… And another drift film… this time from Japan based drift film-maker Luke Huxham. He’s teamed up with 7tune to produce this video from last weekend’s Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit…This  is a short preview… expect a longer version to follow from him.




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I hate that song...


Worthless blog post...


I must say there was a quite a big lack of drifting in that video (1 drift and a drift+crash?). Also considering the bar that the other Speedhunters videos have set the video quality was poor it looked like he was using a pretty cheap camera. I looked at the above comments and at first labeled them as haters but after watching the video I am really having a hard time finding something redeeming about it. On another note I did like the composition of that dark shot along the side of a car, this guy's angles show some promise but he needs a better camera and also find a more acceptable balance between culture footage and car footage.


You know, if you guy's looked on 7tune.com and Luke's blog this was just a preview of the real thing, so chill out..


Preview only as stated in the title......


Not exactly what I would call a worthy post for speedhunters. If I shoot and edit a video on my phone can I get on here as well?

7tune isnt exactly what I would call quality either...


video wasnt all that bad considering its a preview, but compared to all the other sweet vids on this site i wouldnt bother loading this one..


"This is a short preview... expect a longer version to follow from him."


can anyone tell me the title of the song, if anyone knows it?

Working on some videos myself for college assignments, might want to use this track.

please and thank you! =)


Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now. But honestly, if your college professor is in this thirties he will know this song well as it was a very common sports montage soundtrack about ten years ago. HEhe, maybe that will get you a higher mark.



haters much.

how about...

'Thanks for making the effort to attend the coolest drift event on earth, and making a video for all the poor saps stuck in buttfuck, USA who couldn't attend.'

how about...

'Can't wait to see the finished product'

Show some respect.