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I'm sure most of your are very well versed in the different subgenres of Japanese, European and American car cultures by now, right? We spend a lot of time on the analysis and study of different types of car styles on Speedhunters. While not everyone is going to be a fan of every category we showcase, we do hope that our international focus is opening up your awareness of automotive cultures across the globe. I know I'm sure learning a lot from the Speedhunters community!

In spite of our need to find the best of the best in the most relevant auto styles around the world, every once in a while we'll uncover a car that completely destroys any attempt to categorize and classify. Ken Prather's wild VW bus is one such example.

This build is part Hot Rod, part retro wheelstander, part Volksrod and perhaps even part Pro Street machine…. There is no category that it fits into completely… which is part of the fun really. This '62 Bus is all original thinking.

…. And here's why! At the heart of this ex-hippie mobile beats a blown 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 engine….

It must be quite a wild ride! I found these images at the Hot Rod Magazine website… have a look here to see the full article on the build.


VAG Month Special Feature on Speedhunters



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Now that is COOL!



I'd love to do this to a bedford rascal.



Can anyone say, ULTIMATE sleeper? aside from the parashoot in the back.

WOW! I would have never imagined from looking at the openning pic that this thing was packing a blown 350 chevy V8

Im still speachless


Putting down all that power through that bus driver style wheel would be interesting indeed; imagine if you tuned it for drift it would be like riding the teacups at the amusement park lol.


flowers are a nice touch :)


I love the guy in the passanger seat in the first pic lol, awsome bus


Ok, now this is buckwild crazy!!! Insane... so many adjectives that I could use... Who ever imagined this... this... monster is nothing short of a fully grown adult child!! :))) That engine is just huge!! When I saw the opening shot, I thought to myself "how nice... another hippie-mobile" but then I saw that humongous engine in it and went silent:| It may not fit any conventional category, I think it surelly fits the unconventional vehicles category :))) Amazing !! Just crazy and amazing!!




ultimate sleeper...yeah, until someone hears that ungodly chevy rumble booming out the back!


love it


but where do you bone the hot bitches ?


?????? ?????


The flowers on the dash were a nice touch. lol


Insane, loving the flower holder...