Event>> Kazama Auto Queen  Battle At Nikko Pt.2

I think the opening shot of this girl checking over her R32's rear tires perfectly represents this past Sunday's event at Nikko. 

All the ladies were out to impress and they sure as hell didn't hold back. To give everyone a chance, the competition was divided into three groups: beginners, intermediate and the experts.

This HCR32 entered in the beginner class was doing a great job in front of the judges

I really liked the look of this S14, kitted with BN sports aero. The white BCNR33 wheels up front looked like a great fit, the girl behind the wheel seemed to be pretty happy with them!

This RPS13 was driven by last year's Nikko Queen, Hiroko-chan which was sporting some rather cute girly teddy-bear graphics…

…not to mention the big teddy bear riding next to her in the passenger seat. World's biggest lucky charm!

Here is my favorite S13 of the day, the Team 160Power Silvia driven by Mayumi-chan in the intermediate class. This girl was fearless going full out through every corner and not even taking the bother of removing her bumpers. 

Remember that yellow S14 in the teaser post? This is the driver, Miho-chan, another entrant in the intermediate class, but looked like she could easily take on most of the girls in the expert class with her T67 powered SR20.

Another spotless RPS13 doing its thing out on track. The driver is the cute girl giving me the peace sign in the teaser post.

Boyfriends come in handy when trying to sort out problems and set-up issues with the cars. Some of the girls in the beginner and intermediate classes were taking the odd pointer from their experienced drifter partners.

This is not a girl driving, but there is a very happy looking one sitting in the passenger seat!

And here is the driver, proving that disabilities will not get you out of a drift car.

Pulling on the lever will actuate the throttle while moving it forward will get the brakes to come on. He made it looks so easy out on track and was putting out more tire smoke than anyone else! 

Here is a small girl in a big car! 

The first corner at Nikko is lethal. You will score more points and impress the judges if you let your rear end drop down into the dip, but get it wrong and you are in the mud, or the barriers if you are really unlucky. This is Naoko-chan showing us how its done in her white RPS13.

Shiho-chan of the 3-up team was getting her tail out consistently with her red S14.

Here is Rie Shinmi in the Kid's Heart 4-door ER34, doing a great job in the expert class. D1 pro driver Tezuka was backing her up on the day, making sure her car was up to scratch. Tezuka took out the ER34 for a few laps at the end of the day. After driving up all the way from Nagoya it was the least he could do to relax a little!

The top spots of the expert class went to Akari Nagasawa in her S13 as seen in the teaser shots, Rie Shinmi in the ER34 above and in third place was Naoko Matsumoto. There are a couple of desktops to come from this event so make sure you grab them when I post them tomorrow.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Awesome pics yet again Dino!!! That red S13 is clean!!!


Japanese girls and sliding cars : a match made in heaven. (^_^ )


great pics and even greater write up..


The trophy is bigger than her!


Great pictures Dino!


great stuff Dino! and its great to see that disabilities don't hinder anyone!


Nice shots Dino! The sideway going drift machine captured perfectly..

He's 3rd disabled I've ever seen..Dorifuto Tengoku featured a disabled drifter and he has lost his right arm if not mistaken..and I saw another disabled drifter on youtube, he was a young guy who drift with his cresta too! The link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bSHYUGzmwU may be some of you watched ady..I'm totally impressed..this shows their passion in drifting!


The wheelchair drifter pic with that smoke looks like a fighter jet next to Mach1 when the cloud forms around the center of the plane. Awesome!!!


that top R32 is o_0


hoping one of those desktops is the red S13 from Team160 Power


Gotta go to Japan and get myself a drifter girlfriend! xD

Seriously, i'd be the happiest guy!


was lucky enough to get a ride in the cresta on the day ;) The guy in the wheel chair and his JZ crew are friends of mine.

Didnt realize that was you shooting Dino.


There were a total of 3 disabled drifters on the day, all sporting similar controls on their cars. They were all beyond good!! Damo, I was in the red LeMans t-shirt and Nismo cap, by the end of the day my arms and neck were the same color of the t-shirt....so easy to spot LOL


The guys driving the automa chasers were so good!

Massive respect.


Mad respect to all!! Great photos Dino!


Shiho-chan of the 3-up team has competed in New Zealand, they now have takashi permently driving for them here in NZ, skilled drivers 2


Wow, thanks for this one Dino. Very awesome.

Disabled drivers serve as an inspiration. I mean, with what you said, they prolly can smoke me in drifting. I remember the 2Bennett GTR Audi S4. The controls of that car were ingenious.


Just a question, do you know how those drivers became disabled? Was it because of a bad accident street drifting maybe?


What a week-end this has been! Two days of non-stop drifting as the D1 Street Legal guys battled it out