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There are a lot of blogs around these days, some of them are dedicated to a certain car or brand and others tend to cover everything on four wheels. When I need my Honda fix I always log onto the blog that is run by Joey Lee, it's called The Chronicles. He just finished covering the latest Eibach meet and I came across this car. I have seen it before and every time the owner has done something different.

This time the most obvious are of course the BBS wheels, for more details on the car I suggest you log onto The Chronicles for the complete coverage.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I love phase2.. wheel whores FTW!


horrible, nice wheels nice car, it must be the bad fitment.


Now, if only every Civic could look as clean... Then we wouldn't have the negative reputation that all Hondas don't deserve. =/

I myself try to write about anything that comes to mind, but of course I'm fairly Miata-oriented. It is my build, after all...


I have yet to find a car with BBS wheels that does not look good.


EG,my favourite.

i swear this gonna be my first car


Phaze2 = Kings of low offset Hondas

His new set up has caused so much hate it's not even funny lol. I absolutely dig it though, and this bay is freaking sweet


like the wheels and the car, and i appreciate the fitment work, but i don't think ill ever be a fan of deep cambered hondas.


The car looks boring... Like every second Honda you can find in the net. BBS Wheels are one of the most timeless wheels out but they dont fit on every car even more in this size. Put this wheels on a E30 M3 and it will be look awsome....Dont wanna be a hater but it is my opinion...


coooool, that's my style.


The rims alone are worth more than the shell. LOL..


i would have gone with a smaller rears and a lower aspect tires. but its also not my car


Pshhhhh honda with those offsets.... meh. He's tryin to be all cool like Miura San (Kei) who was the OG to sport those exact same wheels with that exact same offset of his Rocket Bunny Silvia.

(BBS RS Mesh with +11 offsets). I hate seeing fwd cars with wheels like that on them. Yesh I am a hater.

Run o da mill CIVIC+ RWD Bawler Wheels"Killin it" = Weak Sauce.

AND HORRIBLE FITMENT, sorry kinda threw up in my mouth a lil.


Looks fine to me. I'm laughing at the haters who most likely struggle to make their RWD look half as good as this FWD.


@Jord, I don't think its that they struggle to make their rwd look like that, i think they just don't want their fwd to look like that.

But its like the owner said, its never going to see track time, and was not meant to do anything other than go from point a to point b.


such an awesome ride and people still have to hate. The scene isn't what it used to be.


The scene definitely is not what it used to be. It is not easy by any means to achieve such fitment on VW's and BMW's and he's done it on a Honda. All you idiots talking about this should be this and that should be that. Who the hell made you guys the official word on what's right and what's wrong? Just wait till this catches the mainstream and I can't wait to see all you willys talking head become fans with the blink of an eye. Getoragu, to claim that this is horrible fitment completely displays your lack of knowledge. Give credit where it is deserved.


clean...sucks that jealous people always gotta hate someone else's hard work even after all the coverage


It's horrible fitment on a fwd car, those wheels don't match it at all period. And the camber is horrific.

Don't even get me started on my knowledge, wtf do you know ricer fanboi? O it's slammed and flush that doesn't mean sh*t if it looks like poop on the car. Stick to your Mugen bronze knock off rota's an stfu.

It's not hard to put good looking wheels on a car everyone has and then drop it and say ooo ahhhh.....

I bet I could put those on a Yugo and cut the springs and you guys would be like whoa cool...

As for the car itself hula f@(k cares, ooo it's clean, It has a roof spoiler Oooo oooo and some window visors, and looks like every other hatch trying to be jdm that i've seen. Ok so over all it's a so so car that got all waxed up and threw on some sweet rims for a photo shoot big deal. A car needs to have some individualism rather then trying to copy everyone else. (and be so Jdm) that's my opinion. All's fair though if I were a Honda lover I'd be like that hatch is sick yo, but I'm not and I prefer NSX's and S2K's to the so ordinary civics...


You want to see hot fitment, look at the pics in the hellaflush meet of the black S2K missing the rear bumper. Nice alloys perfect fitment, and not that stupid crazy camber like +5 degrees everyone thinks is cool for some reason. (another crazy thing the Japanese started but everyone wants to copy). The owner of that S2k knows whats up. little camber not to much)(maybe 1/2 2 *) and "hellaflush" while still looking good.

That civic owner is tryin tooooo hard.


this is not a lowrider, please don't treat the civic like one. When are people in the states going to understand that fixing up a car is about function and form will follow automatically. Take your cars to the track, not meets and shows... worry about wheel/tire sizes for max performance and not maximum lip. I even see FWD cars sporting staggered wheel fitments with wider wheels in the rear... this type of stuff makes me sick. It just goes to show people have no basic knowledge on how to fix up a car, yet just go on forums and copy and out-do every other wack car out there.


OHHH that just looks soooo fine!!!


Nothing groundbreaking.


^^^ Well said!


"That civic owner is tryin tooooo hard. "

If you knew the dude, you wouldn't say that. He does what he wants to his car, he's not about trends and impressing others, it's all for himself.


Wow, seeing deep dish Honda's is very rare. I give him props for trying something different for an EG Civic. Too many people are now doing the "me too" jdm thing. What ever happened to originality?


If this guy wasen't about trends or impressing others, why is does he post pictures of his civic in the internet and make forum threads of himself???? If the owner was doing it for himself he would have been low key and not whored pictures of this around the net, and posted every where......


wow your an idiot, stop assuming, those pics are from photographers who ask to take pics of his car


Not about trends!??!!?!! I wish there was an award for most retarded comment ever.... That car spewsssss trends. Everything about it from the little ghey roof spoiler to the window visors to the JDM lenses cries I"M A TREND FANATIC. I could post about 100 pics of other hatches that look just flippen like it.


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