Event>> The Road To Newcastle – Part I

In about 12 hours we will be setting sail on an 1,100 mile round trip to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. The event is JDM Allstars, the now traditional first major event of the 2009 drifting calendar. It features a host of well known EDC, Prodrift and even some continental competitors.

For this weekend I'll be covering the event from the perspective of Speedhunter regular, Martin Ffrench. We will be leaving Ireland tomorrow morning, heading towards the home of Dragon Performance in south east England, to collect the infamous Race of Champions drift car, the Dragon RX7.

The car features a 13B twin rotor setup, expelling around 550hp. If you recognise this car, it may be from it's old drag days, where it still holds the European record for the fastest RX7, that once ran a 9.1 second quarter mile.

Speaking to Martin earlier, he's busy making last minute preparations on his 2009 SXE10 Altezza's that will be heading for paint shortly. He'll spend most of the evening packing as many tires, spares and tools into what will be our home for the weekend, the Mercedes Sprinter Van of Doom.

I've been busy all week sorting out camera gear and getting some nice, shiny new Speedhunters.com graphics cut up for the RX7.

I'm away for a short while, I've 36 batteries to charge, two cameras and six lenses to clean, along with checking flashes, rig and light stands to make sure I bring you all back some sweet coverage and features from the weekend.

I'll see you guys on the other side …

- Paddy



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All the best Paddy and Martin - hopefully I'll get to see the car in action at the weekend.


Cheers Jord, all support is very much welcome !


Best of luck lads, hope it all goes well for you !.


you cut these by hand?? wow, thats awesome!! i love the picture of the altezza chassis


That 3rd picture is BREATHTAKING.


Best of luck with the battleship of doom the weekend ! Keep the captain full of the best brand of energy drinks Ted and mid out for the bunyips on the M1 tomorrow night


i want speedhunters stickers for my AE86 GZE.

please email details for a canadian reader!



Oh my god, desktop for the third picture, PLEASE!


I'm gutted to be missing out on the event. I'll be busy painting and stickering up a pretty cool BDC car instead.


Desktop for first picture please!


Looking forward to it. We'll be heading up early Saturday morning to follow the Dragon car!


TogueHeroes x


OMG I need the desktop for the 3rd picture!!


Hurry up lads ! Spent the day setting up the track at Newcastle with JDMallstar's Niall Gunn and team, it WILL be worth the journey !



cant wait to see the pictures, all the best lads


I'll pick up where we left off in the first post , where we were about to embark on an 1,100 mile


It was another early start for the Speedhunting and Wexican crew and we arrived at the track at 8 a.m