News>>coming To America…..?

No, not the Neil Diamond hit *……

If reports are to be believed, Fiat have confirmed, the Fiat 500 will be making it to the USA in around 18 months time, available at Chrysler dealerships. Regular readers will be aware the 500 is one of our favourites.

Autoblog reports the 500 will be the only Fiat sold in the US for the time being. It is unclear if the Abarth will also be available. The Fiat 500 shares its chassis with the new Ford Ka, another car which has been rumoured might make the trip across the Atlantic.

US judges, yesterday, approved the sale of Chrysler's assets to a group which includes the UAW, Fiat and the Government.

…..I'm just hoping the 500 comes to Canada. Now the Canadian have re-aligned some regulations to the US, myself and Rod are hoping….. Off to draft that letter to Chrysler Canada. Get writing Canucks!

-Andy Blackmore

* how many of you are too young to know who Neil Diamond is? LOL

Speedhunters Car feature on the Fiat 500

Autoblog report on 500



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Just so they keep the Fiat badge on it, if so I might have to look into one.


Canadians buy more small cars than the US, so it should make sense. The best seller here is the Civic?


I hope it comes to Canada, I would be ready to buy one




I'd so get one of these!


my mom named me after Neil Diamond lol


Where's Eddie Murphy? LOL!


How much are one of these little things going to go for. Def. going to look into this. Cute little bugger.


Luigi follow racing! But only the Ferraris.


I crashed one of these! =(

Little noddy cars. My dad had the 1.3d one. Its all fixed up again now. Ive been in an arbarth too that he test drove. I love the scorpians!


Jamin Berry - You mean the German poodle rock band?

& Andy - no Neil Diamond link?! Fiat shoud do a Neil model 500 for North America with a furry dashboard and a gold chain link steering wheel. Actually, now Ive written that, it looks more creepy than I'd indended.


Im too young.


Lol, don't you guys know the Fiat 500 won the 'Gay car of the year'-award?!

Besides its way to overpriced and has (besides the styling) nothing to do with the original Fiat 500 anymore, its not a bad car, but it could have been so much better... Missed change, tough its not as Failed as the New Mini or the New Beetle... Now just waiting for Citroën to release the New 2CV LOL


/\ /\ /\ lame comment. This is the 21st century, What is the problem with it winning Gay Car of the year? :(


No way!! I LOVE the Fiat 500! If they make it over, that just might tempt me into buying *gasp* a brand new car. (Nothing wrong with buying new IMO, there just isn't anything available that I'd want to buy new... This could change that.)


I hope that they include the Abarth version too, but I'm being realistic and just glad the base model is coming. They will probably tax the shit out of this thing, like BMW did when the Mini hit the shores.

to mr s, SX-Holland was just so surprised it wasn't a subaru forrester, and this is coming from a subaru owner, so don't get butthurt ;)


@SX-Holland- if that list is right I must be a raging homo because I would absolutely love just about every car on that list.


i'd sport the abarth version for a daily driver in 10 years when gas really is expencive (you havnt seen nothing yet) and into the collapse of the american democracy 3 years later......after that ill find myself a tank.


I have read that is an expensive car, but in Europe it is one of the cheapest of the "non-korean" cars.

In Spain it costs from 10K €, and a Mini costs 15K. The interior is as good as the mini, and Fiat engines are better than the peugeot engine that is being used on most of the minis. So if you want a Posh small car it is a great buy.

The Abarth 500 are being distributed by Abarth in their own dealers (not in Fiat regular dealers), and for the price, you can have a Renault Clio, with 200hp, and a better chassis


I strongly disagree with your (Lucastyle32) opinion of the fiat engines being better than the MINI engines.

The Engines used by MINI aren't just peugeot engines, although they are also used by peugeot.

Tey have been developed by a joint-venture of BMW and PSA and feature such advanced features as BMW''s Variable valve timing, and in case of the turbocharged 1.6 liter, direct injection as well as flow- variable water and oil pumps on all models to increase fuel efficiency.

If you look at the official fuel consumption figures, you'll notice that the MINI is quite a bit more fuel efficient than the fiat.

I've had the opportunity to drive the 100 hp Fiat 500 as well as the 95 hp Mini, and in the real world, the mini uses approx. 1 liter /100km less than the Fiat.


I knew you'd comment on this Andy! You guys will get it at a rediculous price though...Fiat will more than make up for the cost of Chrysler when they start selling!!! Having said that, I'll take an Abarth in Battleship grey without the stickers and some of those sweet gloss back 18"s...


but of course David.... :)

I will be importing the Abarth Body kit if it doesnt come out here :)




sweet fiat makes a come back into the us!


Je veux un Dodge Hornet? I want a Dodge Hornet? how long a go?


The 500 will pass the low speed crash tests in the US, but not in Canada. In Canada, the low speed crash test requires that the lense for the day time running light still be intact. Since the US doesn't have DRL it is not an issue for them. Look at the picture. Fiat won't redesign the car just for Canada