News>>the Return Of The Honda Beat?

Sometimes you just have to love Japanese car magazines and their never ending stream of concept renderings and "insider" information. The guys over at have just picked up on a Best Car Magazine story that talks about the return of the Honda Beat, the pint-sized kei sports car that was an icon of the early '90s Japanese auto industry. Although the new Beat would be front engined and front drive (unlike the original mid-engined Beat), it would be an interesting to alternative to the Daihatsu Copen.

Rumor has it the new Beat could be on sale in 2011, powered by the same 660cc motor from Honda's other kei offerings. Whether or not the new Beat actually reaches production, I wouldn't count on seeing it exported to many countries outside of Japan.

Source: 7Tune

-Mike Garrett



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fwd roadster? ugggh.

i'm so tired of concept car stuff, most of the cool stuff never gets made. where's my 2010 hachi roku?


They still have the S2000 platform, why not make an even smaller and lighter MX-5 killer?


idk about you Koops, but I'm actually excited for this. It's about time they brought back a kei-sized sport coupe. I agree though, on the concept thing. When's the cool ish (like this and the S16) ACTUALLY gonna get made?


That is uncharacteristically less ugly than most Honda designs. They didn't even take the front combination lamp assembly up vertically across the hood and fender and halfway to the windshield.

But that crease line across the top of the fender that divides the headlight and corner marker/turn signal, and disappears at the middle of the bumper, is a problem. It looks like a round shape is fighting with a square shape, and no winner has yet emerged.

When will this sharp edge fad end so we can get back to more pleasant forms and designs?


Looks neat, but...Why? The S2000 was already niche, but at least it was performance minded and universally respected in that area. This...This is just another useless Del Sol failure.


If this car makes it in the production line.....I see a bunch of folks swapping in a F22C......nice !


Honda: I see what you did there!


I want it, This car is too sex!.


The picture had me excited then, halfway through the read, you tell us it's wrong wheel drive. Honda is rapidly becoming synonymous with FAIL.


Agreed... Honda would be FTW If It sticks to the origin's of the Beat and was MR