Gallery>> Art Of Formula D New Jersey Pt 1

Even though this photo was taken just this past weekend, it has that
nostalgic feeling of from a by gone era. That feel of those old drag
strip photos from the 1950s and 60s. That was an age when health and
safety departments did not intervene into every single aspect of life.
Drivers walked away from their pony machines reeking of race fuel,
asbestos, cigarettes, and alcohol. It was a hard life, but hard a life
totally worth living. These days, motorsports are completely different, safety is the number one priority in every aspect of motorsport. The corporatized
world of modern racing has shed its image of manly unshaven men in
dirty, ripped up blue jeans, leather jackets, and a scrunched up pack
of cigarettes in their chest pockets. It has replace those things with
ultra clean cars, ultra clean racing suits, ultra clean racing trailers
and staff facilities. It’s no longer rock star world, but a world of
glamour and prestige.

So here are some photos shot from two
different film cameras to try to bring back some of those nostalgic
feelings to our modern world of clean, and organized motorsport.

Chris Forsberg straps himself in. He may be unshaven, but he still definitely looks clean (and as is the car)!

Justin Pawlak in his new Bergenholtz RX-8 with Calvin Wan not too far behind.

Tyler McQuarrie
in his moment of silence and concentration before the top 16. I
absolutely love the feeling of this photo. It has such a deep story
even for such a simple photo for such a simple act in some one’s life.

The best part of this photo is the Falken girl, MJ Castillo, using her umbrella to shield herself from Stephan Verdier’s tire shards that are flying back at her.

I am somehow drawn upon these shots of quiet reflection. Chris Forsberg had just a second of quiet time before he got raided with a camera crew for interviews!

Two monster drift cars dancing in tandem with each other. Whenever I
see a panning shot of two drift cars in perfect focus, like this one, I
notice there’s a bit of gracefulness in the sport. It really is a
beautiful thing.

A quiet moment of reflection for Eri Moriyama. Really, what goes on in these girls’ heads at these events?

Next to the Falken livery, the Hankook livery has to be one of the best and most iconic in the professional rice world.

When Rhys Millen
first introduced his 2009 drift car, I was one of the many that totally
disliked this car. But as I attended FD events throughout the start of
the season, I’ve come to the conclusion that this car is really one of
the best looking on the grid. It’s not a hot and sexy ricetastic slam-mobile like Matt Powers’ S14, but it does hold its own, quite purposeful, magic and appeal.

There’s something quite intangible about this pan of Ryan Tuerck’s Solitice. What voodoo is in the film grain that makes it so magical?

This slow pan of Ken Gushi makes it seem that all of time is frozen.

One of the Cooper Tires girls taking a break on the podium stage while
hanging out with driver of the Cooper Tires Mustang, Tony Brakohiapa.

“I am Chris Forsberg, peace be with you.”

Falken Girl CJ Gibson hanging out in the pits while dodging tire shrapnel the best she could.

No this is not a messed up shot. It is a double exposure! One shot of the ground, another of Casper Canul’s
S13 flying by. I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw the developed print
of this shot. It has such a painterly, and almost impressionistic,
quality to it.

Vaughn Gittin‘ Jr. watching how the other drivers fair in qualifying.

Here is CJ again but in Ross Petti’s Boso
Garage S15 while waiting for the top 16 introductions to start. She
must be a Vulcan of some sort doing such strange hand signals.

Ruji Miki’s RX-7 on the grid.

I close this piece with a shot of concrete road. This is the reason why
we’ve fallen in love with drifting and can not get enough of it; be it
pro events, grassroots events, or even street drifting. Everyone knows
that drifting was born in the mountain roads of Japan. But those very
concrete roads have influenced everything we hold dear to this sport.
What everything boils down to is how the cars and the drivers react to
the road. Tire compounds, tire temperature, tire pressures, suspension
settings, and chassis stiffening, are all things to help cope with this
very piece of concrete. It’s amazing to think we, as spectators, rarely
ever think about the importance of the surface that the very cars we
drool over and burn tires on. We barely even give it a second though,
but the very fiber out our being as gear-heads revolve around this
notion of pavement. It is something to definitely think about it.

