Random Snap>> Mclaren F1 Gtr Long Tail 4 Sale

When I was writing this story I got an email from Rod saying I had to contact Andy Blackmore for more info on the car. Off course this triggered my curiosity as to why I should contact him. It seemed that Andy did some work on the liveries and a concept of the front that later led to the front end of the McLaren F1 GT. So there was no doubt in my mind that Andy was the go-to guy for more info regarding this car.

There is always a hot debate going on between the McLaren fans, it seems that it is all about the chassis number. After confirming with Andy we made sure that this is car number #28R. It started life as a engineless back up car but it replaced car number #25R after it sustained burn damage during a race at Le Mans.

The car is for sale at Bingo Sports in Japan, they also have a silver road going version. So if you have some money to spend I suggest you log onto Bingo Sports to see more of this exotic.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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ill take both ;)


I wish a had monies :_(


How many internal organs would I need to sell? And could I compete in the 24 hours with the lack of said organs?


If I were a rich man....


God, I want one so bad.....


desktop material fa sho


The long tails are a super rare breed when the McLaren F1 is already a thoroughbred in the automotive world. I wish I could see this car in person 1 day.


agreed with the desktop material :D


not our photo, so no desktop


I actually saw this car in Tokyo when I was walking back to the train station from the Ninja restaurant in January after TAS. The rest of the show room was amazing as well.


It took 30 years but now I know what career I would be happy doing. Owner/Operator of an operation like bingo sports.