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With this month being dedicated to luxury and exotic cars, you can expect to see a nice selection of VIP cars over the next few weeks here on Speedhunters. To get started, I thought I'd share a few of the cars done by a shop in Mie Prefecture called Garage Excellent. G-Excellent is all about the "dress up"  style – whether its on traditional Japanese sedans, European luxury cars, or the always-popular minivans. Looking at some of G-Excellent's recent demo and customer cars, you can get a good feel for the current state of the dress up and VIP scene in Japan.

This Y33 Nissan Cima is pretty basic as far as VIP sedans go. A simple color, and a slammed stance with big wheels cambered nicely into the fenders. Apparently it's using parts from an S14 Silvia, though I'm not sure which ones.

Another project is this Toyota Century AKA, the grand daddy of all VIP cars. G-Excellent did the one-off suspension on this car. What do you think of the wheels? They're a bit different than traditional Japanese luxury wheels.

This Y33 Nissan Cedric was displayed at the Osaka Auto Messe this year. The Y33 is an older platform, but there's plenty of life left in it. The radiused fenders, unique color, and one-off aero modifications are staple elements of the modern VIP car building.

Check out the Z34 style rear "diffuser" with integrated marker light. I thought this was a pretty nice touch.

The JZS16 Aristo is another one of those textbook VIP platforms, but this red car is a bit different than most. Nearly all VIP cars these days are on air suspension, but a one-off coilover set better fit the owner's aggressive driving style. Under the hood is a 2JZ with ECU tuning and upped boost. The Aristo's hubs were also changed to the BMW 5×120 bolt pattern and then fitted with a set of 19" Breyton wheels.

This S-Class Mercedes is another project car that was shown at Auto Messe this year. When you think "big body Benz" this probably isn't the image you get in your head, but I think it came out nicely.

The Elysion is the flagship Honda minivan sold in Japan. This one's rocking a set of coilovers and some large diameter one-piece wheels – typical stuff among the vanning crowd.

Finally, a G-Excellent tuned UCF30 Celsior looking boss as it cruises down the expressway.

A slammed Celsior and Aristo rolling down the highway in the twilight – such a nice image of Japanese car culture.

Garage Excellent

-Mike Garrett



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I wonder if their tires wear evenly?!?!


Are you kidding?

I'm sure it's all functional.


I love that red 161


is yellow still VIP?


HOLY CRAP!!! The dude driving the Cedric belongs in an asylum! CRAZYNESS!! (Also, soooo damn cool xD )


Why does a car have to be white or black to be VIP. It's the overall style i.e. low, huge camber, elegant body kit, and big exhaust... not color that make it VIP.


toyota century is awesome.... wallpaper size please


What defines a VIP car?


Just when you think we have enough gay car trends, this crap comes along. Why do people try so hard to make their cars drive like shit?


Because a modified car is meant to make the owner happy, be it going fast, cornering good, or just looking cool.

Remember, a modified car doesn't have to be some kind off high performance machine to satisfy :)


I was just on at their minkara a view days ago.

Very unique style. I've been looking through recent VIPCAR's lately and these things are really starting to grow on me.


why do people think so hard about this shit. VIP is a dope style just as many other styles can be (even if its not your cup of tea, you should still respect it), be more open minded people.


that was insane camber!


that sh!t 's Gangstarr right there. ViP atyle is so dope ,that some of you guys dont get it.

that Cedric would roll by,and make you snap your neck checking it out and some of you would get all pissy about it.

i cant believe the JZS is on coilovers,thats sick


freaking ugly,i like the riverside vip showcars


nice, im looking forward to some jdm and euro wagon and van coverage this month


I never used to like VIP cars, but the more I see them the more I think I wouldn't mind owning one. I could just imagine four Yakuza coming out of that Century to dump a body in Tokyo bay! I'd buy a Century just to hear, see, and feel what a Toyota V12 is like, though I imagine you wouldn't hear much on a stock one. Hmm, maybe straight pipes ;) I have to say it sucks that they don't bring those JDM Vans here. We're stuck with the crap U.S. Oddesey, and they're driving around in spaceships!


Unbelievable some of those are on coilovers... props to them!!!!


Props for VIP-ing a Toyota Century, just get rid of those wheels. And yeah, the red Aristo looks awesome.


i'm all for the cedric minus the headlight situation. needs more camber, though.


Lose the 2 tone on the merc and it's completely awesome.




What rims, in terms of period correctness, or style, would perfectly suit that Century?


You call that VIP style !? We call that REDNECK scheisse!

And know that we laugh hard at all you gangsta wannabes.


What Five~M said! Awesome rides right there. Bosozoku ftmfw!


The yellow Cedric is Y32.


I'm digging the Elysion VIP van. Now that I have rug rats, I may consider a Honda Odyssey and do something similar. I've never seen one modded in the metal stateside.




Nevermind that diffuser!!! WHAT ABOUT THE SICK CAMBER??? Do they even DRIVE THAT!?


to funny all u import guys used to harass us when we used to put our sedans in the dirt with airbags and hyraulics,massive offset wheels and insane negative its come full CC


whats that cedric? i think the owner is nuts and the car is silly, camber?!?!?!?!?! whats the point of that? and the diffusor is funny