Car Spotlight>> Lamborghini Reventon

It’s funny how things just happen sometimes. This time last week I was shooting a drift event in Mobara, today I was at Automobili Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese shooting the daddy of them all, the Reventon. Rod and I are 2-days into our last-minute speedhunting trip of Italy and what a crazy two days it has been.

We spent the better part of yesterday in the Lamborghini Museum taking in all of the models the eccentric manufacturer has created, ever since the 350GT in 1964. We were both impressed at how the Reventon seems to carry through that unmistakable family lineage, a unique take on a design that directly links it back to the original Countach, penned by Bertone in the early 1970’s.

So we were both very excited when we received a call today from Lamborghini, telling us the Reventon was being moved outside and that if we wanted we could drop by to shoot it. It’s not everyday I get to point my camera at such rare exotics!

I had seen the Reventon a couple of times before, once at the Tokyo Motorshow in 2007 and last year at SEMA, but out in the open is where it really oozes presence. It’s hard not to appreciate how the stealth-fighter-like carbon fiber body in no way makes the Reventon look like a bodykitted Murcielago.

I’m a sucker for matte finishes and the Reventon’s dark gray does a great job of highlighting the complex flat surfaces that make it so unique. If you look carefully you can see how all of these meet around the wheel arches, giving a kind of jagged edge profile. Behind the equally impressive wheels, sporting bolted-on carbon fiber accent pieces, is the carbon-ceramic braking system developed together with Brembo. The basic running gear is that of the Murcielago LP640, although the 6.5L V12 is rumored to produce an additional 20 HP over the already impressive 640 HP.

There is no doubt that the Reventon deserves a desktop but rather than me choosing I prefer to leave the choice up to our readers. Any preferences?

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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either the first or the second pic!


Last Pic.


1st and last get my vote


#1 & 4 please =]


The last picture should be the desktop !

Awsome shoot of a wonderfull car !


Hmm... how about a pack this time? Lol, Speedhunters doesn't seem to do a lot of packs in desktops. This would be most awesome.


#4 I would say


can this thing be seen on a radar scope? lambo doesnt rank high on my list but wow this car is epic. as beautiful as it looks i want to destroy it on a mountain pass like I had nothing to live for.


#3 - not enough a$$ shots of this car. The detail in the tail lights alone deserve to be showcased.

#6 - Those intakes look like they'll swallow medium sized dogs.


I second the vote for a pack!


Last pic is awesome!


Only 20 cars were made and just seen one today on the streets of Moscow))) Apparently it belongs to the president of Chechnya. You can see some of his cars here (a couple more shots of Reventon in the open included) -

As for desktop - first and last, please.


4 and last...


a pack sounds great! 1st, 4th and last!


all of them... :)


2nd... the car blends beautifully with the architecture in b&w.


if not all, either the first, second, or last


Desktop, Numero Six Please!!


Yes, everything please!


Nice pics but i think your Polariser has made the headlight look funny?

Im assuming I know what Im talking about here haha and that that wasnt the effect you were going for.

But yeah if you want to get rid of that, just select the headlight in photoshop and take the saturation right down...wont draw the eye to it as much.


this car looks surreal!!!!

Great Shots


I saw a Lamborghini Reventon at Bentley of Los Gatos and also a Veyron


id say 2nd and 4th for desktop even though their all great pictures


im Stunned

last photo please!


1st and last shot for me

also another rear shot too since that beast is so damn sexy!


Desktops plz... #1, #2, #4, #6


Holy crapola. That is magnifico!


First Desktop is up. I'll try and post the second one tonight. Enjoy!


Ok, 7-th vote for a pack, please!

About this car..... I was getting kinda borred of Lambo.... like, yeah, yeah a facelifted Murciellago.... and so on..

But this car... this one makes me thing of the F-117 Nighthawk as well as of a new twist to the Batmobile :)))

Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a Batman movie again and use this car as the Batmobile? What do you guys think?

Would it need extra-styling?! Personally, I don't think so, this car is a killer just the way it is.:)


very exciting car... love the styling! a pity there are no interior pics which is in my opinion the true highlight!


Definitely, the last one. It says it all without words. But I really like the close up of the front end.

Extremely, awesome looking car. No doubt matches the ride!!!


Batman should have used it in The Dark Knight. =P


How about all of them. :D