Random Snap>> Red Bull Win With Vettel

Our Formula One preview proved popular last month, so I thought I would share this cool image of Sebastian Vettel in the wet, on his way to winning his second F1 victory in the Chinese Grand Prix. Team mate, Mark Webber was 2nd.

Vettel's first win was at the Italian Grand Prix last year, becoming the youngest ever winner at just 21 years old! Both races were wet races in which the German started from Pole Position. Quite an achievement. Vettel is unique in having scored Red Bull's first wins for each of its teams, Scuderia Toro Rosso and yesterday, with Red Bull Racing.

McLaren, Ferrari and BMW continue to struggle, while smaller teams like Red Bull and Brawn show the big boys how its done. This is Ferrari's worst start since 1981!

Brawn GP continued their good form with Jenson Button, winner of the previous two Grand Prix in 3rd Position.

Ironic, a driver called Vettel is so good in the wet……. ;)

-Andy Blackmore

Image: Red Bull Media

Speedhunters F1 Preview



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Finally some F1 coverage.....great feature Andy!


click on the 'F1' tag Alex, we've posted Formula 1 a couple of times.

After a week of Double Deck Diffuser talk, its amusing to see a non DDD winning


Vettel was very lucky to have won that race. If Buemi mirrored what Vettel did last year it would of been bittersweet for Him. However i think a Redbull would of won anyway. Too bad for Sutil as well, I think he was in his mirrors when he had Hamilton behind him and went into the really wet part of the track. All in all i thought it was a great race.


Do you think he was lucky? I thought it was totally deserved and a faultless performance.


Granted, Buemi had an amazing race, but seemed to me like both RBR's had the edge over everyone else including Buemi. Shame Buemi collided with Vettel and as you say, shame Sutil lost his FIF1.

Takes nothing away from Buemi, given this is ONLY his 3rd F1 race and he's very much a rookie, 10th in qualy outshone his team mate....a great performance.... compare that with one Mr N.Piquet Jr....

calling Mr B.Senna..... their must be a reason why Bruno isn't in the DTM Merc squad......


Cool site,


I agree with the author, Buemi would never have won, although he had a great race early on. Vettel and Red Bull Racing had no match. I bet Webber was disappointed!

Poor Adrian Sutil...He really is the new Johnny Herbert...always has bad luck around him. Remember Monaco last year when Kimi went up his ass.


I vote Desktop!!!!!!


hmm perhaps my the first sentence of my last comment was somewhat inconclusive. I agree with you, Andy that Vettel ran a flawless race, which he did and i'm glad he won. However i think he was lucky to have escaped that collision with Buemi without any problems, it shows that the Red Bull is a strong chassis. I only saying lucky because if the buemi collision, and how it mirrored how Vettel ran into Webber last year. (i think it was Webber or Coulhard).

Yes, Buemi is without a doubt already progressed more then what Piquet has in his stint with Renault. It will be interesting what will happen with the Senna rumors now floating around.


Ugly cars beside, this seasons' racing has been totally amazing compared to previous seasons!


agree with you  Linhbergh, I still can't get use to the silly front and rear wings, even after three races. The Red Bull is by far the best looker of the bunch...helped in no small part to the dark blue base colour disguising the width of the aforementioned front wings.

I think F1 cars look a little like a Formula BMW!  Not good

re: Andrew -ahhhhhhhhhhh :)  I see, I now understand :)  I thought you mean Vettel winning in Monza.


Yeah, both were lucky. It was Webber in China 2007 IIRC. I think Webber complained of 'these silly little kids being allowed in F1'. Silly little kid has done quite well :)


Shades of Coulthard and Schumacher Spa 99. I was at that race in the McLaren pit and was weird to see Michael trying to grab DC's neck! Luckily two of our truckers came between the school-boys :) Surreal

Interesting to see who is pushed first. Bourdais or Piquet. I quite like Bourdais as a racer, but hes taken a while to find his feet in 08 and 09...and being beaten by a 3 race rookie isn't great given his experience.


BTW: We only do desktops of our own images


I had an email asking to explain my last sentence.... forgot, it wasn't on sale in North America.... see http://www.vittel.com/fr/index.htm">http://www.vittel.com/fr/index.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.vittel.com/fr/index.htm">


Great Coverage, Vote for Desktop!!

BTW: You have to pronounce "Vettel" like "Fettel"... German isn't as easy as english, sometimes ;)


Desktop please. :)

I'm still laughing at Ferrari's dismal season so far. Three races and still no points.


I love vettel :D



This was a fantastic race.

Vettel did an awesome job but im still backing Jensen for the championship.


I think Brawn and Jenson are going to struggle later in the season unfortunately. No Spare car and lack of parts due to lack of budget dont bode well. Hopefully Virgin up the sponsorship.


amazing photo! I definitely want this on my desktop.


Awesome pic! Wallpaper?


Amazing photo!


desktop? =)