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Hmmm. I think I'll just go ahead and let that lead photo speak for itself.

These pictures were taken at a drift practice event in Hungary by a photographer named Kristof Kiraly, and they make a fine addition to the international drift coverage we've been running this month.

What caught my eye first is of course this E30 BMW 3-series that's been converted into a pickup truck.

Now, what to call this European version of a Sil-Truck? "El Bimmerino" perhaps? Whatever you want to call it, it's certainly one of the most unique drift vehicles I've ever seen.

Seeing this third generation Camaro reminded me of the drift Camaro that a guy had in Hawaii years ago. I think that was the first American drift car that I've ever seen.

Mob car chase or drift event?

There's just something so right about this.

This 350Z rounds out the international selection of cars at the event.

I can't say that I'm too familiar with the Hungarian drift scene, but these pictures make it look quite promising.

More photos on Kristof's Flickr page.

-Mike Garrett



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If you go to the website on that e30's windshield banner, there are more pictures of what appears to be the same car, but painted red. It's running a 4.0 BMW V8 with a big centrifugal supercharger.


The funniest thing I've seen today! ROFL!!!


man that bmw truck is nasty why o why..


awesome stuff!


dang, that first shot is amazing. A wallpaper would be awesome.


hahahaa fuck my tires that exhaust is awesome.


That W124 is certainly the European equivalent of the Mark II in class, size and weight. The E500 has a bit bigger engine (5 liter!) and more powerful than the JZX81 but that saves you from tuning it. ;)

If it would have the same following in drifting as the JZX81... Currently it is more or less used as an ubiquitous clunker and gets trashed often.


w124 is NICE..


other nice pictures of practice


There are some insane modifications on drift cars in Hungary, for instance there is a red bimmer where the driver is on the back seat, for the right weight distribution :D


The Camaro you are thinking about from Hawaii was Chris Kam's. Good guy. Some photos of it on my site (which I havn't updated in years) if your interested.


Nowadays the pickup bimmer has a 4.4 V8 BMW engine with a compressor, witn more than around 600 hp. It's amazing...:)


Nowadays the pickup bimmer has a 4.4 V8 BMW engine with a compressor, witn more than around 600 hp. It's amazing...:)



Not realy is see the E more like the aristo/GS because it lacks a MT.


Nice to see the beautiful motorsport of drifting in different places.


the only thing nice coming out of this post was the benz and the z. the hungarians need to take some serious notes, lol.


I'm loving that E500!!!


Not the only E30 pickup since Bmw also built one longe time ago.


cool scene...yet kinda ricey


:)) sileightysr20, why don't you come and join us for a weekend?:P I bet we can show U some sweet stuff, without takin' notes:D


We have some other interesting cars too here in Hungary... A E30 with a 4.6l Alpina V8 (with sidepipe, and beautiful sound), some Nissan's (s13, s14, r33), a AE86 with an S2000 engine, a fully modified E36 (the engine is 40cm back, and the driver is sitting almost on the backseats for the right weightbalance)... etc. For more details: