Car Spotlight>> Ppi Razor R8 Gtr

Does anybody remember my post about this R8 made by PPI, when I was at the Essen Motor Show last year? The car at that time, was still a prototype, but looked very impressive with its carbon exterior. Now PPI have finally unveiled their masterpiece, at the Top Marques Show in Monaco.

The goal for PPI was to get a better power to weight ratio, so first they started to work on the engine. The already potent 4.2 liter V8 has 420bhp but thanks to a supercharger and adjusted exhaust system it now puts out 580bhp and a hefty 600Nm of torque.

Next thing was to get the weight down, thanks to a lot of carbon PPI managed to cut out 250kg. After all is said and done, the car boasts a top speed of 332km/h and can launch from 0 to a 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

I'm just looking at my Twitter and the people I follow, there is a lot of Gumball traffic. How cool would it be to drive the 'rally' in this car? Maybe next year haha….

-Jeroen Willemsen




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opening pic desktops please!


Pretty funny coincidence: When I was first looking at this car and I thought to to myself "if there was any car I could take on the Gumball, an R8 might just be the ticket." Looks great though, aggressive but not too overdone


Very nice, reminds me of the GT3 racer.


I now know why they call it the razor. Coz it looks sharp! First pic NEEDS to be a desktops!


This car is straight nuts. It boggles me sometimes to think how extreme exotic tuner companies are able to survive. Either way, I still very much enjoy the r8!


Dang. I want one. RIGHT NOW.


Do you want somes pictures of the PPI R8 Razor GTR ??? i make some pics in monaco for the Top Marques !!


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