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Time now to take a look at the final part of the InterClub Historic Car Race in Tsukuba. The event mixes so many modern and historic cars together it is like no other track-day event in the world.

This picture of the Chevron around the first corner at Tsukuba might as well be taken back in the 70’s!

I used to see cars like this at hill-climb events in Italy…

…it certainly looked the part but wasn’t running very well due to mis-tuned carbs which made it cough and splatter around the circuit.

Along with the two R8s Audi Japan brought the mighty RS6 to Tsukuba.

The sedan version has just been put on sale in Japan so there were quite a few people looking over it all day. I prefer the Avant version myself, but that’s because I’m crazy about performance wagons!

We will be seeing a lot more of this 4.2L V8 next week!

This Z06 lining up in the pits ready to enter the track was looking particularly menacing with the massive carbon rear spoiler.

The MGB GT V8 above was my favorite MG of the day. It looked especially mean with the wide front and rear fenders, and sounded great out on track.

This Porsche totally baffled me. It’s without a doubt different, but turning a convertible into a race car is very interesting to say the least!

Not sure what kind of airflow the rear spoiler has to deal with, but I’m sure it must help keep that rear end stable through the faster corners.

I had to take a closer look at the welded-in roll-cage that has been fabricated to keep things rigid. A roof would have worked better hehe

I’ve seen some odd cars being used at track day but a comfortable luxury sedan is a first. This old E500 was stripped out, fitted with a set of O.Z. wheels, race suspension and Stop Tech brakes. The smooth V8 was extremely quiet out on track.

Yep, it’s a Minnie!

One-make racing on the day started with the Alfas, again making me nostalgic at the great cars this iconic brand used to create.

Here is the V8 powered MGB GT from earlier on, notice how flat it stays on the corner exit.

Only Porsche can pull these wacky color coordinations off! If the logo on the side of the car doesn’t give it away, the ironing-board-like carbon wing should tell you this is the RS version of the great 996 GT3.

Another great German, this time from Munich.

This ’68 M4 McLaren was powered by a Lotus twin-cam engine.

The CSL wasn’t the only BMW at Tsukuba.

I’m already looking forward to the next InterClub event, it was a pleasure to see such a wide variety of cars, especially the historical metal, being driven like they were designed to! I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage!

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– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Man that M4 McLaren-Lotus looks like it's about to scrape its bottom and provide some heat to the driver!


Yes please, please keep up the coverage Mr. Carbonare!


Hmm, you're saying in the second-to-last picture:

"The CSL wasn't the only BMW at Tsukuba."

That's a BMW 2002, right?

As far as I know there was no CSL version of the 2002, the fast ones were the 2002 tii and the great 2002 turbo

Could you clear thet out?

Other than that: great pictures and article!


Lets see more of that 5L twin turbo V10 in the RS6, I am real happy they made it into a sedan even though I love the wagon!


I am part of the performance wagon love crew. There are so few options for us in the States unfortunately. I ended up getting a SRT8 Magnum to satisfy my need. Doesn't have the panache of the RS6 to be sure but the marriage of a Mercedes drive-train and American Muscle is not bad!

Release the RS6 Avant in the States Audi!!!!!


This is the absolute best of Speedhunters - really catches the essence of car culture! Great coverage!


@ Yossarian

Dino didn't mean the 2002 was a CSL model, he was referring to the E46 a few shots above that. Other than the CSL there were other BMWs, like the 2002.


love that 500e... do u have more shots?


at Yossarian:

mr carbonnare wasn´t saying that the 2002 was a CSL, he was reffering to the CSL above. It wasn't the only BMW at the track.

Great coverage!


There was a short segment from this event (or an earlier interclub event?) in the newest episode of best motoring. Mainly focused around the RSD 360, Ti-R Exige and some tuned Z06 though.


There was a short segment from this event (or an earlier interclub event?) in the newest episode of best motoring. Mainly focused around the RSD 360, Ti-R Exige and some tuned Z06 though, possibly the same one you took a photo of.


What is the time those car posted? Do you have any info? would love to know the Merc E500, M4 McLaren and MG V8's time.


petro canada stickers on the porsche...? weird. haha


Ah, sorry then, I misunderstood

Indeed, the M3 e46 is the CSL (and it's brilliant by the way)


Again, I am complaining about the misuse of aero terminology. The Corvette has a wing or aerofoil, not a spoiler.


i love that green mgb gt - beautiful