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I can officially say that I'm sold on the new Honda Insight, thanks in part to the steady stream of tuned versions coming out of Japan. This particular one is equipped with OEM Modulo aero parts, World One coilovers, and a set of 17" Work Emotion XD9's. The Insight is currently the best-selling car in Japan, so we can expect to see many more tuned examples to pop up in the near future.

I can see no reason why a car like this wouldn't make for a kick ass daily driver.

From Minkara.

-Mike Garrett



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At least it's better looking than the Prius.


This thing is hot and why not save money on gas with a daily? that is just more money for your weekend car!!!! =)


Appearance wise, it looks like the Toyota Prius.

Much like the Saab 9-2X resembles the Subaru WRX Station Wagon.

Much like the new Hyundai Genesis looks identical to the Infiniti G35.

Mike, pick up the Hyper REV volume 136 and you'll see a plethora of modified Toyota Prius.


hey, I don't mind modded hybrids, as long as im not forced to drive one, hey, everyone needs a solid daily I guess, although I'd just buy a new Fit




looks good

i'd drive it.. just because it has a Honda badge doesn't mean it can't be modified to beat most street/race cars

I wonder if there will ever be any RWD hybrid cars... and if any of those would be used for drifting


JT your link is irrelevant since, its about Jeremy Clarkson talking about a japanese car...

And we all know how he stupidly hate japanese cars...


The new Prius looks pretty cool too!

There is currently a 3 month waiting list of the Prius.


Is there a law that states that all hybrid cars have to be UGLY!!!!

Why can't an automaker design a hybrid that doesn't look like shite?

Do they all have to look the same? I don't get it......


jeremy clarkson actually loves most serious japanese cars just hates hondas and other shitty hybrid cars like any smart straight man does


jDUB, they look the same because that is the most aerodynamic shape they can build, without losing space.

Too bad in the photo they hadn't fitted bigger wheels >.< (otherwise, the econ computer would be acting fuzzy)


i wouldn't drive it, would kill my self because of the CVT!


looks cool.

i especially like the one Jason K Lee posted (NOB's)


I agree with jDUB.

What's with the weird rears on hybrid cars?! And don't tell me it's to reduce drag, or else performance cars would have used that shape somewhere along the way... It's just ridiculous...

I don't mind the overall looks of the Insight, but that ugly ass... Ugh...


it does look nice...but those aren't xd-9's. i am curious to know what they are though.


it looks terrible, its just a blob designed by boring people


This car REQUIRES more J-spec Odyssey front!

Jeremy Clarkson is a pissed off old fat Brit that drives the most beautiful supercars many times over, do you think he's gonna like a cheapy hybrid that looks like an egg? And if you've seen Top Gear, same goes for the Prius.Also, what Wolfgang said.


@ Warren:

That's actually incorrect. One of Jeremy Clarkson's favorite roadsters has always been the Honda S2000.


Actually those are WORK Emotion XD9

In Machined Gloss Black (MBG) finish

I had to do a double take myself, since the picture it's hard to tell at first

The reason the spokes look a little different than normal XD9 is because the process of painting the MBG finish is a two stage finish, so the edges of the spokes are darker than the face of the spoke, so in the pic it's washing out against the inside of the wheel


I know he likes some japanese cars, but still most of the time he just stupidly rant on japanese cars!


I was reading a road test for the Insight yesterday and was wondering what it would look like with a dose of slam and I must day in my eyes this example is pretty convincing.


Remember when Honda Civics were nothing but slow, unexciting economy cars? Some guys who were willing to go against the grain changed all that.....