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In case you haven't got your fix of Cal-Lookers, Volksrods, rat VW's, drag cars, and others – here's some more photos from last Sunday's Bug-In 34 at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana.

I knew that the rusted/bare metal look was popular among aircooled cruisers and show cars, but I was surprised to find several drag cars at Bug-In that were also done in this style. This bitchin' Type III Fastback was one of them.

A clean example of a traditional drag Bug complete with a "stinger" exhaust pipe popping out the back. Anyone who's ever owned a stinger-equipped VW will tell stories of painfully bumping their legs against the burning hot tail pipe…

I was proud to see this cool-looking Bus representing the Fresno area, my hometown.

Somebody requested another photo of this black and red split window.

Spotted this nice looking Karmann Ghia in the parking lot wearing a set of polished "cookie cutter" wheels.

This slammed Bug put a new twist on the rusted look…

I'm not sure if the rust was real or not, but the entire was car was shot in clear coat for a strange "glossy rust" look. If you look closely you can also see some subtle pinstriping along the roofline.

A fine example of a full competition-spec VW drag car. These cars are capable of some incredibly fast ET's.

I'm assuming this Porsche Speedster is a replica, but it still looked beautiful. Perhaps the license plate is hinting at what's under the deck lid?

This Volksrod roadster was done in a more contemporary street rod style. What do you think?

When it comes to bang for the buck project cars, you can't beat an aircooled Beetle. Fenders, doors, or deck lids – all for just a buck.

Another Ghia, this one a drag car.

Every part of this Bug is appealing. The color, the wheels, the stance, and so forth.

I think car enthusiasts owe it to themselves to get out to a vintage VW gathering like Bug-In sometime. Not only will you see some kick-ass cars, but you'll be experiencing an important and on-going chapter of automotive history.

-Mike Garrett

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That slammed "rusty" bug is amazing.... Is it bagged?


Yes, yes. Thanks for the volks features!


Haha! That Red Baron looking bug in the last pic here looks badass!


hells thats nothing. check out


Slammed "rusty" Bug - a new fresh look for the rusty lovers, I'm bet we can see a lot of this kind of look after this... Ohh... I missed the "The Bucket" rabbit....


VEE DUB!!! now i'm loving the old beett! :D thankss mann..


Love that TypeIII "Rustback"! Hey Mike, could you put up all the photos you took on your Flickr page?

I know a guy who has a street driven, custom bug that does 8s in the 1/4 mile! So yeah, they're quick.


hey thanks for the shots of my "rustback" the car is all steel tube chassis and body. hell, its even got real glass windows and factory popouts. it wieghs in @ 2250 with driver. this car was built by rlr along with the 2332 turbo motor. its only been down the track 7 time and ran a 11.40 @ 119mph. more videos can be found on youtube under efi67vw, and on in the gallery under my name as submitter. thanks!