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Isn't it a bit ironic that "luxury-tuned" compact cars are getting to be just as popular as traditional big body luxury sedans? While visiting Japan again, I've been reminded at how just how small the roads can be here, not to mention the high taxes you pay to the Japanese government to keep a large displacement vehicle on the road. Keeping that stuff in mind, it's no surprise at all that cars like this Honda Fit are some of the most popular platforms for luxury tuning.

After all, I can't remember ever hearing that a car had to be large to be luxurious.

This particular Osaka-based car started life as your standard Honda Fit 1.3L model – one of the most common vehicles on the streets of Japan.  It's since been built into what the owner calls an "adult themed" luxury compact.

The body has been outfitted with a type "lux" aero kit from Noblesse (the same company that did the Odyssey I wrote about last week). I never thought you could use the word "elegant" to describe a car like this, but the term genuinely fits.

The wheels are SSR Vienna Zweel in 17X7.5 +45 front and 18×8.5 +45 in the rear. It's rather uncommon to see staggered wheel diameters on a car like this, but it works well visually. The slammed stance comes not from an air suspension kit, but from a set of World One coilovers. Some of the other exterior details include a World One hatch spoiler, one-off LED tail lamps, and a one-off dual exhaust system.

Inside, the seats have all been redone with a two-tone red and black leather kit. You can also see the checkered floormats – an item that never seems to go out of style even in ultra trendy Japan.

Cars like this might be all the rage here in Japan right now, but I wonder if this sort of car-building will ever become mainstream in places like the United States? With a dim economy and the never-ending push for fuel efficiency, you might just be looking at the luxury car of the future.

After seeing stylish compacts like this car, I'm not particularly worried about that possibility.

-Mike Garrett




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She's gorgeous.


Amazing. I'd sport it.


wow nice find. very clean


An automatic transmission in such a gorgeous Fit? C'mon, that's just sad ;(


^what? no. that's like saying you expect a manual tranny in VIP cars (minus those with ISs). look at that thing. would never see that on the track.

clean car. been liking that kit since the debut







If that car is in Japan, why the German number plate? @.@ (cool car, however)


I'm recieving a brand new "Jazz" as they call them in the UK in the end of August.



Damn I love noblesse kits.... mmmm... yum.


It's about making slow cars look fast and cheap cars look expensive.


More cars should look like this in Malaysia IMO.

Would build my future car to look like this as well, if only I had a car and the money to modify..... =(


taillights remind me of mercbenz CL class


Another AWESOME example of Japanese tuning.

I agree with you, I think that this is the future of tuning even in America. It is going more towards practicality and efficiency. This car has space, good gas mileage, and looks almost intimidating and amazing all at the same time.


There are a few people here who already are heading in this direction, and if more people would stop sticking their noses up then its very possible to see more of these. I for one would be thrilled about seeing more of this in the US.


very nice outside!


interior, however, could do with a little less red. more tan or brown, or just match the seats to the grey in the checker floor


@ KaoKao

Same reason when us and uk people do JDM cars they rock jap plates.

The Japanese tuners when going for an "elegance" alot of the rock euro plates (check out companies like fabulous jp). i think its the same as the euro scene here german plates are just easily available and little bit different!


@ Chris

Sometimes those things amuse me because here in Italy is strongly forbidden to modify the car, so the number plate can't be touched at all.

Here if the car can't be homologated, you can risk a lot more of the "fix ticket" =)


Those plates are here for display (and I wonder why they're hidden).