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For my next post from the Idlers Games at Tsukuba Circuit, I thought I'd take a break from the on-course action and share some of the images I shot while exploring the paddock. With all of the cars on hand, one could easily spend the whole day wandering about, taking in the fantastic machinery up close.

As you can tell by the previous posts, the event was paradise for AE86 fans. You see boro boro AE86's all the time in Japan, but the cars here obviously get no shortage of TLC from their owners.

Here's another view of the Suzuki Cappuccino that was the front-runner in the GT-K class. The beefy tires mounted on SSR mesh wheels hint at what this monster kei car is capable of.

Here's a static view of the current evolution of Nakai-san's 930. Can you spot the changes since the last time we've seen this car?

The car is now rocking flat black wheels that match the body color well. Note the Virgin logos on the spokes…

I thought the Hard Rock Cafe and Hollister logos on the rear spoiler(s) were pretty cool. Outside of a few donks and scrapers in the USA, you don't see too many non-automotive brand logos on cars. Will this catch on elsewhere?

There were a handful of track-tuned aircooled Volkswagens out. That Ghia is still one of the coolest classic VW's I've ever seen. Too bad our VW month already passed…

In fitting with the "GT Fighters" class name, this 180SX had a true GT car style to it. Unfortunatley it would end up retiring following a multi-car crash during the opening moments of the race.

This tuned Fiat 500 wasn't running, but it was still getting a lot of attention from people in the paddock. Chrysler-Fiat, hurry up and get this car to the USA!

Are we looking at a quick body fix here, or the beginning of the JDM Porsche "rat look"? :)

Does anyone else notice the resemblance between this AE86 and one owned by a certain Japanese high profile automotive personality?

This was one of two Mazda Autozam AZ-1 kei cars that were running. I'm fairly well-versed on my old school Japanese wheels, but I couldn't identify these ones. Anyone have a guess?

The maroon RWB Porsche is another car that proves that form and function are never mutually exclusive. Look at how the lips of the wheels just barely pop out from under the fenders. Beautiful…

Another view of the Lancia Beta Coupe I posted earlier.

And a glimpse into the car's stripped out cockpit. I love how close the shifter is to the driver's seat.

Look closely at the rear bumper, and you can see the turbocharger that helps propel this 993. This car would end up finishing second in the Super Cup race.

I believe some of you wanted to see more of this S15. This car is the definition of a high quality track-ready street car.

I don't think any caption can summarize the raw beauty of the RWB 993.

Another shot of Nojima-san's Levin. I didn't think it'd be possible to improve on how the car looked last year, but I think he's managed to do just that.

The car is nothing less than automotive artwork. Even better is the fact that it's a 100% functional car used on both the street and the track.

After a long day at the track, the machines begin their trips home. Some leave on the back of transporters while others roll out of the gates like any other car…

Idlers club. Is there anything better?

-Mike Garrett



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Sick. Great post thanks for sharing.


yes! porshes!! sexy


That Maroon RWB Porsche needs a feature...


Nojima-san's Levin feature pleassssseeeeeee


I love how the RWB flat black car is always evolving. It seems that every time I see a new picture, there are some new graphics or body additions.

Is he sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe and hollister?? or is that just a thing put on there to make it cool and "american"..?


Hey Mike is that the same red S15 that you posted a wallpaper of days ago when it was sitting on a truck?


Whats the kit on the s15? And also, "STD" made me laugh


Thanks again Mike....

Do remember what size A048's were on the Wats mounted to the RWB 86?...SO hard to find tires for wide 14" (and 15"!) wheels here stateside! Meaty sidewall looks radical.



To Spencer, I think you know the answer to that .. ^_- Hollister and Hard Rock Cafe doens't even sponsor cars in their home country, the US.

To a certain degree, I have to say Nakai is a bit of a "ricer" in putting those stickers on his car, much like that Stella Artois sticker. If we were to see that on any other "regular" street car, we would instantly cry foul. Yet, we praise the Nakai's car for being 'innovative' by putting fake sponsorship stickers on there.

