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I'm sure you remember the wild Mazda RX3 race car that Rod posted a few weeks ago. It's certainly one of the craziest RX3's in the planet, and we thought you might want to see some more photos it in action along with some other race cars at the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship event held in Jamaica last weekend. I have to admit that I wasn't too familiar of the motorsport scene in the Caribbean until a reader named Jason Joaquin mailed us with some insight on what's going down there.

As these photos show, it's one the world's more unique forms of auto racing…

The CMRC holds races in Jamaica, Barbados, and Guyana and each event draws privateer drivers in a wide variety of cars. Rotary-powered machines and Lancer Evolutions in particular are two of the most popular race platforms in the Caribbean. This particular Evo8 shows quite a resemblance to the AMS time attack car with it's distinct rear spoiler. If it is in fact the AMS car, it's pretty cool to see such a well known car given a second lease on life in a new place.

This E30 BMW  3-series was also spotted. I wonder if it's a genuine M3? Regardless of whether it's the real deal or not, the owner is putting it to good use.

Front-drive Hondas like this CRX also seem to be popular among racers in the Caribbean. As you can see in the photos, the courses offer a unique mix of both paved and rally style sections.

The stock B16B in the EK9 Civic Type R packs a nice punch, but the owner of this car swapped it out for an ITB'd K-series. Unfortunatley,he blew his engine during qualifying. Ouch.

Another FF competitor – this one a Toyota Starlet.

This just one of a few wide-body Evos that compete in the CMRC.

And finally, another shot of the RX3 as it catches a little air around a corner. This is awesome in so many ways…

Thanks again to Jason for the info, and make sure you check out the Wheels Jamaica forums for more photos.

-Mike Garrett



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If you look at the trunkcover, the M3 looks like an original....


Can that last one be a desktop?


damn, slicks on dirt? looks like tons of fun


the doors, wide body, bumpers, 5 lug?, trunk and c pillar are either a perfect m3 remake or more likely just an m3 its foreals.


I hate to sound like an a hole, but the writers for this site need to crack a book on basic aerodynamic terminology. There is enough misinformation floating around the internet, and within the automotive community as a whole, that the last thing we need is more misinformation regarding a subject so few people really understand.

The above mentioned "spoiler" is an aerofoil, or wing if you prefer. A spoiler is different in that its leading edge sits flush with the chassis/ trunk/ roofline/ etc. Also, a spoiler does not have an aerofoil cross section.

Same thing goes for the comments in the Seat Leon touring car post.


next round is in barbados at busypark. august 30th.

david summerbell won all 3 races in jamaica.

high rate of broken cars staurtmaloney and his dad doug from barbados had alort of problems.

but that is raceing.who from the usa on this site coming down to barbados to spectate.

if u guys coming and want information on hotels in barbados and stuff feel free to ask me.i would be glad to help.

roger mayers from barbados that has the mad ford focus did not compete in round 1 becasue his first baby is to arive in the world around this time and he said he does not want to mis it.

i would post his brother barrys mad sx4 renalt engine he to will enter in round two in barbados.

barry said he dont want to mis the brith of his brother baby other so the family said in barbados.


round 2 in barbados is going to great




That RX3 is killin' it big time! Cool post!


been waiting for the post! now for a rx3 feature??? hahah


The Evo does look like the AMS Time Attack because it is. I remember AMS posting it in there blog last year when that evo won one of races down there.


Yeah, the E30 is a real M3.


Hi, you guys should head down to Puerto Rico and cover some of our local events too... the drag, time attack and show scene hits pretty hard here also... these weekend Titan Motorsports brought their Supra and Porsche to compete in a local event against local cars...



last one needs a desktop please


yeah, it´s a M3!

a desktop and a feature of the rx3 please!!!


I see a wallpaper coming up off the RX3 top picture.


One of the main things I love about is that you guys don't "Dumb It Down" with only California related features that so many other online and print magazines seem to only focus on. It great to see F1, WRC, GTCC, JTCC, and now CMRC coverage along with Drag, Drift and Time Attack events. Its like a breath of fresh air; Not that i'm discrediting the influence that the California drag and drift scenes have had on the automotive culture as a whole; but it doesn't represent the entire culture.

As someone said earlier, the RX-3 is owned by Mark Maloney of Barbados. His official website is, but I'm not sure if he can be contacted though there or not. It would be nice if there was a representative/correspondent present in Barbados for the August 30th event. Think about it, caribbean island, motorsports and first class hospitality... who ever takes on that assignment is a smart man!

Again, great job on posting about the CMRC!


sounds like a lot of fun...! LOL


The Evo is infact the ams time attack evo The driver is David summerbell from Jamaica he bought the car from them some time last year and he still receives technical support from ams !!


And also they are not racing on dirt they are all paved tracks the one picture look like dirt but its not !


I'll keep you guys up to date with photos and video from Barbados for the next round of the Caribbean Championships.


The Evo shown above is indeed the AMS TA1 Evo now owned by David Summerbell of Jamaica. The Mazda RX3 is owned by Mark Maloney of Barbados and is fitted with a 20B Rotary engine. This particular track is the Dover Speedway located in Jamaica and it is an all asphalt track. Caribbean racing websites are:


The EVO is the ex AMS time attack car.......David Summerbell bought it.....won all 3 races, car is incredible, the Red Bull Rx3 is amazing 20b NA....RX8 suspension.......sound is incredible


1st and last pics need to be Wallpapers for sure


rx-3 is freakin' awesome!!!


For the millionth time Speedhunters doesn't make wallpapers of photo's that aren't there's.


Please Mike! A wallpaper of the flame spittin' RX3!


lol..apparently ppl don't read through posts to see what others are saying..Clear sign that ppl love to just get their piece in

Anyways, seems like a lot of Barbadians on this site, so that is a great thing..shows how much of us into our cars. The Caribbean is RICH in racing, just we're in our own little world and the continents are in theirs. But we rock it just as fast.

Next thing for us to take over Speedhunters with is with RALLYING...2nd largest motoring event in the world and somehow North America doesn't love it like the rest of the world does lol.

So someone please send some Sol Rally 2009 pics or videos from the 30th to 31st!! I'll be missing it so i'm heart broken.


I agree with Mario W. Here, i'd like to thank Speedhunters and congrats to them on a job well done covering almost all the car culture out there in the planet. Awesome job and keep it up.