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I wonder if, in a few years, we'll look back on the various tight wheel fitment cars which are popping up around the planet ATM and say… ahh yes those are "_____  cars". It seems like this is a growing movement around the world, which crosses boundaries between both Japanese (Drift and VIP Style) and Euro scenes. I'm not even sure what style to call this Civic… will a new term emerge?

One website which is completely focused on tight wheel fitment is HellaFlush. They fully subscribe to the premise that offset is everything.

And that suspension geometry is to be manipulated for the purpose of wheel clearance and not necessarily performance.

For me personally, I don't fully buy into the idea that the performance — and even basic handling — of a car should be compromised in favour of appearance. I'm sure some of you would agree with me there. Nonetheless, you can't fault the visual impact of these types of cars like this fantastic Civic, which the HellaFlush site featured yesterday. Follow the links below to see more shots of the Civic and to see more HellaFlush cars!



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Good job.


Hey, I love it!


HellaFLUSH all day!!! Its all about offset and style.



I think it looks dope and if the owner likes it that's all that matters!


sits very nice!


I remember them days. Let's see some more FWD stuff. There are alot of cars like this in the NJ /NYC area let's get some coverage over here.


I'm a believer of balance between form and function, but if there need be any compromise, I'll lumber towards the form a bit, so, yea that's a very cool-looking Civic! A good stance can drastically improve the appearance of a car, much more than any body modifications!


I think for a purely street driven car compromising performance for style is perfectly fine, its not like you need your daily to hold a G on the skid pad. Also, with coilovers you have the ability to cruise around low during the week and then raise the car up for events when needed, its what I do.


If this EG doesn't compromise performance for looks, it wont be here.

And, is its performance or basic handling are that bad? touring cars sits even lower and similar camber. Comfortable? Haha.


Heres the thing... I Completely agree with you Rod... in that performance and handling should not be compromised just for looks.... but Im the biggest hippiacrit, because I have a Civic EJ that is droped and flushed at least as much as the one featured here if not more so, and to say the handling is compromised is a understatement.... my car rides like crap... its so low I cant go out of parking lots (unless sideways) and every bump or pot hole feels like a hammer to the chest.... but yet I sport my car as low as it goes... I kant even turn my wheels all the way because they rub.

Why>?... I have no idea.... I guess I just love the look.

(will post my stuped car in the forums next week after some new wheels)


this is whats its all about .

that eg is the tits.

and truly their is no such thing as compromise.

you have to be commited. this eg here is fully commited to being slammed , and fully commited to offset. i bow down.

if their was a compromise , it would be half way , still able to drive .

and thats not dope shit anymore.

you have to go all the way .


I see pedo bear!


I don't subscribe to this theory or style at all. Looks silly to me and sacrifices performance to do so. It is about one of the most backwards car movements of late.


I drive those streets to work everyday.. never seen that eh though.. great pics and sometimes this style is not great for daily driving but it sure looks good!


Being that it's a Civic, I don't think performance was the first thing they thought of when they bought it. It looks good, but meh.....there's much better on this site already.

That's a Civic. I mean, looks is ALL that car has going for it.


Thanks everyone for the comments and criticism.


That's Phaze2's Heymikeyyy. They are known for having low offset but their cars do back it up with performance. 0 offset on this EG looks good to me.


That is NOT the Phaze 2 EG! This car is located in Miami, FL. Far from the Phaze 2 guys.



did Phaze 2 sell the EG?


Thats whats up

i love seeing well built hondas


Awesome, so nice to see an EG Civic being featured, this is great inspiration for my project. Cheers.


Phaze 2 did not sell the EG. The EG and DC already have new wheels that no one has seen. This is another red hatch, in MIAMI.


Cars like this in nyc? I don't think so. Most civics or HONDAS tuned in NYC are just garbage. People in the tri-state area swear they have some swag, Especially in NYC a majority cannot TUNE. Most tuning involves knock-off "JDM" stuff. Rota wheels, tein suspension,fake cf hood, a ebay "tow hook" ,and another ebay rear sway bar. I can list the crappy mods on and on. This is then followed by (brace yourself) a "jdm leaf badge" Its always the same setup. The icing on the cake is a poorly built "N1 Exhaust". PLEASE DONT FAKE THE FUNK. Their are decent tuners in the tristate which is a small percentage but the rest are MORONS.


I co-sign to what NYC dude just said. What he just said wraps up the complete NYC "tuning" culture in a nut shell which makes the selected few who have some sort of degree of taste/swag/style/sophistication/knowledge, look bad.


This "style" has been going on for the last 10 or more years in Germany

Is this new to all you in the states with the low offset, wide wheels, tight fitment ?