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With the endless stream of gloomy news and drama coming from Detroit these days, it can be hard to find something out there to get excited about. The timing might not be ideal, but with a redesigned Mustang, the new Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger on the market, you can almost forget about bailouts and credit crunches and pretend that it's 1970 again. Despite the fact that these retro muscle cars perform better than their ancestors could ever dream of, there are still people that want more, and tuners like Hennessey Performance Engineering are there to serve them.

This rendering is of the Hennessey Camaro HPE550, a package that transforms the Chevy Camaro SS into supercharged beast outputting over 560hp, along with all the required body and wheel upgrades. If that isn't enough, HPE is also going to be offering a Camaro powered by the engine from the Corvette ZR1.

Hmmm… what green movement? What recession?


-Mike Garrett



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they need to come out with car already... they need something to bring thim out of the rut they are in. the z helped nissan, i think this can help GM.


They totally screwed up the production car by rounding all the corners and edges. At the Chicago Auto Show, GM made the bad decision to position the production Camaros right across from the Transformers car display, with the Transformer Camaro right in front. The Transformer Camaro is more closely based on the concept car, with all the sharp edges and aggressive styling in tact. With both visible in one view, the production Camaro looks like they stretched a vinyl car wrap sticker, with the concept Camaro lines simply printed on the vinyl sticker, over the top of an original Ford Taurus. The production Camaro is bulbous and bloated looking. Hennessey's stickers, side skirts, and front chin do not help enough to get rid of the rounding.


The Camaro is out already buddy. And call me crazy but I love the new Mustang more than the Camaro even if it does have a solid rear compared to the Camaro's IRS.


Haha...Hennessey. Think of the poor ZR1 he'll swap those wheels out of...maybe even the LS9 engine too.


Oh my christ. Please tell me I misread this post and that you DID NOT just promote Hennescrewed on this website.


Looks pretty sweet! I'm still aching to see one of these in person.


Hennessey? Didn't screw over some Viper owners?