Event>>2009 Le Mans 24 Hours – Monday Report

Day One in the run up to the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours……………stars of the show for Monday were Audi with their trio of diesel powered R15 prototypes and making the last appearance in their stellar career, Corvette with a brace of C6.R s.

The "Verifications Administratives et Techniques 24 Heures du Mans" is perhaps a unique occasion in top line motorsport as the fans can get up close and personal with the cars.

Of course Rod seemed to have sent his New Jersey weather to La Sarthe………..there were several deluges which halted proceedings and just made life difficult for everyone.

Hiding from the rain was Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen and his captivity gave fans with media accreditation a chance to get autographs……….next stop EBAY???

Corvette Champion, Ollie Gavin, contemplates a new career, post GM's bankrupcy? No Ollie, it could not pay you enough.

Capello and McNish show their approaches to the loud pedal……………..

Something new a first entry from China to the great race.

Something less new, friends and family.

Rain and more rain………..and as I post this at 6.00AM Tuesday it will be more of the same for today……………..

It's a wonderful life…………….

John Brooks with some photos from David Lister



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Hello John , nice post , thans for " bringing" the Le Mans feeling to us :)

enjoy even though it rains


a chinese entry this year?, this could get interesting


Endurance Asia are a Chinese registered team, but in reality, they are a European team, I cant remember who. Asian Le Mans Series starts later this year so this will get some good PR


I remember! Its is a French team, Prospective Motorsport.

I also see other teams want the Audi banned...sour grapes?

See here... http://www.mulsannescorner.com/RCELeMans2009.html


Let's Go Vettes!!! Dindo's boots are soooo cool!!!


I'm looking forward to checking out some of the coverage on tv this weekend.


As I am reading this all I can hear is Jason Statham


An article giving us an idea of what it's like to "do LeMans" as a fan would be really appreciated. The whole "wake up, eat here, commute to here, sit here, walk here, etc..." isn't something I've read before. The video diaries from two drivers I saw last year was excellent, but a driver I do not intend to be, an engineer yes, a fan I already am.

Pretty please? Even if it's retrospective it'd be a cool read.


@everyone........thanks.......day 2 on the way.

The Chinese entry is being run by Perspective Racing, which is the team of long time French endurance specialist, Thierry Perrier.

@77.............I have no desire to re-invent the wheel..............also my take on the whole scene would be different to that of a fan...............I have worked here for the past 25 years, so my views would be out of date (yes, I know that's usually the case ) but what you ask is a good point...........there is a great resource developed on another site, Club Arnage, that gives you everything, and I mean everything that you need to know about Le Mans and the race..........you can download it at. http://www.clubarnage.com/caguide/

Ok on with Tuesday's fun



Err.. CWestSkylineGTR.. I can confirm that Brooks is most definite NOT in any way shape or form, at all like Jason Statham...


well there both cool dudes id like to meet


Thanks jb, I'll check that out and continue to enjoy the coverage.