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Well, our VW-Audi month has pretty much come to an end, but there's one last Volkswagen that I want to share – and I think you'll agree that it's worth the wait. Last month at a local VW event here in Central California, there was one particular car that had a constant crowd of people around it. It wasn't a tedious restoration, a traditional Cal-Looker, or a fully built race car. Nope, it was this homebuilt "Hood Ride" oval window Beetle that was drawing all the attention. The owner had driven the car up from SoCal and was super excited to show off all the crazy stuff he has done to his car.

You remember earlier this month when I talked about how much character these old VW's have? Well, this car had so many random little touches that it was like playing game trying to find them all. For starters you have the Porsche Alloy wheels, and of course the slammed ride height – something that's pretty much a requirement for any car like this. There are generous amounts of rust all over the car, and of course the matching "rust is not a crime" signs. See that big taillight on the rear bumper? That's actually a headlamp assembly from a Manx dune buggy that the owner mounted on there so people could see him on crowded LA freeways.

If you've ever been to a classic VW event, then you know how much how much these guys like their roof racks and vintage accessories. This car's rack was packed full of equally rusted and weathered artifacts. I especially like the old Coca Cola cooler box.

The interior was one of the coolest parts of the car. For the drivers seat there's a worn out original seat with a classy LA Raiders t-shirt for a seat cover. The accommodations for the passenger aren't quite as plush, with nothing but an uncovered skeleton of a seat over there. Hey, at least he doesn't have to worry about people asking him for rides!

Don't have a set of original VW door panels? No problem. All it takes is some carefully crafted sign boards and you're good to go. No carpet kit? Apparently astro turf works wonders in these situations.

This car's style isn't for everyone, but it's hard not to appreciate all the work, and especially the creativity that's been put into this machine. It's gotta be hard showing up at an event with a high dollar show car and then watching people flock to a rusted "hunk of junk" instead of your polished showpiece.

Such is life in the crazy world of vintage Volkswagens.

-Mike Garrett

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As a fellow Bug owner, I respect anyone who saves a rusty bug, especailly someone who preserves the scars and just drives the friggin thing.

+10 for him.


As someone who grew up with Beetles in the family, I love this look, the best look for a Beetle imo. This one loooks perfect, slammed and with the California style bumpers.


that build has character.


Man, that car would be off the road so quickly here in Victoria.. I'm surprised he made it all the way to the event! haha, lovin the individuality..


beetles are the coolest, they have character, some more than others, like this ratty oval. low and narrow on those fuchs, i noticed the big tach with shiftlight and the short shift, so whats in the rear? a hot 2300cc with 48ida's? mmm...i wonder.


Keep it like that. --got so much soul.