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Does the name Andy Sapp ring a bell to you? People in the US drift scene will know him for his Atlanta based BMW drift car…. but automotive fans about the world should also note that Andy has recently put together quite a slick looking automotive web project called Motor Mavens. Have a look…. congrats to Andy and his team for the successful launch of the new site!

Antonio Alvendia has now joined the Motor Mavens team and has recently posted a story about the SO-CAL Speed Shop’s recent Fathers Day Open House.

It’s a pretty nice photo spread and includes some great shots like this bare metal Chevy lead sled.

I used to be all about ’49 to ’51 Mercurys but these days my eye is more drawn to Chevy’s from this same time period.

Do you guys remember this ’58 Thunderbird from our previous visits to the SO-CAL Speed Shop?

It’s the Billy Gibbons car which has now been painted up real nice.

Last time we saw the car it was just about to go into the paint shop at SO-CAL for a period specific late 50s/early 60s mild custom look. The paint is now dry and it looks great! I’m told that the interior is about to get redone too…. BTW we were planning to have Linhbergh shoot this T-Bird this month, but weren’t able to set dates with SO-CAL in time for the end of Exotics and Luxury month…

So what do you think? Do you want to see Linhbergh apply his patented Linh-Vision ™ to this car?

Anyway head over to Motor Mavens to check out the rest of Antonio’s photos.





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*another* car blog to follow??? jeeeeeeeeeez :P that makes five (here, jon sibal's, alexi's and mike's)


Does this mean that Antonio won't be producing content for Speedhunters any more? I've missed his work lately


Oh crap, another site to visit daily ;D I thought there were a conspicuous absence of Alvendia posts lately! Good luck, Antonio on your new project. And Billy F. Gibbons you lucky b@stard! That's the prettiest non'55-'57 T-bird I've ever seen. YES, YES, get Linh to work his photographical voodoo on that 'Bird!!!!!!!!!!


Damn I love bare metal! theres just something about it that makes you feel all warm inside haha


That T-Bird is rolling art work. So much character.


Rolling art work is right! Love this stuff. More more!


Thanks for the shout out Rod!


AWESOME! Thanks for the kind words Rod!


I can't get enough of these cars!


Dope blog ! Antonio very nice pics and cool projects for both hunters and mavens ! keep them coming boys were thrilled ....


Umm, why does motormavens have the same webpage setup as speedhunters?


ea etih masin liubliu