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Since it's drifting month, I've been spending a lot of time hunting through the photos on my hard drive looking for interesting drift material to post. Scrolling through the thousands of pictures I have, I noticed the incredible variety between the colors of each car. Since it's such a visual motorsport, the color of the cars plays an important role in the overall impact of drifting. In fact, I'd say that the paint designs on drift cars are much closer to hot rods than they are to race cars in terms of creativity.

This got me thinking, why not do a post showcasing drift cars of the same color? In this case I chose the color green because there seems to be a high number of cool looking drift cars coated in various shades of green. I will consider this green post my late earth day contribution.

Or maybe I'll just consider it an excuse to post more cool drifting photos…

The green Caddy Bros 180SX was a a show car when it came out a few years ago, but now it's sporting its fair share of drifting scars. If I remember right, the backup lights on this car are actually LCD screens…

The 4 Real Works JZZ30 Soarer at Nikko Circuit. The 4 Real guys are big supporters of the green drift car movement.

This FD3S RX7 is another 4 Real car.

JTP doing his part here in the USA. This may be the most eye-catching paintjob I've ever seen on a drift car,

This S14 is wearing a slightly different shade of green. Or is that gold?

Close enough…

I love the green and black combo on the Crazy Run S13, seen here at Tsukuba earlier this year.

Matt Powers bringing new meaning to the word "dirt drop" at Buttonwillow in the summer of 2007. It'd certainly be strange to see Matt driving something that's not dripping with green flaked paint.

3Up Mitsue-san in his D1SL-spec R33 sedan. Mitsue is another person who loves green cars.

This S13 coupe is another addition to the wide spectrum of green drift cars out there.

Forrest Wang's S14 at Horsethief Mile during the second All Star Bash event. Is this car stil around? I can't remember hearing anything about it recently.

Finally, if you have a green drift car in Japan you also get the benefit of
having camouflage during the summer months.

By looking at this post you've now done your green deed for the day.

-Mike Garrett



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and green is supposed to be unlucky for racing...


I saw Forrest Wang's S14 at Firebird Raceway for a drag+drift night here in Phoenix not too long ago. The car is black on the exterior now.


And all this time I thought being Green was about biodiesel and fuel efficiency...


what about the federal tires and falken cars?


Thats forests s13 though. Dont know whats up with the 14 these days. He's been driving the 13 as much as i've seen this year


yea our green federal cars! lol! jtp's and forest by far is really solid. great post!


Yeah, I was expecting to see the Feddie coupe in here too.

Cool Article!


That S14 of Forrest's is gone. crashed. but his s13 is pretty much the same car but black now.


you forgot Luke Finks green S14

or the Team Green Racing logic Laurel, Sil80, Ceffy

wheres the aus love?

hahaa nice read :P


how you gonna make a post about green drift cars and not throw koguchis 180 rocking the old green/white paint scheme???? madness!


That's forrest's s14.5 chassis that he wrecked when he went backwards into an "obstruction"

I have a peice of the rear bumper that exploded on my desk here..

His S13.4 is now black..

The s14 was stirpped and sold to a local AZ guy..


How could Koguchi possibly not be included in this article???!?!!


How could Koguchi possibly not be included in this article???!?!!


aw was hoping to see my race car in here lol green ftw


Sorry, didn't have time to post pictures of EVERY green car I have. Also, these are my own pics which is why there's no Australian cars or cars from years and years ago.


How about Matt Power green goblin?


Mega Tech s13 for walpaper pls



Woot, I've seen most of these cars but have never realized there were so many green drift cars!


Actually, Forrest's 14 pictured above is still alive...but stripped to a bare shell sitting on a rotisserie at full race. The 14.5 that was crashed was the same car that I filmed him driving at balcony with.

Awesome collection Mike!


Mike, i think that's one of the best action shots i've seen of my car!! thanks for posting it!


Interesting post and great cars, Mike. But what about the Kei Office S15 !? That car is like a legend and it IS GREEN.


My first thought was of JTP's car.


I guess you were right about the whole drifting thing catching on :)


Please do an orange drift car post or red. I love those colors!