Guest Blog: Ross Ianson>> Rocket Bunny 6666 Gallery

I'm sitting in the car park at the JDM Allstars Newcastle site…

…and Ive managed to get a sneaky shoot in with Anthony Scott's Rocket Bunny S13.

….only a quick report, as I'm a bit pushed for time.

engine: RB30 with GTR ported and polished head, HKS 260 cams spool H beam con rods, CP oversize pistons, Garret GT35 turbo 40mm external waste gate, hks 720 injectors, producing 535 bhp with 540 lb/ft torque @1.6 bar

Driftworks control system 2 coilovers with Driftworks adjustable lower arms….

RB25 gearbox with PPG straight cut gears and dog selector, nismo twin plate clutch.

Rocket Bunny Tra-kyoto 6666 custom body kit , Ultralite 18X9 ET 10 alloys.

The car is one of a kind, the only Rocket Bunny s13 in Europe and looks amazing, after the first ever runs with the car Scotty couldn't have been happier with the car, everything worked perfectly and he's looking good for JDM round 1 tomorrow.

-Ross Ianson



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dopeness taken to a whole new level!


hands down the sexiest kit ever made for the S13 Silvia.


Have never been much of a fan of the s13 hatch (love the coupe tho) but I'm really liking this car, maybe its the blacked out look, the wide fender flares or the crazy spoiler that breaks up the rear nicely. I'm not sure but it looks awesome. Thumbs up.


This is the hottest new drift car I've seen since Mad Mike's FD. I literally stared at the photos for a good 10-15 minutes. Holy.....


OMFG i am putting the pix of this car in my porn folder. I dont really know how else to describe how i feel about it. Been waiting to see more of this kit outside of the 6666 shop and into action. And even better from someone that can execute such a look.

One problem....paint that white cage! ahhhhhhhh! hahah nuthin but love.

thank you Anthony and of course Ross...


wallpaper please.


Car doesn't look like an S chassis at old with the livery and kit. Love the flares. Any vids? That's a serious mill. What did the RB30 come in? Can't say I've heard of it before.


i loooooooove the fenders. The lip instead of the whole over fender style is aaaaaaaawsome. Can you do that to my s20 pleeease?




My favorite body kit of the S13, wish it was coupe though. people need to import these to the US.


wallpaper for the 3rd last picture plss!


@ hechtspeed, the RB30 came in the Holden Commodore and the R31 Skyline in Australia and South Africa, but only in single cam form. Its a pretty common swap to put a DOHC RB head on the RB30 block. Not as common as it is to see a s13 drifting, but there is a fair amount of them around the nissan online comunities.


SIck car!! THat thing must rip. True RB30 came in the Ford commodore from australia.


wow, sick as fuck


Those fenders are unbelievable.


The best 180/s13. FAT.


Love the engine poking out of the bonnet vent in pic 5



RB30..there's no replacement for displacement!


white one was waaaay better, even if I like this one, it's not the best looking Rocket Bunny.


good!!! very good!!!!


best s13 ever!!!?


Awsome looking car!!!!!


Oh god, i love this month's theme :D


It's about time somebody suited up with a Rocket Bunny body kit in professional motorsport.


Rocket Bunny, always sexy!!!!


I never liked Sileighty's but this one is the exception that proves the rule!

It looks so mother f*ckin' rad on the 1st pic!!!


Awesome, need to see more Rocket Bunny kitted cars.


What Linhbergh said!

That's got to be the coolest S13 difter ever!


Probably my favorite looking S chassis I have seen.


So agro, I love this thing.




wallpaper please of first pic!!!!


WOW This SIL/80 is so much WIN this goes in my favs need more of this SIL/80 everything was done right

Need Walllpaper or 2rd and 3rd pictures

Yeah my Dad thinks it looks like a mustang with the flairs and spoiler


rocket bunny always aims to please.


what a beauty


i have seen a million s13's but i think this one is the coolest one i have ever seen!!


Saw this in the flesh at the weekend at JDMAllstars, was ripping good and just sounds awesome. The gold Ultrlite Wheels and the gold 'John Playeresque' graphics rock hard!


love the shallow rear bumper


hello i had my 1996 Maxda RX-7 Type R Single Turbo T88 form

i so that 6666 at JDM allstars in Newcastle and LOVE IT NICE WORK


did i read right? RB30?!?!? wasnt that in the comodore in austrailia!??


Thanks to Ross for the perfect pictures.

Thanks for all the kind comments.

Spec list;

Nissan S13 RB30, 535 BHP 540 FT LB torque @ 1.6 bar.

Built in house at Japan import car LTD (

Nissan RB30 block, modified oil feeds and returns

GTR ported and polished cylinder head

HKS 260 camshafts

GTR adjustable cam pulleys

Spool H beam con rods

CP forged oversize pistons

ACL race bearings, mains and big ends

ARP studs, head, mains and big ends

Spool large capacity oil sump

Spool cylinder head oil drain kit

Cometic metal 1.2mm cylinder head gasket

N1 oil pump

N1 water pump

Garret GT35 Turbo (ACT turbo’s)

40mm external waste gate

Custom 3” exhaust system

Apexi power FC pro ecu

HKS 720cc injectors

Ku Engineering inlet manifold with 100mm throttle body

Sard fuel rail

Aeromotive 1000 bhp fuel pumps

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Aeromotive fuel filters

Aeromotive drag race fuel cell

Braided fuel lines.

Alloy fabrications swirl pot

2xs Z32 air flow meters

Blitz cone air filters

Japspeed GTR alloy over size front mount intercooler

Japspeed S13 alloy over size water radiator

External engine oil cooler with filter relocation

External power steering oil cooler

EP racing oil catch tank (modified)

Super spark coil packs

Driftworks Control system 2 coilover suspension

Driftworks Adjustable lower arms front and rear

Japspeed upper rear adjustable arms and sub frame brace

Driftworks alloy sub frame and differential mounts

Brembo GTR front and rear brakes

Skylinepart front grooved brake discs

GTS steering rack with electrical 2 stage assistance

Whiteline adjustable anti roll bars

RB25 Gearbox with PPG straight cut gears and dog selectors

Custom poly gear box mount

Nismo twin plate clutch

Cusco 2 way GTR differential in S13 case

GTR drive shafts

GTR Rear hubs

S14 front hubs

Custom one piece prop shaft

Rocket bunny Tra-kyoto 6666 customs body kit

Plastics4performance rear 3 windows

FRP doors

PS13 front

EP racing FRP bonnet

Ultralite alloys 18x9 ET10 (20mm rear spacers, extra 5mm added depending upon tyre size)

Crystal front indicators and side lights


RIPS NZ has built a RB33 believe it or not check it out on youtube because I can't remember therie website lolz


It was another early start for the Speedhunting and Wexican crew and we arrived at the track at 8 a.m


Looking awesome Scotty!

Can't wait to see it in action this weekend at round 1 of the BDC on a fast track! She is gona smoke the place out!


Picture the scene... A little more than a year ago you created a masterpiece in the shape of a RB powered


[View:] Some of you may know of Scotty's infamous RB30