A nice look back at the days of wheels no larger than 15 or 16 inches and horsepower numbers no higher than 200. Look closely and you’ll even see a guy out there with a brand new R33 Skyline.

-Mike Garrett



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Wow, I've never seen so many stock cars body-wise drifting at once before. Looks like Initial D


wow, i saw this video on youtube like a week ago and thought i had found some lost treasure xD

thanks for sharing it since its quite hard to find it


type RATTLECRUNKER in youtube if you like this stuff


0:42 3rd gen Supra ,0:31 theres a Te72 corolla with the quad headlights , at 3:05 theres a starlet with fender mirrors ,at 4:56 a 80s lancer ,i believe, with fender mirrors, 7:52 Red R33 Skyline! , those are some of the less seen cars nowadays in this video atleast that i saw. looks like normal though nowadays car variety wise besides the ones i said mainly AE86s and 240sx


I never get tired of watching that video. And the same goes for the other 2 parts to it.

Mike, did you find this in one of my playlists?


Sick! love stuff like this. all those cars are sick.


Man look at all that drift traffic! lol!


this is great retrospective footage. i would the link to this , said parts 2 , or more.


Awesome stuff Mike, no one has mentioned the MZ20 that made several appearences!!

Its interesting to note the diffference in speed and aggression shown in the video to more recent times. Some good angles though, and i notice a few guys Manji that small staright between the two corners. very cool


So happy to see some FC's in this video. Great find and thanks for the share.


You know what else no one else mentioned? The AE86 with the hatch conversion. I personally thought that car was the ish. Not very much beautiful, but the ish.


About those old days, here another video from '96

Here too there's an appearance of a guy in a new R33, could that be the same guy from the '95 video in this post?

What do you think?


And how about this one?

A guy instantly inflates a tyre by using some fuel and fire :)))) Could that be usefull when you're in a hurry? Maybe so... :))


Nice vid, rare to see the old Lancers too


I used to have this video as my homepage xD

Check out his profile, he has tons of these old vids floating around.


Oh god, i will miss the drift month soo much <3


I can't wait for April to be over...


Nice! A blast from the past!

Thanks for this posting!


Never knew there was a hatch for 86's like the one on 8:56


Hmmm... Where did I see that video before? Oh I remember! I posted it last year on my own blog! :D

Actually this is a set of 3 videos as a whole and there are two other videos shot before this video. You can see them all here at my blog:

You forgot to mention that it is shot on the Hakone pass. From what I heard it is still a very popular touge for drifting. ;)


This R33 got pretty cool color! Looks like this brown/orange mix Porsche paints their Targa models now.