Event>> Ryan Tuerck Wins Fd Long Beach!!

Are any of you guys following the new F1 season? The shift in power is quite dramatic between teams. Suddenly, the front runners are mid grid and new powers have emerged to dominate the racing landscape. Perhaps there is a bit of this happening in Formula D too….Quite a few big buck builds had their competition debuts this weekend, but only some of them looked ready to win.

Gardella Racing driver Ryan Tuerck must be ecstatic he was able to take his first Formula D victory with his completely new chassis….It's a testament to the team he was able to pull this win off!

Congratulations from everyone at Speedhunters! Judging by what we saw at the track today, this new chassis build is allowing Ryan to unlock his potential to take on, and beat the best.

More reports to follow in the coming days….




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i was there =)!


Congrats Ryan! You definitely deserved the win...great driving during the entire event. Congrats to the privateers also who managed to make it into the big show!


Great coverage on twitter!.. cant wait for pictures and videos!..


this was my first time going to this event and wow. i'm amazed.


i thought he might win..

but this is setting the bar really high.. first event ever.. and he wins..

Now he's a favorite and has a target on his back and has to live up to this win..

Lots of pressure..

gg tho..



Way to go there, er ah, Hampshaa!! About damn time!


great first win !!!! glad we were a small part of it


Haha....I don't keep up/ follow FD anymore due to the much drama involved with "who has to be the sickest driver, the lowest offset, the sickest/ lowest ride, the most JDM shit....and such and such".....but I love when I non-JDM car/ driver takes the first spot......there must me a lot of hipster out there that are pissed as fvck......love it !


Since when was FD about sick driving, low offsets, low cars, and JDM?


haha yeah. what the heck man. what FD are you watching? JTP and Powers are the only ones low, sick, and JDM


Congratulations to Ryan and the whole Gardella Racing Crew. I couldn't be more proud of you guys. Enjoy the victory you deserve it!


I sadly was not able to make it out to long beach but thanks for the coverage and congrats Ryan DO WORK !


Great job to Ryan and the Gardella Race Team! from your friends at YoParts.com!


Wow Joe Stef on Speed Hunters! Everyone check his site out. He is one of the most well known guys in all of racing. http://www.stefs.com/


Congrats Hampshaaaa!!


Ryan definetly deserves the win. He has worked hard and i am glad he won that. Congrats Ryan. Keep it sideways keep it smooth.