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What a week-end this has been! Two days of non-stop drifting as the D1 Street Legal guys battled it out at Ebisu circuit. I am beyond sleep deprived, so you will have to wait until tomorrow for a proper post on this action-packed event. For now, I've selected some teaser shots to keep you happy, but I'll be posting a lot more in the coming days, so make sure you check back!

It has been a few years since I covered a Street Legal event and  I was stunned at how both the cars and drivers have evolved!

Due to the less high-profile nature of the event the whole atmosphere is far more relaxed, but the action is simply as awesome as in the top level Grand Prix rounds.

I finally got to see the Blitz 180SX in action, a car I had seen at Ebisu before parked up in the paddock.  Hagisako was driving great all week-end and coped very well with the rain.

Yes, rain, and lots of it! As the first group went out for the morning qualifying the sky turned a menacing shade of gray, as what can only be described as torrential rain, began to lash down. Within a matter of minutes the track was soaked and the session was suspended.

This is what the drop into the main straight looked like after ten minutes!

The rain stopped as fast as it had started, but left the next two groups to deal with some pretty slippery conditions…

…which made for some excellent action. Most drivers let a lot of air out of their tires to cope with the slippery surface. 

Kazama Auto and Moty's were out in full force this weekend with a total of five cars, including the JZX110 and the S15 Silvia.

As ever the tire changing machine at Minami was under constant use!

Here is Tezuka with his Kids Heart RB26-powered ER34 Skyline. He is one of only a couple D1-GP drivers still participating in Street Legal. Rie Shinmi was out on Saturday with the Kids Heard ER34 4-door, the same car we saw in April at Nikko for the Queen Battle.

Kitaoka behind the wheel of the red MarkII was driving like a bat out of hell all week-end long, making it into the Best 16. 

The final battle was between a pair of S15 Silvias driven by Jikuya, in the red GP Sports machine and Nakamura, who will probably look familiar to those who followed JR's Japan tour

Both drivers put on a stunning display of perfect drifting but it was Nakamura in the end who managed to grab first place. I guess all the street-drift practice has paid off! There is much more action to check out from this week-end, including some night drifting! Don't miss the next installment from Ebisu!

- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Good stuff - always a good thing in any motor sport when the elements make and keep things interesting. They take a lot of the power balance away from the high-hp boys and hand it over to the lighter more nimble chassis.

I think that a wallpaper of the 2nd shot will be asked for repeatedly.

Quite a good sense of speed from that one. Now, all you need to do to take "pro" shots is to upgrade from that junker Canon you haul around and pick up a Nikon! :P


No one else builds good looking and better professional drifting cars than the Japanese do!


oh yes its true, love to see these cars with GL 57D luminous yellow wheels !


"his Kids Heard RB26-powered ER34 Skyline" a r34 skyline with a rb26 no way!


As always, cant wait to see the rest of the fotos :D:D



ER34 and not a BNR34, so the engine has been swapped. Don't be smartass if you don't know the facts!


Please more pics of the Blitz 180sx !! great pics as usual.


The red Mark 2 100 looks so awesome :0.


yeah the mark 2 is sporting a vertex ridge bodykit i think. it looks phat.


Dino sei un grande! e le tue foto sono semplicemente sensazionali, che macchina e che obiettivi usi per i tuoi scatti? grazie!

Eng: dino you're great and you're shots are awesome, wich camera and wich lens do you use?! thx

bye bye!


Anyone know the color codes for the Luminous Yellow and Luminous Orange GL 57D's?


Thanks for the comments people. And thanks STJ for pointing out that Skylines don't always come with the RB26, there are also RB25's, RB20's and even NA versions of all 3. Too bad miseducation leads to arrogance!

Adam, no Nikons for me, the buttons are all in the wrong places. Hehe


i really dig the jzx90!




Your description of the event makes me want a video.

"Kitaoka behind the wheel of the red MarkII was driving like a bat out of hell all week-end long, making it into the Best 16."

I would love to see that in moving motion. SH, videos please. Or, you guys need a license for that or something?


YEA NAKAMURA!!!!!!!!!!

This dude is an OG and truely a grassroots phenom.


kudjin: Nah, that's BN Sports Type 3, with BN Type M wide-body rear quarters and front fenders.


tis, filming at D1 is always an issue but I think SL is a bit more relaxed than GP. Willl have to get Rod and Will over from some proper coverage!


re: jayzedex100, cool, thanks for that. wasn't completely sure. makes me wish i had a cresta.


I thought D1SL regulation said that you cannot swap engines from another car even if you are trying to put a RB26 inside a ER34 which already came with a RB25...I am confused right now.


Is it just me or does the guy changing the tire in that pic look like Ken Gushi?


yes it dies look like Gushi hahah!

also i didnt know nakamura was in D1SL... I just thought he ran in MSC with Team Burst


wall paper of the federal S15 please!!! GREAT SHOT!


zamildrift: i think you cannot swap engines from different manufacturers in d1SL.