Retrospective>>the First All Star Bash

 As you've probably seen, the vast majority of my drift photo archive comes from events in Japan. Before I left for Japan though, I had the opportunity to attend what is probably the best grassroots drift event held in the United States – the Ziptied All Star Bash.  Brian "BH" Harte had the idea to make a two-day event that celebrated the style, fun, and camaraderie of drifting instead over the "serious" stuff you see at other events. At this time I was still getting a grasp on photography, but once I saw Brian's exquisitely handcrafted MS Paint posters for the event, I knew I had to be there. With it being drift month and all, I figured it's the perfect time to take a look back at this historic event that was held in the summer of 2007.

Sure it was only two years ago, but when I was preparing the pics for this post I felt some genuine nostalgia…

Looking at these photos, I see some cars that are still around and others that have more or less disappeared. Jay Pizarro's Vertex-kitted S14 was quite literally one of the nicest private-owned 240's I'd ever seen, and he was out there trashing this show car-quality machine on the track all day. Jay ended up selling the S14 not long after this to build a new project, and the car just wasn't the same in the hands of the new owner. I've since lost track of it.

Pink Godzira Dousan still has his red S13, though its looks have changed (for the better of course) since this photo.

The infamous BH S14. If you have been following Speedhunters since the beginning, then you'll remember that I featured this car back when the site first launched last year. Brian has now moved on to an S13 hatchback that I'm looking forward to seeing in action later this year. Car feature anyone?

Chris Forsberg and some of the other Drift Alliance guys were also out at Willow Springs enjoying a break from the pressure of Formula D.

Hey, this car looks familiar.

Appearance-wise Matt's S14 hasn't changed all that much in the two years since this photo was taken, but the ride height does look to be a bit higher here than we have seen recently. Keep pushing that envelope, Matt!

Formerly ASpec and now Work Wheels Logan's well-built S13. Love the color on this car.

One of the Justdrift S13 coupes. Are you seeing the trend here with the car style? The cool looking drift cars always seem to flock to ASB events.

And finally Violent Running Tribe Squidd's bitchin' coupe. I believe this car has since been dismantled.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look back as much as I did. Now I'm even more excited for the next All Star Bash event.

-Mike Garrett



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PERFECT wheel fitment on that silver S14 in the second photo !!! I wish my car looked that good !


COOL write-up.

Some of these cars look way cool these days.

Some are lost.

Some were sold and taken apart.

All Star Bash July 25 and 26 is going to be THE best one yet.

Risky Devil is bringing out a bunch of cars all the way from Chicago.

I think I will retire after this event too. cool.

It is going to be THE BEST. hands down.


Thanks for the shout Mike

This feels like ages ago

The pics you took that day of my car are still to this day my favorites


Cool write up antonio

My car was looking terrible back then haha

I'm pumped for asb this summer

Got my aero kit fixed and ready to rock!


SQUIDD S13 was one of the coolest drift cars in America EVER.



Lol Dousan, Mike did the writeup and photos.


if brian harte retires drifting

who will take his place??


Someone who isn't affraid of an SR20. But Squidd is building a new car, I'm sure it will be better now that he's over at Falken.


Why hasn't Drift Tengoku done video on this event yet !!??!!


my car sure has changed since then.


Hey Risky Devil, where is my Sticker!!!!!

See you in July!


i hope Doriten doesn't cover this, it might dilute the indy atmosphere! i mean this in the best of possible ways. it's local grassroots events like this with easy access that really build communities and friendships. Just look at the people posting in this thread! Everyone knows everyone (except me of course, i'm not a drifter in cali) and it's awesome.


much props to BH for getting the ball rolling, you wouldn't really want to retire would you? or is this a case of going out on a high note?


The reason I havn't missed an ASB yet.......FUN FUN FUN.


Bh retiring drifting would be the worst thing to happen to drifting since Rhys Millen.


loving that s14 in the second picture!! we need more photos =) share the wealth please!!


Epic post ! I feel damn nostalgic. I remember seeking picture of old ASB, they were hella hard to find ! A bit on VRT, a bit on ZipTied,...

Thank's for this post Mike.

Ho, btw, could we, at least, have The Squidd's S13 as wallpaper, please !


Why yes, yes you can.


Cool write up. Hopefully I can make it to an ASB this year.


I miss Squids car.

It was so cool and I generally hate silvia fronts


SQUIDD had a pair of British Knights in his car as an accessory.


Awesome look back Mike! I can't wait until July... I miss my S14!!!


oh shit my bad sorry mike hahaha..thats what i get for reading stuff at work!


wow, that S14 in the second pic looks amazing! that needs to be a desktop.


BH don't you dare retire. I want to get out to an ASB one day.

Maybe I'll get a prize for 'Most distance travelled to an ASB event'.

Good write up!


Heck yes. I made the top pic. I almost wish I never tore it down to rebuild it but it's going to be all worth it when it's done.


Let's see some of those MS paint posters by Brian Harte. Better than GARAGE_86 MS paint posters?



I remember BH saying something about not taking anything he says online serious. awesome

So i doubt he'll "retire". kay?


nice write up! thanks for posting a picture of my car! stoked!


Cool article. I love the Vertex kit on a kouki S14. The BN Blister look that most of these cars have is sooo old...personally, I never really liked it in the first place, so I'm glad to see that many drift cars are moving on to less aggressive / less flared kits. Looking forward to seeing what ASB holds this year.