Random Snap>>karmann Ghia At Tsukuba Circuit

After seeing all of the cool Karmann Ghias at Bug-In last weekend, I got to thinking about this incredible circuit-tuned example I saw running a few times last year at Tsukuba CIrcuit. The over-fenders and RS Watanabe wheels give the Ghia a distinctively Japanese look, but this car is about much more than just looks. In fact, it was running circles around of some of its Italian and British sports car competition on the track.

I'll post more VW photos from Japan later this month.

-Mike Garrett



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madness!!! it's not often you see the 'tuner' type of muffler on an aircooled vw, i like it! lends a sense of credibility to the car as a race machine that the wing and over-fenders might not on their own.


And Mike, many many many thanks for finally satisfying my wish of seeing some of the dub scene in .jp!


hi, seeing a circuit tuned ghia reminds me somehow of the ghia's from bader racing with porsche 993 engine's. even thow the cars from bader look more stock then anything else. here is something from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od2nkJz3QGY . (ps. i don't have nothing to do with them, but it it reminds me somehow of it)


I've always liked Ghias; but this might be the coolest one I've ever seen!


Uber cool. Any shots of it from any other angles?