This is one of those car videos that you just have to watch – a GT3 Viper and a GT3 997 dodging traffic as they battle their way around the Nürburgring. I imagine it’d be pretty scaring cruising down the ring in your mild-mannered Euro hatch when you see these two coming up behind you…

Thanks to the Twins Turbo guys for the link!

-Mike Garrett



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I love 3:16 with the BMW he must need a new pair of shorts


The driver in the Porsche is awesome!


this video is from the VLN long endourance trophy i like the sortiment of cars Porsche viper audi R8LM

normal bmw and peugeots and vw and hondas of cours that s realy nice !


I have added this video to my blog.

It took me a while to gather up my jaw from the floor, I might add.

I have not seen a video this intense for a while. It really encapsulates racing at its best.

Epic video is truly epic.




Great Video. It's amazing at 6 mins in, how much faster the Porsche and Viper are over the GT3 Reiter prepped Gallardo.


great video! love the ring, got it memorized thx to forza! time to move to germany!


more please


Oh god, the unholy noises coming from the Viper are AWESOME.....I like how evenly matched the two cars are with the Porsche's amazing handling and the Viper's raw, beastly power (though still pretty damn nimble itself). Awesome, AWESOME video! (^_^ )


Great great race. Thanks for posting it up Mike.

Despite the Viper's huge advantage in torque, I'd take the 997 GT3 any day of the week.

The dude in the Gallardo thought it could hang.....haha....not a chance, those two fools were moving !

On the last straight away, I couldn't believe the 997 could catch up, but it did....awesome.


This is why I love racing!

Thanks for posting the video, it's truly inspiring! I need to hit the karting track this weekend or my right foot will get really itchy...


oh lookie there, aerocatch hood latches.


Watermark clearly says it's video. Why posting links to redecoded low quality video when you can freely watch and download original?

It's here

Great site btw with lots of professional racing video.


Fantastic stuff! Can't wait for the 24hr this weekend


Wow!! the Viper was faster but just couldn't outbrake the Porsche. When they get onto any straights the Porsche driver used traffic to his advantage. It was pretty funny when they got onto the longest straight on thr ring and the Viper finally got past, only to be slipstreamed by the Porsche...epic stuff! btw what class was that Gallardo in?