Dont' get me wrong, i love RW Porsche as much as the next guy. Just those stickers aren't my cup of tea. =)


hi , savage pic's.

im in awe at the black levin !!! could i get some more info on it...... like what kind of finish is in the paint (satin or matt) and size and offset of the WATs on it please!!???


I think there may be some losing of the plot with the "sponsor" logos on the RWB car. I'd laugh my ass off at somebody driving down the street, or on a track, here in the USA with those same logos on the side of their car. It's a bit too "NASCAR" for me. When it was just the Stella that was one thing...but this.. I don't know. I don't want to be a hater, the car is still amazing, but it perhaps seems to be trying too hard. Unless a company is giving you money, I don't see the point of a non-automotive brand or logo on a car. Red Bull? Benetton? perhaps, but even that is stretching it.

Best car of the bunch: The white AE86 at the top. That car is very, very nice! Great balance of form, function, aggressive but not too over the top.


@ Kain - heheh, looks like we said pretty much exactly the same thing! =)


Golf_RSR & Kain,

Heh, it's very easy to be labeled a hater on here, or anyplace else on the net for that matter. Some simple minded people just can't handle when others have a differing opinion then theirs. I'm glad to see there are still some folks out there who exercise they're freedom of speech without worry of who's going to cry about it. People are allowed to disagree without being labeled a person of negativity and anger.

My thoughts on Nakai-san's vinyl choice is that it's done tastefully and looks classy as Fu$K. If the man loves his Stella's and the Hard Rock, then let him show it. Putting it into a perspective that any Jacka-moe applying Miller High Life and Applebee's stickers to their cars, that they would look like morons is pretty much correct, but keeping in mind what Nakai-san has achieved in every aspect (Heritage, performance, style, presence, flat out bad assery ) he can totally pull it off. He could pull off smoking a wooden tobacco pipe while doing a hot lap. Ozzy Osbourne can wear eyeliner, Emo kids can't.


That white Trueno with the shinny rims looks like Mr. Tsuchiya's AE86....


@Daan: The S15 is wearing a KS Auto all around, except for the fenders (front and maybe rear.) I'm wanting to guess Vertex or M-Sport, but I can't be sure. Anyone else?


Wow, the white Levin is beautiful! With the amount of missile AE86s I've seen lately, it's easy to forget just how beautiful they can be with a simple kit and tasteful paintjob! The Karmann Ghia is awesome as ever! The Autozam AZ-1 looks interesting with the fender flares and wheels!


@ Sr-FairladyZ = I second your emo(tion)! :P

If the decals that Nakizzle-san applied on his epic 930 are truly interests of his, more power to him. I'm glad he's not hot on hello kitty mind you. Thundercats however...


The Suzuki Cappuccino and the 180SX looks amazing. Can't say about the Rauh-Welt cars though, they are just epic on a whole another level. Also nice to see a Proton Satria (Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg in Japan) being used as a race car as well lol....


a desktop of rauh-welt please!!


The question is, what lap times is that flat black 930 running?


Wheels on the AZ-1 look like Advan A3E .. but I've never seen them with ridges, so may not be... It would seem likely though.


Insanely awesome, last picture wallpaper please!!!!!!


in the photo of the fiat 500, behind the porsche, there is a blue fiat panda 100hp!! that is a real little italian cheap sport car!! ( it's more cute and even more sporty than the fivehundred )


more photos of the white lancia delta integral?


@ absolution

Thanks mate!


Does anyone know the story on the bronze Rauh Welt wheels on the porsche? Are they just painted by Rauh welt or are they available custom order in bronze from the MFG?


Wheels on AZ-1 look like a 2 spoke version of Advan A3A or earlier style Advan A2?



I know hes running under a minute. I saw a vid somewhere but i cant find it


Could someone explain who/what idlers games are in some detail?