Drivers Blog: Vaughn Gittin Jr>> East Coast Bash Awesome

The weekend before Formula Drift Round 3, I went out to East Coast Bash. It was an incredible two-day event. We even had an incredible dance party! I love "grassroots" events like this. The vibe defines drifting and is the reason why I got into the sport! Here are some of my favorite shots from the event. Special thanks to Dan Jenkins for the pictures!

The one and only Matt Petty.


John Wagner never lifting!

This dude street drives this car daily. It has a 2J in it.

Angerman (SP?) was killing it all weekend! He was my top competitor for the early entry contest. I had to take him out in my street car, but we had a ton of fun!

This is my street car. I ended up beating this thing up all day Sunday. I still am blown away with what a Mustang can handle stock!

Brian Wilkerson in his Zombie car coming for you!

Anyone seen that head before? Know what it's off of?

We drive like men over here on the EC!

My very first drift car. Yes, it's still alive! Well… it was until this event. I blew it up in like 10 seconds of it on the track. Poor girl, she's been through a lot!

Me and Tuerck getting ready to go play!

He's on a boat! These dudes drove down from Canada, the car was sick!

Yep, I still work on stuff… when I have to! My slave cylinder went and it was the stupidest sh&t ever!

Me and U-God from Wu-Tang. Word.

Me getting down in my street car… Soooo much fun! I highly advise you to come to the next East Coast Bash if you can!!!!!!




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Looks like it was a great turnout and a lot of fun. That head is obviously an sr20ve swapped onto a rwd sr20 block. Something i want to do someday.


yea its a ve head but with s13 and s14 vavle cover at the same time WAT!


great recap !! i warned you about my young bucks mark and angerman there coming for you pro FD guys !! hahahh but you said it best us EC guy drive like men !!!



Man i look like crap... hangovers and 2 day drift events dont mix. great review JR. stay safe on the road


JR, what size tires/wheels(and offset) do you run on the Falken car? and what size in your street Kona Blue car? Very curious! Looks great!


On the Falken car in these pics they are 18x9 +22 F and 18x10.5 +22 R

on my street car they are 19x9.5+27 F and 19x10.5 +40 R, tires 255-40-19 F 275-40-19 R

Glad you all enjoyed, I'm just about all packed up and ready to head out on my motorcycle from Maryland to LA!!!

See you all in two weeks!


Nice, I only don't like those american cars.

Hate them competing with them in D1GP.

Should stay all Japanese..


Hey JR, It's Matt (guy with the cresta). Thanks for letting me use your tools and drink your vodka hahaha.

ECB was a blast! Hope you make it down next year. I know we will be there for sure!


The skyline has a 1jz-vvti JR. I'm friends with the guy. lol


My bad a 1J is correct....

Vodka....wasnt mine. Im not really a fan of that..but your welcome I guess???


Whoa, I am getting Matt's autograph next time I see him. He is an e-celeb apparently.


I just love that blog :)

Just wanted to thank all the Speedhunters guys for sharing those awesome cars with us.

@ Vaughn : keep up the good work, you're awesome :)

What about some drift event in Europe ?


u can watch the R32 next sat the 20th at summit points hyperfest!!!


love the canadian cars! reprezent y0 :P


nice post JR, and i gotta say i'm surprised to see you work on your competition car, but respek!


Engine is a SR20 its what comes in REAL silvias!


more info on the car in the first pic?


s13 with R33 front end conversion?


what is it?

just curious


Its a s13 vert with an r33 front end conversion.


whoever said the engine was a 1jz vvti doesnt know anything about cars... A 1jz is a 6 cilinder whereas this engine shown is a 4 cilinder. Also the valvecover clearly says NEO stating its a NEO VVL SR20DE(t) engine.

Otherwise nice pics and story ;)


ugg srry bout last post, read wrong *slaps head*


jr, the rims on your old s13? advan model 6?


Jon Adams and John Wagner rock like there is no tomorrow. And Dan's Ruckus is the funniest thing ever


I'm sad. No pics of me in your super small oversuit JR. FYI people. 6'3 is tight in a sparco medium hahaha.


BOAT is super nice. Anymore pic of it?


Rims on JR's S13 are BuddyClub.


yea he meant the skyline has a 1jz .. which it does.. amazing vid.


Damn you guys got U-God out there, haha that is so dope.


I had such a great freagin time! ECB III is coming up!!!