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I spent the whole day at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition center yesterday walking the halls of the biggest exotic and luxury oriented event of the year, the Tokyo Special Import Car Show. Being a high-end Japanese show I was sure I was going to see my fair share of tuned supercars and pimped out rides, modified in countless different styles. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Audi R8’s were a bit scarce but I found this example by Body Shop Hamana, sporting a front end resembling that of the V12 diesel R8 Concept.

What to say here, it was long, colorful and very pink inside!

I’m not sure what to call this style, it’s not something you see very often here in Japan, but these two high-riding 70’s classics were getting some curious looks throughout the day. I’ve only every seen this kind of thing on rap videos and on youtube and honestly still don’t get it!

Black on red! This H2 was fitted with red Nitto offroad tires, matching the red anodized details on the body, well sort of. Apologies for the massive glare but had lights pointing into the lens all day yesterday, I even knocked one over by mistake at one point.

One look at this Benz and I knew something was up…

…the front end looked authentic enough but I can spot a JZZ30 roofline a mile away! The Mercedes conversion was also done at the rear…

…while the interior was the work of Obayashi Factory, the absolute leaders of top-quality interior pimping in Japan. Check out the BMW iDrive commander right behind the shifter!

This Infiniti FX classifies as a re-import, making it twice as cool in Japan. You see, these sporty SUV’s are built in Utsunomiya at the Nissan Tochigi plant, shipped to the US and Canada and then re-brought back to Japan by companies like KM Garage. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is probably one of the most popular and affordable re-imports while the Infiniti EX is one of the newest cars to be brought back to the motherland, although a bit pointless as it’s actually sold here now as a Skyline Crossover (I can’t believed they used the sacred Skyline name!!!) If they ever bring the FX to Japan it will probably become the Fuga Crossover LOL

I have been covering this show for years now and I knew I wasn’t going to get disappointed by the guys at Neez Wheels. This silver Enzo demo car was sporting a set of their Eurocross 7 model for center wheel-nut applications.

And while on the subject of “Ferraris”, what do you guys thing about this Hayabusa-based trike built by Trike Japan? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it from a distance!

Toda Racing was at the show to promote its new engine kit for the Ferrari 355. It’s all based around the fully balanced flat-plane crank, forged high compression pistons, special cams and lifters.

What Japanese tuning show would be complete without a heavy dose of JDM eye candy. More to come…

This is the first ZR1 I see in Japan, on display at the VIP Auto stand. Was interested to find out what it would sell for but the price hasn’t been decided yet.

Very extreme wheel fitment on this Seville, which under the curious looking hood, was sporting a complex direct nitrous oxide injection system.

Osaka-based J-complete brought the X300 Mike posted a rear shot of the other day. I couldn’t believe how low this thing sat, by far the coolest Jag around!

What would a luxury car be without an equally luxurious interior. Not sure how long those white seats will stay that white though!

This Tetsu-GTR from ASI has really done the rounds at car shows over the last year but I just had to grab some more shots of it.

Has a pretty defined profile thanks to the matte white paint, not too sure what Bently purists would say about it hehe

The Porsche Cayenne is an extremely popular ride in Tokyo, so it’s not surprising the show floor was packed with them. However the Hyper Forged demo car was by far the most original, doing away with over the top body kits and settling for a clean, lowered look, topped off with a set of 209R forged bronze wheels. I liked how the center section had a coarse raw-metal look and feel, while the rim part was glossy and reflective. Kind of reminded me of the Volk CE28Ns on my BNR34!

This Studie/Base! E46 M3 at Rays Wheels really caught my attention. I loved the aggressive look of the body and how well it sat on the new Rays 57 Motorsport wheels. There is much more to come from the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Hall, so don’t miss the next dose of tuned luxury and exotics.

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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What the heck? Where can I get some cool red Nitto tires? I never seen them in their catalog!


Can anyone explain the strange looking hood on the Seville? soundproofing?


Maybe the Japanese tuners should stick to tuning Japanese cars. Outside of the Neez Enzo, the rest of the show looks like a casting call for the next Fast and the Furious.


@ Walfisch:

If only F&F portrayed such simple examples... If only...

Seriously though, i see better european cars tuned by japanese companies that i see tuned by european companies. Open any edition of Maxi Tuning Magazine and you'll see what i mean.... Sheesh...


Is that an exige on TE's? I wanna see more pics of that car please.


@ rubelcon

Pretty sure that's a Ferrari F430 bud ;)


Those lifted American RWD cars with gigantic rims are called "donks" or hi-risers. There's an 80's Chevrolet Caprice that drives around my town, jacked-up with huge rims, lambo doors and... a rattle can paint job. When I see it, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.


