New Cars>>the 2010 Subaru Legacy Revealed

There’s always been something that appeals to me about the Subaru Legacy, the “grown up” sibling to the Impreza. My time in Japan sold me on the Legacy even more, as it’s one of the most popular tuning platforms there in both wagon and sedan form. In fact, there are a couple magazines in Japan dedicated just to Legacy tuning. The current Legacy has been around for nearly six years, so that means it’s time for Subaru to bring out an all-new version of this unique sport sedan. The all new 2010 Legacy will be appearing at the New York Auto Show this month and Subaru has just released some official photos and info on the new car.

Like most new models, the new Legacy is a bit larger than the last, but it still manages to set itself apart from its more mainstream sedan competition. Subaru has also managed to keep the new model’s weight gain down to a respectable 50 pounds. The Legacy has never been known for its crazy styling, and the conservative trend is continued with the new car. There have been significant changes to the exterior, but I doubt anyone will mistake it for anything but a Subaru Legacy.

Compared to the current Legacy, the most significant exterior change on the new car has got to be the fenders, which are now flared for a more STI-ilike look, Now the car just needs some more aggressive wheels and tires to fill those big fenders…

The 2010 Legacy’s interior gets a complete overhaul – another big change on the new car. Interiors are always hard to judge until you see them in person, but so far I really like what I’m seeing here, especially the new instrument cluster.

The new Legacy of course retains its signature all wheel drive system, and like the current car it will be available with three different engine choices. Base models will be powered by 2.5 liter non-turbo boxer engine and those looking for more power can step up to either a smooth 3.6 liter flat-six or the hot rodder’s choice – the 2.5 liter turbo four. The turbo engine now makes 265hp (same as the ’09 WRX) and comes with a new (for the US market) six-speed manual transmission.

Based on these early photos and info, it sounds like Subaru has done a nice job with the overhaul on one their most important models. You can expect to see a LOT of tuned versions of this car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010.

-Mike Garrett



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I dunno about people mistaking it for anything else. Rear looks like a new accord. Front like an holden epica. imo of course. Good thing about moving towards the six speed like the sti


This is gonna be the US legacy its to wide to be sold in Japan. And why did they make it like 9cm higher than the current model?


And let the underdog come up to the stage and take its crown.

Reminds me of an upscale Nissan upfront and a Lexus in the rear. But those fenders are strictly Subaru. The stance is awesome too and, from many of the shots it looks to be a bit more compact (ala the Toyota Altezza).

Good job Soobie. This is excellent!


They took what was arguably one of the best looking Japanese sedans on the market, and ruined it. The side profile/roofline is indistinguishable from a Nissan Altima, etc, etc. I knew it was for the worst when I saw the concept a few months ago.


How do you follow up one of the most appealing mid-sized cars of all time.

Apparently for Subaru, with an ugly brute with no class. Hope this thing drives better than it looks.

Wow... just wow.


The current model was a HUGE improvement on the Legacy. Such a good/cool looking sedan and wagon.

Looks like they decided to go back to dull and uninspired. :/


great, now when I go to work every day I get to deal with these new ugly messes. (I work at a subie dealership).

first the impreza, now the legacy....I wonder what else they're going to ruin next.


Looks toyota/Lexus esqye from the behind.

I honestly, don't like how they did this, the current legacy was so much better looking.

Elegant /Sexy/Stylish/Low


Why are manufacturers churning out generic looking cars and add to that bloody heavy. Bring the 90's back.


I prefer the old legacy because of the radical and unique styling. There is however something magnetic about its appearance [The type of feeling you get from the old is300 or Altezza].


someone pass me a paper bag. i think i'm going to let fly


When i saw fisrts time new impreza, i think how ugly maybe new legasy and it happen. People from SUBARU WAKE UP IT'S NOT COOL


i'd like my 2008 legacy... the subaru cars are becaming cars from anime series... =/


I thought the first pic was a ford and the rest look like G35. Cool car tho


Subaru Syndrome: The act of changing (editing, altering, redesigning, etc.) something that is already perfect. The change may seem good on paper when it reality it isn't. It is usually met with negativity from the pretty much everyone.