Photo nerd stuff: These shots were shot with my 35mm Canon EOS A2, and also my newly acquired Rolleicord Twin Reflex Lens camera. I used Fuji Color 100 for the 35mm. As for the Rolleicord, I sued two rolls of Kodak Porta 160, as well as a roll of Kodak Pro T-Max 400 black and white. Walking around the event with a TLR
camera garnered a LOT of looks and compliments from both the event
spectators, to the event staff, to the media guys in the pits. If any
of you media guys are reading this, next time, dust off those old film
cameras and bring them out to these events! Certain things cannot be
forgotten. The magic that film cameras produce is one of them.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Speedhunters Formula D: Round 3 New Jersey Coverage



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Hey man, it's Sam, the guy who was shooting film with the canon ae-1 at D1 in Anaheim. You may not remember. Sweet shots man, I've been messing with my TLR as well, although it's no Rollei. Comming out to FD Sonoma?


That's what I'm talkin about... you Linhbergh are killin' it... damn!!!


Man I'm beginning to think I should start screwing around with film again! Excellent pix as always.


I really like the contrast between old and new technology! Is this going to be a constant feature?


Now i really feel like i need to learn how to use my LOMO...

Those photos are f'ing EPIC!! Love the one with JR. Kinda makes him look like a wild-west outlaw or something ^__^


Amazing shots ...... they all capture so much emotion and feeling I guess . Killing it dude !


for that Chris Forsberg pic, it should read "I am Chris Foresberg, you will award me the victory..."

Jedi Mind Tricks own religion lol


Sam: I do remember you. I'd love to see those 35mm and TLR shots sometime!

Dino: I see no reason why you shouldn't mess around with film :)

Thanks everyone else for the comments!


Nice pics again Linhbergh!

T-Max 400 rocks!!

BTW, I found this typo kinda funny: "Next to the Falken livery, the Hankook livery has to be one of the best and most iconic in the professional rice world."

It's kinda fitting as well in the typo sense lol


so refreshing to see some film shots instead of super hi-res 'too crisp' stuff that you too often see.... nice!!


Mate, their awesome and totally inspiring to lift down the box with my old Canon along with some film and get back to basics again! Thanks for this...has lifted my afternoon!


Now that's what's up, Mr. Nguyen. Words can't even describe how good this is. Thanks for this one.

CJ Gibson is getting westside gangsta and all that! LOL. But I still love you, CJ. XOXO.


Those are awesome. Amazing work as always, I wanna run some of this stuff in my magazine! :)


Whats up? Is Falken paying you guys for all these photos?


Awesome shots, really nice report too.

What's up with the writing though? I swear some of the font is smaller than other bits of writing?


THIS IS ART of Linhbergh Nguyen...


Wow, awesome soul inspiring shots!!!! I think we all need pretty much every single photo as a desktop! :D Great job.


The good old days are back!!!


LinVision (tm) at it's best! Great work!


Great stuff Lin keep it up


pictures # 1, 16, and 23 in wallpaper if possible mister linhbergh!!!!!!


Awesome pics,,... def gonna grab my dads canon ae2 and throw that in my pack for the next event I go to


it ain't a VULCAN sign. its for the WESTSIDE!


Linhbergh your the ish

And Damn right, the hankook scheme is soooo gangster!!

Even the drivers suits, so 04-06 D1GP

loving it!!!


Absolutely gorgeous photography. This is the stuff that keeps me coming back.


OMG! We want wallpapers of the Epic Pans!


These pics are SICK!!! Great work.


There's my shots man, not much, just started a Flickr.


You guys really give me more credit than I deserve. Like everyone else, I'm still learning the ropes of all this photography stuff. But, thanks for all the comments guys. I really appreciate it :)


Great shots.....more info on JTP's new car please!also more coverage on the not so big name drivers.thanks.


CJ Gibson Is My T Fine =]

And I Think That Pic Of Ruji Miki's RX-7 Would Make A Bomb Desktop.


going back to film??? it could be artsy, but these photos are just bad. these pics make you feel like you're 5 miles away from the action, and the CARS arent even in focus. i give you credit, the photo of the ground can be construed as artsy, but most of these photos are underexposed, and come on. look at the "action photo" of the bergenholtz rx8. the car is blurry but the signs are in focus??? speedhunters needs to focus on quality, it's just not there anymore.


Your black and white shots are awesome Linhbergh !


Lin, bro! Way to bring film back! 35mm is going to be the new black thanks to you! Big props on those shots and as always, am looking forward to see you experiment more!




Linh, bringing soul back to gearhead photography.



Wallpaper of the concrete road with a big SPEEDHUNTERS logo? I think it would be a cool thing =)


When people throw up hand signs it makes me want to break all their fingers.