Random Snap>> Gymkhana Project By Ken Block

There is no such thing as the ultimate car video, but the Gymkhana video that Ken Block made with his Subaru comes pretty close. If you haven't seen his video, then you might be living under a rock, but here's another chance to redeem yourself. When I was browsing through Jarod Deanda's blog , I came across this mini site that Ken block made for this project with new footage and a explanation why he made the video. It got some cool new stuff so be sure to check it out.

Gymkhana Project by Ken block

-Jeroen Willemsen



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thanks for the info!!


Nice picture! Can you make a desktop size picture of it?


yo danteska check out the website there is a bunch of desktops ther


yo danteska check out the website there is a bunch of desktops ther


Ken Block's driving is EPIC. Nevermind the fact that Crawford built an amazing car.


Although my comment might seem inconsiderate, rude, and mean, Ken Block NEEDS coverage, and money. Much like celebrities when they don't suceed they end up on tabloid.

Other professional rally drivers don't need this type of advertising.

One reason why there is so much hype behind this video is, primarly because you can't find anything similar out there (since PRO rally drivers have been honing their skills since they were kids), unlike Mr. Block who just started racing a couple of years ago.

Entertaining video nontheless.


it was entertaining to see him drive at the Tall Pines rallye this year, but i was disappointed that he got a DNF by the end of the day... amazing gymkhana is one thing, but i guess snow-covered onario roads are too much for some ;P


there is some of the best driving ive seen in that video.


@ drift kid: look up Sebastian Loeb or Jari Matti.....those people go fast.


Damn! that is one nice sounding machine!!