clips edited together without a sense of location or time.


So when are you guys bringing out a full feature dvd? Id buy 10 copies straight away! It reminds me of the minitruck dvd series Surface, Only these videos are way more appealing to my love of drifting.. Ill be back late, going to watch it another hundred or so times XD


I get 0 inspiration from Formula Fail.


And I have to add, The shot where Matt Powers rolls out sent shivers down my spine. In a good way ofcourse. Deffinately need a full length dvd though haha


Short but sweet. The editing was on point. Awesome work, guys!


Really nice videos, your guys really inspired me allot with your style of shooting and editing.

I heard there is a Speedhunter movie coming?? is this true?? oh i hope soo.


I give it a 10! I was wondering how you guys were going to follow up after the vids of Josh, Will, and Falken. You guys killed it!! Sick video! I love the effects, audio, and the realism. Kind of weird to say the 'realism' because this stuff is really real. What I mean is, it kind of makes me in a sense feel like I'm really there rather than watching a film.



story so far? great editing and clips. just no story.


shit's fire!


This is a fantastic job. I watched it 3 times in back-to-back!


cool going to check it out in HD.


o.o that is honestly the best drifting video I've ever watched. Keep up the excellent work!


just start making dvds already ;)


it has a very transformers feel to it... =o) great vid anyways... keep it up!


i LOVE the part at the end with Matt Powers' S14! so wonderfully edited! the jump-cuts between the RS*R tC and the Garage Boso S15 had an awesome effect, as did JR's little gravel spin :D


Keep it up Rod!


Yeaaaah, just like Blue said- moment of Gushi and Petty changing was awesome and Matt's s14 is damn great ! Love it <3


Shit. You can do it much more better.




Great vid


great vid, but no 'real' action! Or just the raw sounds.. can be much better!


hmm.. I did not think that new henday coupe will go so well


That was definitely amazing.The word 'epic' seems overused, but I don't think this video could be described any better - truly epic.

But it seems more like a teaser or trailer of something bigger...


Unbe-f***ng-liveble!! Greeaat video!!

But please don't stop making vidos using your "old style", Because this work looks and feels like a warm up - u constanly await the moment where some raw action with raw Ekstrak rythmic music begins but it doesn't.

So keep on doing awsum videos both slyles, may be even combining them into 1 work - new style for warming up and "old" with some smooth slo-mo camera rolls along track etc. in the second part.


Fantastic job anyway! You are the best!


I think against Josh and Will u guys killed it!! The video was so.... pure awesomness!! I think I had my mouth open for a lot of the short film.


Probably one of the best drift vids ive seen


That shit looked like the intro to a porn. An AWESOME PORN!


This is amazing. Cant wait to get home to watch it in 720p. Can anyone tell me what the song is?


didnt realy g me up for a slide but good work


very nice video!!!



thanks for the shout Rod!

keep those cuts coming.


Great stuff! Cant wait to see more!


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