Do any of you have “friends” on Facebook who are…. well….. not really your friends as such? I seem to have quite a lot of these, so I get to follow status updates of people who I don’t really know at all…. Bit strange but I suppose this is the nature of modern living.

Recently on Facebook, I’ve noticed that this chap named Josh Herron kept talking about a new piece of Camera kit he bought called the “Easy Dolly”….. This is a small light-weight system that allows a single camera operator to shoot tracking, dolly shots… you can see in this video that Josh has put this gear to good use. It’s quite a fine piece of work!

BTW what do you think about the Vaughn Gittin JR – Samuel Hubinette incident which closes the video?




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Man what a video! this guy kicks ass man! I love to see more of his vids.

AS far as Sam and JR, from the vid it looked like Sam spun and JR just went around. Was there some controversy there?

Side note: Man all those nice new FD cars got ufked this weekend huh?


Awesome video, i would like see more! Nice competion

what song of video?.......


Sam brake checked him, JR doesnt lift

you dont brake check JR



That was some impressive videography to be sure. The pan from sky to the drift action was notable IMHO.


This video is SOOO sick.

Awesome job, JOSHERS!!!


Yea on one side of the sword I would be sort of down if I was Hubinette because it looked like he got hit on his left quarter just as he was about to transition for the upcoming right, JR was tailing close and since his nose is all up in that quarter during a twin drift it only makes sense that Sam got spun. Now on the other hand there is something to be inferred from that which is that JR was the faster of the two at that given moment in time and probably deserved the win on that battle anyway. I think although simply put, rowdy up there said it best, NO CUPCAKING!


wow, great video :)


Awesome vid Josh!


It seemed that Sam was consistently left foot braking to transition into that last corner and dropping a lot of speed compared to what everyone following him expected. Whether it was deliberately trying to throw off the follower or just his 'style' I'm not sure.

Other's fell victim to the same tactic by Sam in the top 16.

From what JR said to reporters Sam slowed down too much and he wasn't taking it and just muscled his way through.

What I liked even better was the Tuerck VS. Grunewald crash. Ingenious for the leader in tandem to brush the wall giving anyone following in the traditional offset back tandem position no where to go. An easy trap for the chaser to fall into.

BTW - Speedhunters where is the ALMS coverage form Long Beach??????????



ALMS is not until next weekend. We will be there for sure.


Nice video..I like the way he shooting..

He is a movie producer? lol


Awesome Josh! Coming through again! great coverage and even better camera work dood


This vid was amazing, I have already watched it 5 times..


Josh the video was well exucuted! I promise you I have seen many videos on the internet, but this is the best one by far. Keep them coming it was amazing!!!!!!!


Whoa Jr has some great reflexes. Sam just spun out thats all.


I'm such a fan of Josh Herron's montages.... so entertaining...!


Sam definately lost that one. But MOPAR is Fromula Drift's fave.



Artist: rjd2

Track: Smoke & mirrors

Album: Dead ringer

Loving the edit and and music. :D


As i recall reading in JR's blog from the Red bull world championships he was complaining that he was having trouble behind the drivers that wrong foot break. I also remember seeing a video of Sam teaching his wife how to drift, with mad mike, and to transition he suggested left foot breaking because that make it "easier"


Sam is a sucker for brake checking. He did it a few times (nishida, JTP, etc) and a spin was the result. If I was JR, I probably would have done the same thing and smashed. It teaches Sam a lesson. Sucker move.