2.5 XTi Forester

and of course, this.


polarizing looks. Either love or hate it

so this chassis is what the 086A toyota/subaru sports car is going to be based on?


The car lost all of its appeal:

1. No more frameless side windows! Same goes for Impreza!

2. Huge side windows make the car look FAT! This thing is too tall! Same goes for Impreza!

3. The extremely generic rear end doesn't help at all. It looks like a generic Grand Theft Auto 4 car. Looks credible, has some character, but nothing to identify it as a Subaru. Same goes for Impreza!

4. Did i mention the car looks FAT? Look at those wheels, they look tiny compared to the rest of the whale... I mean car. Yeah, you can put 20"s on it, but then it will look like an over-sized Mazda 3.

5. Having a 2.5 turbo and a 3.6 V6 with the same power output is kinda' lame.

P.S. Did I mention it looks fat?


looks like toyota had the final say into the design direction of this car. As an owner, I'm quite disappointed with the blandness of this model. Most Subaru enthusiasts always get mad at the new designs at first, usually with the impreza since it changes face every 2 years now, but they accept it later. However that was different with the last Legacy, and I think going from such an accepted beautiful car as the last model was, its gonna be hard to follow up, but time will tell.


Suppose I am a Legacy (Liberty here in Oz actually...) wagon owner, so I am still waiting to see what the wagon looks like.

However I must say the sedan isn't really attractive at all. Perhaps the Jap spec looks better but doubt there will be much different.

Perhaps I will hang onto my current one after all.




as an ex subaru dealer employe of a subaru dealer i have driven all the models and closest to my heart was the legacy as driving experience (i managed to teach some manner with that car to a ferrari 599 driver) and looks but the new image trend that they try i think it's wrong sorry mates but in my opinion they amaricanize they cars and copy succesful models like lexus and mitsu trying by this means to steal some costomers in us and europe but in the mean time loosing the old ones, the forester in my area was a pretty good succes specialy with the diesel engine (the legacy 2.5 turbo diesel it's a killer i've smoked a few sportcars with that), the new imprezza was a total failure.


o and some more the assembly quality of the new subs it's poor and leave's the impresion of cheapness, here in romania with the same money as aa 2.0R impreza you can buy a 320 bmw with more optionals but wihitout the awd.


Subaru Fail once again! Looks like a Camry and a Chevy Malibu had a baby. Every time I see these generic designs it reminds me how much more valuable my GD STi is.


Ack! The rear of the Legacy GT was my favorite part... it really made the car look more sporty, and less like a typical economy 4 door family car. Aesthetically, Im not sure what to think of this new Legacy....


Ick. How could they possible pen this redesign up and not crumple the paper up and throw it in the trash and start again. They took a great looking car and dumbed it down till it is indistinghishable from every other boring box on the road.


This is not a good looking vehicle. That said, I'm not going to blame the designers for this one. A lot of people seem to be laboring under the delusion that car designers have the final say in how a car looks. I know that it sounds ridiculous to say they don't, seeing as that's there job...but I see this car as a perfect example of an overly zealous engineering team. Car designers deal in shapes and overall concepts, rendering sweeping designs that usually don't contain details like...mirrors...door handles...or doors for that matter. It's the engineers that try to take that and make it work. From what I see, It looks like the car has been stream lined for mass production with blocky body panels, part lines, and generic pieces that can easily be installed. You want proof? Search up a rendering of the Tribeca concept art, and then compare to the production model. I'm not saying that design was stellar, but it looks alot better then the final car. Go ahead and crucify the design team...but I honestly think this thing wreaks of too much interference by number crunchers and higher ups.


I am a big fan of the direction that they took this. The new design is very good looking and I think it will take the market share from some other highly regarded companies. Great design!