News>>chris Forsberg Wins Fd Atlanta!!

You probably already know this after following our live Twitter feed from Formula D Atlanta, but Chris Forsberg just drove his 350Z convertible to victory after an intense battle with Darren McNamara. This was just one of the many exciting matches that went down this evening at Road Atlanta. Congrats to Chris as well as second place driver Darren McNamara and third place driver Ryan Tuerck.

Stay tuned for full coverage from Formula Drift Atlanta.

-Mike Garrett



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Great job Chris!


Good Job Chris!!! Yay Hubinette didn't win. :)


lol i will echo Ry Moore's comment, congrats to Forsberg and I'm also quite satisfied to see that rollerblades and tube chassis do not a drift champion make


Congrats to forseberg, and judging from rhys's recent interview with gtlive he won't be very happy with how he placed, Maybe he will consider D1 soon, lol.


Great result with Dmac in 2nd ! Wehay !

Go on Darren !


Congrats to Chris but I'm really happy for D-Mac, he deserves a podium after taming that beast of a car.


The 2x One more time battle for 3rd was awesome as well. Poor Chu Pang (SP?) with his car running on 3cyl having to do so many runs and driving his heart out was pretty awesome.

1st time for us...we will be back.


great battle !!! on to NJ !!! drink nos !


great battle !!! on to NJ !!! drink nos !


lmao, cpt moore babay


wel done darren lad great result ,stick it too em for de season..


Don't know much about drifting.....but isn't Tony Angelo one of the judge of FD? And isn't Tony Angelo part of the Drift Alliance? I think Forsberg is also part of the Drift Alliance.

I'm not taking ANYTHING away from Fosberg guys know where I am going with this.....biased?


Tony was not biased at all Alex he was a very fair jude and only judged what he saw he made a few members of DA knocked out and there was still 3 judges so it isnt just Tony.Tony only judges angle and when I was there last night Chris had more angle then Dmac through the whole course.


to bill

its not chu pang

its joon maeng

he was running on 3 cyl for one of the one more times..then they fixed it


@Bill - the green s13 was Joon Maeng, if he would of won i would have cried cause he is the nicest dude in the world

and wtf is up with d/cing Pat?


Pat was DQ'ed for a tire softness violation. The softest the tires can be is 49, and his ranked in at 44. He is a privateer though, making it a little harder to maintain proper tires. He is very talented even still.


Pat got screwed. Joon is super nice. hampsha's ecotec is crazy powerful. BYHAAAAAAA!!!


drink NOS

drink NOS

drink NOS

I had the purple once and loved it.

I'd like to have some MORE.

drink NOS

drink NOS.