Random Snap>> Asi Tetsu Gtr

Remember the gold ASI continental that was displayed at the SEMA show last year? Meet its bigger brother the ASI Tetsu GTR. This 800bhp monster has all the luxury a guy could ever want. For more pictures of this car, check out the ASI website.

Also keep a lookout on their version of the F430, it looks promising.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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this is ugly, saudi-arab material. the photo you posted looks really great, so was tempted to follov the link... what a disapointment!


the rear is sexy! i like it interieur is also nice !


I'm with Bill, that is ugly... What a waste of a perfectly good Bentley.


I totally agree with Bill and Tony. I thought that it was some kind of GT focused concept looking at this picture, but I was totally wrong.


Wasnt this car at SEMA last year? I remember seeing pics of it next to the Bulletproof Automotive White GTR.

I must say, I really love this design. Its very extreme yet not too much that it looks like a crazy ricer kit. You have to see this thing in black! Its a demon!!! I saw it at TAS this year and it was nothing short of menacing and baller.


I saw this at SEMA last year. the first day i saw it i took a photo of it and moved on. didnt think much about it, maybe too rushed. But the second day I looked at it differently....and now i love this car. not all of asi cars, just this one. I DONT agree with bill and tony.


i saw this before somewhere, pretty crazy, and the herb leaves on the hood?haha, thats wicked.

i agree with section09, a black version would look killer, maybe matte black?


Looks ok in the photo but it will probably blow my mind once you actually see one in flesh.


there he looks much more bigger than he really is....

but...very very nice car


Rear good but rest uugghh