Random Snap>>the Japanese Exotic

Despite being one of the world's largest carmakers, Honda's sports car program is known for churning out unique machines infused with the company's racing DNA. At the begenning of the '90s when its Japanese rivals were building heavy gadget-laden sports cars, Honda broke the mold with the F1-inspired mid engine  NSX. Whether stock or fully tuned like in the photo above, the NSX is considered to be one of the greatest  Japanese sports cars of all time. It's been out of production for some time now, but the NSX will always hold a place in history as being the "everyman's exotic".

-Mike Garrett



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The reverse panda theme really sets it apart from other NSXs. nice shot!


Love it... such a beautiful car..


i love all NSX's but this one is especially HOT :P


Which tuner did this NSX?

Looks pretty sick as a time attack car...


100% agreement about NSX being the "japanese exotic"


there was a fellow last week showing up in one of those to our humble japanese restaurant here in London, Ontario. The matriarch of the place was in awe and proclaimed that she would buy one, someday (this is a 65-year-old woman we're talking about btw). Everyman's exotic indeed :)


also probably the only Honda i like ;P


Development of the NSX and mainly its chassis was aided by the one and only Ayrton Senna, I heard he had more than one in his personal collection.


I think that is a Socery Widebody kit?


Now that is 1 good looking car


to be clear, we are lebeling any nsx an exotic. must be the cheapest, slowest exotic out there. all that aside....love the nsx, and your example above is top notch


i like the NSX for it's looks and performance as well as its strong performance after market :D. Can anyone comment on the mechanical upkeep/maintenance of these in terms of costs


I don't know about being the "everyman's exotic", given that they were ~$100,000, and we didn't even see the venerable NSX-R in North America (lord only knows how much that would have been...). On top of that they're exceedingly rare.

Of course, none of that is to remove any respect that the car deserves. After all, we're talking about a hand-built MR that took the fight to the super exotics of the day with far less power and far less money, along with more usability.

Great car, whichever way you look at it. It probably would have been seen as even greater if Honda had let the NSX-R come play on this side of the Pacific...