Random Snap>> The Future Is Here Pt.4: Mp4-24 Brake Duct

Can you imagine this brake duct on a crazy wide-body TIme Attack car? I don't know if brake cooling is that necessary for TA Grip cars, but it sure would look cool as hell!


The Future is Here



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That's a pretty aggressive squirrel scooper


Ahh, that's what that is, I've been wondering what that thing was for awhile now


Heh.. he said squirrel scooper.. hehe.. *splat*


Brake cooling is absolutely necessary for TA cars. Necessary enough to warrant THAT? Maybe not.

I'm curious how it mounts.


looks like something from ben hur!


I'm not sure how necessary brake cooling is for TA cars compared to their full race brothers. They're only required to compete a single lap at maximum attack, the strategy there being how to get the brake pads up to optimum operating temp in the 3-5 laps they give you.


is the next fadjust like the bmw mock-up vent holes and coffee-can exhausts


It's hard to imagine brake vents/shields on closed-wheels race cars. Open wheel cars experience high air speeds on both the inner and outer portions of the tire since they are completely exposed. I'm sure the brake vent is a way of propagating a more biased air pressure gradient across the tire allowing air from the inner portion of the tire to properly cool down the rotor and exit at the right angle/speed off the outside of the tire.


Wow, thinker, way to go in depth...but yeah i guess that makes sense, but would that much air really get into the wheels rather than being lifted by the front spoiler over the tire on an open wheeled car? but yeah i dont see much sense of these on a TA, but i could see F1 for sure.


Yes, what Thinker said.

When you're talking about F1, everything has to be functional and essential, due to weight restrictions. These have been designed to not only to cool but aid in the aero work around the kart. Many teams have been running these types of covers for a couple years now, although this years McLaren revision is the most adventurous yet. If it works to give a 10th of a second in F1, its probably doing its job.



I know that is part of the entire center hub assembly, but what keeps it from spining? Is it connected through to the actual suspension link?


It mounts directly to the spindle...