Actually I think the H2's style is more interesting than how most American tuners do it . Also props for fitting an iDrive into the CL/Soarer, plus the bucket seats in that car are absolutely delicious. Now that M3 is a no for me.


I must be getting old. I'm only interested in the ZR1 and the new 57motorsport wheels. The Enzo is unrealistic for me, so yea, wtf japan. Everything is gross.


I don't get it, why ppl dun like that bently. Imo its damn awesome!


some awesome looking cars there, I love the variety..


don`t know what to say really.some cars are better left untouched,that`s my opinion.even here in europe we have some tunners that really mess up some exotics...

though that Merc and that Jag are astonishing...


Yea is see the "donk" style a lot in my town. its a southern country thing. usually it involves speakers on the outside of the car playing southern rap too. Love the south but... anyway that M3 is sick! All the other cars exhibit a lot of creativity as well.


I believe the wheels on the BMW are Rays Gram Lights 57G, not the '57 Motorsport' line.

Anyway, the main cars in that show so far are all fugly. The enzo is just a super car untouched, that I do not count. The Jag is pretty dope, but everything else in this series is pretty effin ugly, including that hideous girl, if anyone thinks she's hot, sorry to put it to ya but gotta raise your standards. haha. Japanese car models/race queens are no longer regarded as the best (for quite some time), Korean race queens tend to be much better, and the models at the Shanghai IAS were smoking.


wow some japanese have no fcking taste... DONK mobiles on 26" ROFL terrible



come to think of it. i love donks!!

sometimes you dont really need an explanation for anything. just slap some wheels and rattle can paint all the way and make something sexy!!

Donks FTMFW!!


yea i also wanna see more pics of the f430 with the black te37 in the first pic

and for those of you not sayin that the R8 is one of the best lookin cars in that show

you are crazy


that limo is ridiculous!


I dig donks, but I can't wait to go to Osaka and see one riding through town. Its one thing to see it in Miami and Tampa back home, but I'm sure it's an odd experience to see one next to Kei cars and what not.


fuck to all of u


Does anyone know who did the conversion on that Soarer, i really want to find out. It looks amazing!


I remember there was a JZZ30 with SL merc front and rear on it for sale on Yahoo a year or two back, I'll have to dig out the pics....



So tuners like Rauh Welt, Dixis, and Amues's Ericsson are pretty much putting Ruf, Brabus, MTM, and Edo Competition to shame with their superior knowledge and execution of euro car tuning?

I can respect the quality products and tuning that RW and Ericsson do, but its like saying that German tuners know how to tune Skylines better than MCS, Amuse, and Mines.


Could we possibly have more on that jaguar and a desktop quite possibly of the CL/Soarer??? that would be so cool


hwaren, the wheels on the bmw are the 57 motorsport line. They are the G07BW, Although the 57G looks exactly the same. I kinda figured the sticker on the car gave it away.


Dont worry guys I found the J-Complete Blog complete with galleries..... I even went out of the way to get it translated. Heres the link....



Just love the SLK, FX and Enzo, the rest in not really... well, to be honest horrible haha

Off-topic: at "JUNCTION PRODUCE LEXUS LS460" the comments are disabled :(


Previous "Endo" comment wasn't mine. Don't know why someone felt the need to steal my screen name and profess my love for donks. All car styles can be interesting, I guess, but I hate to see a nice old car butchered in that manner.


thats a Ferrari F430 i think , on TE37's.... Not sure though but it looks siccccckk

*its the First pic, far left if you cant find it


That e46 has me drooling slightly... excuse me.



Has to be, I really dont think it would be anything else. Hell, its really thick for that purpose.



Don't think Naga was saying Jap tuners have better taste than euro tuners at their own game, he's merely saying F&F cars are much worse than the cars shown here. I think "good" is an understatement for RW and Ericsson (esp RW), but i gotta agree with you, i think euros (the ones you mentioned) are ahead in overall refinement of their modified cars. I mean, RW vs Ruf is almost apple vs orange. Japanese scene has yet to have a company like Alpina and Brabus.


@ the bike: tetsuoooo!


Man I couldn't help but laugh at that Hummer.

Is it just me or do all the red cars in this post just have some crazy allure to them... I think their is some magic mixed in with the paint.


The R8, Jag, and "sCLoarer" are nice; probably like the Jag the most. The Enzo is nice, but, IMO, simply slapping new wheels on a stock car doesn't count as customizing. Don't like or get "donks", but to each their own I guess. Most of the rest are a bit OTT for me. I don't know whether to love or loathe the ASI Tetsu GTR, I don't like it overall, but like a few of the details. That Hummer is crayzee! Are those tires a one-off set or can you actually buy some? I know they've had colored sportbike tires for a few years, but I've never seen such huge ones.


that J-Girl needs to eat more hamburgers. Her arms make her look like a concentration-camp dweller.