Car Spotlight>> The Rat-rolla

Do any of you guys read Hot Rod magazines like Rodder's Journal, Hot Rod Deluxe or Rod&Custom? One thing I like about that whole scene is that it's been around long enough to have developed a bit of self awareness. People know where Rodding comes from, the ups and downs of the styles over the years and how the current styles and trends fit into the history of the culture.

Look at Rat Rods, for example. Most people who are into Rodding understand that these cars are caricatures of old junkyard Jalopies from the 1940s and 50s. Jalopies back in the day did not actually look like the current crop of rat rods. There are styling cues in common, but that is where the similarities end.

Now, old Jalopies were not particularly popular with "real" car builders in the early days. They were looked down upon by those who spend their time making perfect, quality cars. I think, by the same token, there are going to be some people who are not going to like this Corolla… it is not pretty…

These are not refined details…. far from it…

But that isn't the point of this car is it?

There is a spirit to this machine that I just love.

The purists will be offended.

But, IMO, if anyone criticizes this car for its rawness and lack of respect to the tradition of AE86 style, they are not seeing this car for what it is…

This car for me is the equivalent to the spirit of Punk.

It sticks two fingers in the air…

And says "f*** you to your chrome plated, professionally built, hundred thousand dollar show car"… and to me this is a fantastic thing! This car is the modern drift equivalent to the old drag racing Jalopies which have inspired the modern Rat Rod.

So who knows, perhaps when we are all old we'll be seeing Corolla builds which do their best to replicate the spirit of cars like Karlo's Boro Levin!

Spotted at Just Drift Button Willow the other weekend….





Love this car